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Insects and Our Possessions HOW WE FIGHT INSECTS. Insects reduce the sources of our clothing and household fabrics by attacking cotton plants and sheep . They reduce the source of the lumber that goes into the construction of our homes ...

Author: United States. Agricultural Research Service


ISBN: UIUC:30112019259412

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We women cannot share their glory except by reflected light, but it is for us and our homes and our America that they are fighting. Our job is a big one, to keep the lines open with beef, and ships and guns and war bonds; and letters of ...

Author: Ruth Ellen Patton Totten

Publisher: University of Missouri Press

ISBN: 9780826264657

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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"There was never a moment in our lives that we were not reminded that our father was the finest, bravest, most gallant, and best-looking man who ever lived and that he was destined for unimaginable glory. This we took for granted. Being our father's children was a special influence in all our lives, but the greatest, most pervasive, and most interesting influence in my life was Ma." The Button Box is the loving memoir of Beatrice Ayer Patton (1886-1953), the wife of one of the greatest military figures in history, General George S. Patton, Jr. Written by the Pattons' daughter, Ruth Ellen, the book covers Beatrice's life from her youth in a wealthy New England family until her death, with an emphasis on her years of marriage to George Patton. A supportive and loving wife, Beatrice was accomplished in her own right as an equestrian, musician, lecturer, sailor, and internationally published author. Courageous and adventurous, Beatrice played a significant role in her husband's life. Without her, General Patton might never have reached his own level of success. Although there have been numerous books written on George S. Patton, The Button Box provides a unique perspective on the general's complex personality as well as a rare and intimate look inside his famous American family, a glimpse of the "Old Army" that formed the cadre of the army of World War II, and a detailed description of life "between the wars" in a society not to be seen again. Most important, though, it is the story of a truly fascinating woman, told with love and a rowdy sense of humor by her daughter.

the world through people who do not have peace in their own hearts. Second, peace in our own home. Through the sheer determination pledged by every individual member, we say, 'We shall not fight!' That means not fighting one another in ...

Author: Brother Andrew

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9781441238900

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Brother Andrew's ministry began with smuggling Bibles behind the Iron Curtain. His phenomenally successful book God's Smuggler was born from that mission. But as communism in Eastern Europe declined, Brother Andrew shifted his focus to strengthening the Christian church within the Islamic world. In a time when a mass exodus of Christians has drained the Middle East of God's light, Brother Andrew headed into this war-torn land to bring hope and encouragement to those who remained. Light Force recounts the continuing saga of Brother Andrew's most recent mission. Through dramatic true stories, readers get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at real people affected by the centuries-old conflicts in this volatile part of the world. Now readers can join Brother Andrew and fellow Open Doors missionary Al Janssen in their quest to strengthen God's light in the Middle East. These gripping accounts of Christians caught in the crossfire will captivate readers everywhere.
2004-09-01 By Brother Andrew

Mexican Americans, African Americans, and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Texas Brian D. Behnken ... His solution to discrimination was to “include Anglos in our affairs [and to] invite them to our homes.

Author: Brian D. Behnken

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 9780807877876

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Between 1940 and 1975, Mexican Americans and African Americans in Texas fought a number of battles in court, at the ballot box, in schools, and on the streets to eliminate segregation and state-imposed racism. Although both groups engaged in civil rights struggles as victims of similar forms of racism and discrimination, they were rarely unified. In Fighting Their Own Battles, Brian Behnken explores the cultural dissimilarities, geographical distance, class tensions, and organizational differences that all worked to separate Mexican Americans and blacks. Behnken further demonstrates that prejudices on both sides undermined the potential for a united civil rights campaign. Coalition building and cooperative civil rights efforts foundered on the rocks of perceived difference, competition, distrust, and, oftentimes, outright racism. Behnken's in-depth study reveals the major issues of contention for the two groups, their different strategies to win rights, and significant thematic developments within the two civil rights struggles. By comparing the histories of these movements in one of the few states in the nation to witness two civil rights movements, Behnken bridges the fields of Mexican American and African American history, revealing the myriad causes that ultimately led these groups to "fight their own battles."
2011-05-02 By Brian D. Behnken

Instead , we have governed our- and I am certain that his efforts in this hasn't explained just what the action might ... do it fighting pose them ignores the purpose and injures and third generations living here who have for our homes ...

