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MUTHO UKIMAJ FiGHTlNG Wi^OUT CEDING In her Foreword, Honorine Kiplagat has described Muthoni Likimani as a Grande Dame a woman ... Besides this autobiography, Fighting Without Ceasing, Muthoni has also published What Does a Man Want?;

Author: Muthoni G. Likimani


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Author: Muthoni G. Likimani


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But the enemy lost as well as gained reputations: Sir Philip Chetwode, the cavalry leader, after fighting without ceasing for ten days, with odds of five to one against them, said, “We have been ...

Author: Roger Ingpen

Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan


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By the middle of the third week of the war, the British Expeditionary Force—three army corps and a cavalry division—had been mobilised and sent across the Channel to France. Sir John French’s force was the largest army that England had ever sent into the field at the outset of a campaign. Its mobilisation, concentration, and transport across the narrow seas had been carried out with silent efficiency. England waited confidently and patiently for the tidings of its entry into the battle line.' -an excerpt The present book serves as an essential document to study the Britain-France scene in the history of World War I.
2021-01-01 By Roger Ingpen

When we pray, equipped with God's word, we are fighting the fight of faith. Even as soldiers go into battle prepared, so should we be prepared when we pray with the whole armour of God (see below). The weapons that soldiers use are ...

Author: Valerie Johnson

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Pray without Ceasing will teach you the basic foundation of prayer that you can build upon. If you are one of those people who have desired to have a better understanding of prayer, this book is for you. It is written simply, in an easy to understand format so that all can gain knowledge. I believe that it is essential to not only know how to pray but what Gods word says where prayer is concerned. Equipped with this knowledge, you will become more effective in prayer. Topics included are: What is prayer? Intercession Praying in the Holy Ghost The Armour of God Pointing of the Finger
2009-02-03 By Valerie Johnson

My weapons are my rights, my spears and my guns are my facts, and I fight to win, as defeat is not in my vocabulary. —Likimani, Muthoni Likimani: Fighting without Ceasing Honorine Kiplagat, Africa regional chairperson for the World ...

Author: Faith Wambura Ngunjiri

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Inspiring portraits of contemporary African women leaders.
2010-02-23 By Faith Wambura Ngunjiri

Battle Tactics and Fighting Techniques of the Wars of the Roses Tom Lewis. on which it was apparently based were ... As usual, the combat is fought between two forces who simply engage without ceasing until one side falls in defeat.

Author: Tom Lewis

Publisher: Casemate

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A concise and entertaining explanation of how other accounts, and popular culture such as films, have misrepresented medieval warfare. We don't know how medieval soldiers fought. Did they just walk forward in their armor smashing each other with their maces and poleaxes for hours on end, as depicted on film and in programs such as Game of Thrones? They could not have done so. It is impossible to fight in such a manner for more than several minutes as exhaustion becomes a preventative factor. Indeed, we know more of how the Roman and Greek armies fought than we do of the 1300 to 1550 period. So how did medieval soldiers in the War of the Roses, and in the infantry sections of battles such as Agincourt and Towton, carry out their grim work? Medieval Military Combat shows, for the first time, the techniques of such battles. It also breaks new ground in establishing medieval battle numbers as highly exaggerated, and that we need to look again at the accounts of actions such as the famous Battle of Towton, which this work uses as a basic for its overall study.
2021-04-16 By Tom Lewis

The social norm that regarded prizefighting as an acceptable “vehicle of entertainment” bore the brunt of the blame for Paret's death.4 ... Crowds urging athletes to fight without ceasing slaked a thirst for blood, power, or excitement.

Author: Richard Ian Kimball

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

ISBN: 9780815654056

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With every touchdown, home run, and three-pointer, star athletes represent an American dream that only an elite group blessed with natural talent can achieve. However, Kimball concentrates on what happens once these modern warriors meet their untimely demise. As athletes die, legends rise in their place. The premature deaths of celebrated players not only capture and immortalize their physical superiority, but also jolt their fans with an unanticipated intensity. These athletes escape the inevitability of aging and decline of skill, with only the prime of their youth left to be remembered. But early mortality alone does not transform athletes into immortals. The living ultimately gain the power to construct the legacies of their fallen heroes. In Legends Never Die, Kimball explores the public myths and representations that surround a wide range of athletes, from Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio to Dale Earnhardt and Bonnie McCarroll. Kimball delves deeper than just the cultural significance of sports and its players; he examines how each athlete’s narrative is shaped by gender relations, religion, and politics in contemporary America. In looking at how Americans react to the tragic deaths of sports heroes, Kimball illuminates the important role sports play in US society and helps to explain why star athletes possess such cultural power.
2017-04-28 By Richard Ian Kimball

In 2005 she published her autobiography, Muthoni Likimani: Fighting Without Ceasing. She discusses various aspects ofher life, including her unsuccess- ful struggle to secure her daughters' share of their late father's land, ...



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We're told to “pray without ceasing.” That means “do not cease praying.” Proactive, not reactive. Second Chronicles 20:15 says the battle I'm going through is not even mine; it belongs to God. So how can I not invite God into it?

Author: Jonathan Evans

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 9780736984058

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Today’s Struggles Build Tomorrow’s Strength In life’s difficult moments, we find refuge when we remember that the God we serve fights our battles alongside us. Though we face moments when we feel we can’t carry on, we take heart knowing that in times of turmoil, God equips us to grow in our faith and draw closer to Him. In Fighting Your Battles, author, speaker, and former NFL chaplain Jonathan Evans shows how you can face every hardship with strength and hope, confident that God will always use your trials for His glory. You’ll understand what it means to evaluate the “giants” in your life from God’s point of view relinquish self-reliance and depend completely on the Lord progress toward the purpose you were created to fulfill God has new ground for you to gain, and often the land, promises, and experiences He wants for you are discovered as you endure life’s struggles. Fighting Your Battles will give you biblical encouragement, support, and perspective, empowering you to follow God into victory.
2022-09-06 By Jonathan Evans

10 " Let us fight without ceasing , even without hope of winning the battle for what does success matter ! Let us keep going , however exhausting the struggle may be . " 11 Elsewhere she says , " I long to accomplish the most heroic ...

Author: Dwight Longenecker

Publisher: Gracewing Publishing

ISBN: 0852445210

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St. Benedict and St. Therese of Lisieux stand as two of the monumental figures in the history of the Western Church. Their impact on Christian thought cannot be overestimated, yet never before have they been viewed as spiritual father and daughter. From his "little rule" to her "little way," these two great saints teach us to find ourselves in the ordinary. The path of holiness lies open for every Christian, for the course leads through the real demands and details of everyday life. As both Benedict and Therese understood so well, the family, the school, the parish, and the workplace are all schools of the Lord's service. By using St. Therese's writings to illustrate St. Benedict's Rule, Dwight Longenecker shows how holiness is always the result of a daily reliance on Gods' grace. - Back cover.