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"Before the Twin Cities established themselves as a hotbed for stand-up comedy, producing some of the biggest names in comedy history, the local scene consisted of five guys in a basement bar doing their best to make people laugh.

Author: Patrick Strait


ISBN: 1681341875

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"Before the Twin Cities established themselves as a hotbed for stand-up comedy, producing some of the biggest names in comedy history, the local scene consisted of five guys in a basement bar doing their best to make people laugh. The birth of Minnesota stand-up traces back to the 1970s and five people who paved the way: Scott Hansen, Louie Anderson, 'Wild Bill' Bauer, Alex Cole, and Jeff Gerbino. The 'original five' got their start performing in a Minneapolis dive bar called Mickey Finn's, and together they led the charge in establishing one of the most vital and vibrant comedy scenes in the country. They opened clubs and comedy stages across the Cities, brought the nation's top stand-up acts to town, and inspired future generations of ground-breaking comedians--from Lizz Winstead and Joel Hodgson to Mitch Hedberg, Fancy Ray McCloney, and Maria Bamford. But like any artistic passion that rises quickly to become a mainstream phenomenon, the comedy scene eventually was fractured by bloated egos and an influx of money and drugs--until a second wave, led by the nationally renowned Acme Comedy Club, helped bring comedy back to the forefront in Minnesota. Decades later, the impact of these early comedy pioneers lives on through television, movies, clubs, and countless stand-up acts who followed their path. The way they carved that path--well, it's actually a pretty funny story" --
2021 By Patrick Strait

There's a funny thing about the voting against shtick. ... in the bottom of my soul I had this belief that, at least in Minnesota, voters were rational and sensible and instinctively focused on the candidate who best fit the times.

Author: Wyman Spano

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The Franken-Coleman campaign saga really begins with the tragic plane crash resulting in the death of Senator Paul Wellstone. That moment provided Norm Coleman his second opportunity for major political reinvention (the first being when he switched parties). Following the tragedy, Coleman shifted gears to run a kinder, gentler series of television ads that hardly mentioned his new opponent, Walter Mondale. Meanwhile, when Republicans accused Democrats of turning the Wellstone memorial service into a carefully choreographed political rally, Franken was outraged. He immediately set upon a mission to unseat Coleman, which ended up with their eventual head-to-head run in 2008. The unprecedented recount and legal drama that ultimately decided the election was an appropriate coda to what had already been an extraordinary Minnesota Senate race. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Senate tells the whole story.
2010-07-15 By Wyman Spano

The location changes from sunny Arizona to the bleak wintery landscape of Minnesota and the rollicking soundtrack that accompanied the action in Raising Arizona is replaced by more somber and ominous music. Despite the differences ...

Author: David Geherin

Publisher: McFarland

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Focusing on crime fiction and films that artfully combine comedy and misdeed, this book explores the reasons writers and filmmakers inject humor into their work and identifies the various comic techniques they use. The author covers both American and European books from the 1930s to the present, by such authors as Rex Stout, Raymond Chandler, Robert B. Parker, Elmore Leonard, Donald E. Westlake, Sue Grafton, Carl Hiaasen and Janet Evanovich, along with films from The Thin Man to the BBC's Sherlock series.
2017-10-19 By David Geherin

In January 2016, with little fanfare, Frost surpassed Laura Halldorson for career coaching wins at Minnesota, pushing his record to 293–45–22 after running ... I think about the funny things that happened, sometimes away from the ice.

Author: Brian Murphy

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This guide is the ultimate resource for true fans of the Golden Gophers. Whether you're a die-hard from the days of Herb Brooks or a more recent supporter, these are the 100 things every fan needs to know and do in their lifetime. Experienced sportswriter Brian Murphy has collected every essential piece of Minnesota knowledge and trivia, as well as must-do activities, and ranks them all from 1 to 100, providing an entertaining and easy-to-follow checklist as you progress on your way to fan superstardom.
2017-10-01 By Brian Murphy

For the fi rst eight years of my life my travels consisted of holiday trips of 200 miles to grandparents' houses within Minnesota and an annual, week-long, family stay in a fi shing cabin at a nearby lake resort.


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This amusing travelogue book is a culmination of over 30 years of my personal business and leisure travel while working in the airline industry, told in a collection of short stories. My travels have taken me to over 70 countries and my goal has been to recall at least one humorous anecdote from most of these visits.
2011-12-02 By

Heart-Pounding, Jaw-Dropping, and Gut-Wrenching Moments from Minnesota Vikings History Steve Silverman ... But a funny thing had happened the year before when the Jets beat the Colts in Super Bowl III. The entire American Football ...