Author: United States. Congress


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The Congressional Record is the official record of the proceedings and debates of the United States Congress. It is published daily when Congress is in session. The Congressional Record began publication in 1873. Debates for sessions prior to 1873 are recorded in The Debates and Proceedings in the Congress of the United States (1789-1824), the Register of Debates in Congress (1824-1837), and the Congressional Globe (1833-1873)

( Answer ) Coordination was established under pressure from the fighting men . ... For 14 years we have been fighting for the right to live in our homes , to live free in our homes , in our country , in Eritrea .

Author: United States. Joint Publications Research Service


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As a fact , however , all the termites are blind , and live and labor entirely in the dark ; raising their enormous hills , fighting their enemies , caring for the queen , and raising her little ones , without an eye in the whole colony ...

Author: Stella Louise Hook



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For example, we start to tear down strongholds simply by identifying and exposing our stubborn and false thoughts, ... Strongholds in our culture have kept our homes and churches from teaching and mentoring us in the biblical view of ...

Author: Dr. Tim Clinton

Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

ISBN: 9780768407006

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No matter how many times you have lost the battleyou can still win the war! Theres a war going on for the souls of men. Its reached epic levels and is threatening the very fabric of generationsgrandfathers, dads, sons, and grandsons. This war is affecting you and your family. Landmines planted strategically by the enemy that are knocking our men out, destroying their souls, ruining their futures, causing destructive marriage issues, jeopardizing relationships, and taking our sons and daughters captive! The war is an all-out attack on the purpose and pleasure of sexuality as God designed it. The Fight of Your Life offers weapons that help you overcome sexual addiction, resist the danger of pornography, enjoy healthy sexuality, and save your marriages, relationships, and families from the enemys assault. To win the war, you must fight the battles. Dont give up. Dont lose hope. And dont think for a moment that you have disqualified yourself from the fight. You have not failed too many timesyou can still win!
2015-07-21 By Dr. Tim Clinton

He opened the meeting, “Gentlemen of the council, let us exert the kindness in our hearts and show the fighting men of our Navy that we are their friends. Welcome them to our homes and families. Remember gentlemen, they are fighting our ...

Author: Fred W. Cookson

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595183111

Category: Fiction

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Main character is Frank Cochrane, a suave, eloquent Petty Officer, who engages in romance and subsequent marriage with Mary Moore, whose father, a gentle, warm human being, is entering his third term as mayor of Searsport. Cochrane, unable to find suitable employment in Searsport, following Navy discharge, befriends Harold Warner, a key figure in local politics, as well as a successful businessman. Warner is vulnerable to Cochrane’s outgoing attitude and succumbs to his trickery by agreeing to a partnership in the renovation of three semi detached houses on the outskirts of Searsport. The purpose to create a businessman’s social club providing all the frills and thrills with imported females acting as hostesses in a club-like atmosphere with liquor and unlimited socializing as the theme, with the adjacent two houses converted to bedrooms for those members seeking companionship for a price. Following a growing success with the majority of the local businessmen and professionals as members, word leaks out and certain town fathers, led by the Mayor, initiate an investigation. Cochrane, desperate, but determined to sustain his power and wealth, leaves his wife in favor of one of the hostesses, and surrounds himself with unsavory characters. His true despicable character surfaces, and blackmail in assorted forms plays many roles as he corrupts the Mayor and other town fathers. The plot thickens and unravels in an exciting suspenseful finale.
2001-05-01 By Fred W. Cookson

They said: And what reasons have we that we should not fight in the way of Allah, and we have indeed been compelled to abandon our homes and our children? But when fighting was ordained for them, they turned back, except a few of them, ...

Author: Ejaz Naqvi

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781475907742

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Too often we are tempted into thinking how wrong other people's religions and scriptures are, rather than focusing on what's right about our own. We act like some of our politicians during election campaigns rather than following the teachings of our own holy books. Breaking the trend, author Dr. Ejaz Naqvi provides an objective, topic-by-topic review of the two most read books in the world-the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran. "The Quran: With or Against the Bible? "addresses the key themes of the Quran and answers commonly asked questions in search of finding common ground: Who wrote the Quran? Who is the "God" of the Quran? What is the Quranic view of the prophets, especially Moses and Jesus? What does the Quran teach about interfaith relations? Does the Quran promote peace and harmony between Muslims and the People of the Book, or does it promote violence? How does the Quran compare to the Bible on important themes like worshipping God, the prophets, human rights, moral values, and fighting for justice and human dignity? Does the Quran render women as second-class citizens? Dispelling major myths, "The Quran: With or Against the Bible?" systematically analyzes and compares the similarities in the paths of guidance the two scriptures have bestowed upon mankind.
2012 By Ejaz Naqvi