Author: Steve Silverman

Publisher: Triumph Books

ISBN: 9781572439887

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Capturing the best and the worst moments in the history of some of America's favorite teams, this entertaining and informative series for sports fans includes information on the best and worst teams and players of all times, the greatest and worst moments in franchise history, dramatic comebacks and blown leads, overrated and underrated players and coaches, and more, all complemented by archival photographs.
2007-08-01 By Steve Silverman

But right when he seemed poised to become a cult hero, a funny thing happened: the Twins suddenly got good. A 90-loss team has the luxury of giving a vaguely promising misfit several hundred at-bats to see if they've unearthed a hidden ...

Author: Baseball Prospectus,

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The team edition based on The New York Times Bestselling Guide. This more portable team edition of the full 26th edition of the industry-leading baseball annual contains all of the important statistics, player projections, and insider-level commentary that readers have come to expect, but focused on your favorite organization. It also features detailed reports on the top prospects, data visualization, and deeper statistical profiles. Take it out to the ball game or wherever you follow your team!
2021-05-23 By Baseball Prospectus,

Most humans experience the same thing Jesus and the woman at the well experienced when we, like they, cross a boundary beyond which we have not gone before. When I, a white guy from Minnesota, meet and become friends with a young man ...

Author: Phillip D. Johnson

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781620327296

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Funny Stuff in the Bible is a field trip through the Bible library hunting for funny stuff. The many stories and other literature in this library were written over a period of a thousand years. This is well known. Thinking of the Bible as a library provides perspective. Though there are more copies of this library, its writings bound into a single volume, than of any other book in the world, the literature in it is underrated and underenjoyed. It is underenjoyed because of the smog created by the notion that every word is religiously serious and not for enjoyment, let alone laughter. This overlay of morality and religious seriousness makes it difficult to read a particular story as we do other stories in the world. Funny Stuff shakes off these notions to enjoy some stories. The Bible is a large library. We can only explore a little of it as we look both for stuff that makes us laugh and also things that are strange. We investigate what we come across--stumble on, so to speak. The quest is undertaken in good humor and with light hearts.
2013-10-28 By Phillip D. Johnson

Sometimes during this spell, the patient's legs will suddenly shoot out to one side, his arm will dart out and other funny things will happen. After a while, the throat becomes parched, the limbs ached and there is a tightness across ...

Author: Jerry Kuntz

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781625846761

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This true crime biography chronicles the misadventures of a lady outlaw who caused havoc across the late-19th century northern plains. The American historian Frederick Jackson Turner famously declared the 1890s to be the close of the American Frontier. But from 1887 to 1893, a young woman known as Nellie King was far from being tamed. King scandalized the residents of the Dakotas, Minnesota and northern Wisconsin with her fetching appearance, eccentric behavior, and criminal misdeeds. In Minnesota’s Notorious Nellie King, biographer Jerry Kuntz pieces together King’s legendary life—as well as the clues to her true identity. King employed more than a dozen aliases throughout her career as a fake detective, horse thief, laudanum fiend, and general disturber of the peace across the northern plains. She attracted sensational headlines, love-struck suitors, and stray revolver shots with equal abandon; her story’s Dickensian cast of characters included a hapless counterfeiter, a dashing physician, a battle-hardened magician, and a determined mother.
2013-09-17 By Jerry Kuntz

Unfortunately not all are still funny the next day, and few are even remembered. Repeating funny things I did could ... For another thing, it's been well established that stories about Lutherans and Catholics in Minnesota are funny.

Author: Doris Markland

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781491759912

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From her life stories, Doris Markland has chosen the best and shares them easily with humor and depth. Read about • Her grandparents’ 1828-mile auto trip to California in 1926 (on dirt roads!) • How she won big prizes with 25 words or less • How she quit smoking and taught hundreds to quit • Her surprising connection to Hawaii • Our cultural journey from handshakes to hugs • The magic of family experience • The importance of spiritual heirlooms • The wisdom of children • The lighter side of aging Her serious poetry is thoughtful, her light verse delightful. This is a side table book for easy reading moments, and a perfect gift for the one who says “PLEASE, no more gifts unless it is small, can be used right now, or is something to eat.” You’ll find plenty of food for thought in this book as Doris Markland looks back over eighty-nine years of living, learning, laughing, loving and believing. As she says on her blog, her writing is for sharp older people and their middle-aged kids. It appeals to those who are religious, those who consider themselves spiritual and those who profess neither but have an interest in pursuing the meaning of life. A potpouri of gifts, this is a remarkable and soul-filled collection of writing. In Playing Life By Ear, Doris Markland takes the reader through tender poignant moments in one chapter, heartwarming chuckles in another. Writing from the fullness of her heart, she draws her readers into a beautiful new friendship and inspires them to meet life’s challenges with understanding and enthusiasm. – Addie Scheve, author, motivational speaker, former Nebraska Mother of the Year.
2015-03-16 By Doris Markland