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Field and Hedgerow is novel by John Richard Jefferies published in 1889.

Author: John Richard Jefferies

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Field and Hedgerow is novel by John Richard Jefferies published in 1889.
2021-10-10 By John Richard Jefferies

A field experiment to test the effects of hedgerow management , pruning management , and fertilizer management was established on an Ultic Haplorthox ( pH 4.6–5.1 , slope 2.5–30 % ) in two locations at the International Rice Research ...


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Bacon's Essays , with Annotations by Whately . 8vo . 10s . 6d . Works , edited by Spedding . 7 vols . 8vo . 73s . 6d . Bagehot's Economic Studies , edited by Hutton . 8vo . 10s . 6d . The Postulates of English Political Economy .

Author: Richard Jefferies



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In the above memoir, Jane Austen's nephew writes that the hedgerows around her childhood home were “an irregular border of copse-wood and timber, ... Field being plowed, with a country house (Cusworth) in the background.

Author: Jane Austen

Publisher: Anchor

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From the editor of the popular Annotated Pride and Prejudice comes an annotated edition of Jane Austen’s Persuasion that makes the beloved novel an even more satisfying and fulfilling read. Here is the complete text of Persuasion with hundreds of annotations on facing pages, including: ● Explanations of historical context ● Citations from Austen’s life, letters, and other writings ● Definitions and clarifications ● Literary comments and analysis ● Plentiful maps and illustrations ● An introduction, a bibliography, and a detailed chronology of events Packed with all kinds of illuminating information—from what Bath and Lyme looked like at the time to how “bathing machines” at seaside resorts were used to how Wentworth could have made a fortune from the Napoleonic Wars—David M. Shapard’s delightfully entertaining edition brings Austen’s novel of second chances vividly to life.
2012-02-02 By Jane Austen

Three years ago, this was nothing but a rough hedgerow along the upper side of the field," never thought of as anything, or capable of becoming anything; and now it is converted into a walk,” and it would be difficult to say whether ...

Author: Jane Austen

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: 9780307950253

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From the editor of the popular Annotated Pride and Prejudice comes an annotated edition of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park that makes her story of an impoverished girl living with her wealthy relatives an even more satisfying read. Here is the complete text of Austen’s own favorite novel with more than 2,300 annotations on facing pages, including: ● Explanations of historical context ● Citations from Austen’s life, letters, and other writings ● Definitions and clarifications ● Literary comments and analysis ● Maps of places in the novel ● An introduction, bibliography, and detailed chronology of events ● More than 225 informative illustrations Filled with fascinating details about the characters’ clothes, houses, and carriages, as well as background information on such relevant issues as career paths in the British navy, contemporary attitudes toward slavery, and the legal and social consequences of adultery, David M. Shapard’s Annotated Mansfield Park brings Austen’s world into richer focus.
2017-04-18 By Jane Austen

Author: K. F. George


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2003 By K. F. George

Look at your fields tomorrow. There is a flaunting flower, and there by the hedgerows are many flowers that lift their heads to the sun. Judging them by their leaf, you might prefer them to the sober-colored wheat.

Author: Charles H. Spurgeon

Publisher: Aneko Press

ISBN: 9781622455010

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He that believes in the Son has eternal life, and he that does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him. (John 3:36) This book, Words of Warning, is an analysis of people and the gospel of Christ. Under inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Charles H. Spurgeon sheds light on the many ways people may refuse to come to Christ, but he also shines a brilliant light on how we can be saved. Unsaved or wavering individuals will be convicted, and if they allow it, they will be led to Christ. Sincere Christians will be happy and blessed as they consider the great salvation with which they have been saved. Whether or not we look to Jesus Christ for salvation is the single most important determination we must make during our lifetime. Countless books have been written addressing just about every imaginable self-help topic. Other books are written solely for entertainment. Some of these books are okay in their own right, but what good are they to the reader if he is lost in the end? Why do we spend so much time even with good things, but neglect the great? Not one thing we can do during our seventy or eighty years on earth amounts to anything if we are not in Christ. What we do for Christ is everlasting, and by claiming our salvation in Him, we have an exceedingly bright future.
2018-04-02 By Charles H. Spurgeon

... with the carpeted fieldsand flowering hedgerows, as she looked at them from the windowof the train;withthe spires of the rural churches peepingabovethe rookhauntedtreetops; with the oakstudded parks, theancient homes, thecloudylight ...

Author: Henry James

Publisher: Golgotha Press

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The stories and novellas of Henry James are collected in this massive anthology. Also included is a biography about the life and times of Henry James. Included Works: The Altar of the Dead The Author of Beltraffio The Beast in the Jungle The Beldonald Holbein A Bundle of Letters The Chaperon The Coxon Fund Daisy Miller: A Study in Two Parts The Death of the Lion The Diary of a Man of Fifty Embarrassments Eugene Pickering The Figure in the Carpet The Finer Grain Four Meetings Georgina's Reasons Glasses Greville Fane An International Episode In the Cage The Jolly Corner The Lesson of the Master A London Life and Other Tales Louisa Pallant Madame de Mauves The Madonna of the Future The Marriages The Middle Years Nona Vincent Pandora A Passionate Pilgrim The Patagonia The Path of Duty The Pension Beaurepas Picture and Text The Point of View The Pupil The Real Thing The Reverberator Roderick Hudson Sir Dominick Ferrand Some Short Stories The Turn of the Screw
2013-11-15 By Henry James

... not only at the "Weights and Scales," but in the hay-field, where the muster of working hands gave opportunities for talk ... when the clouds part a little, and the scent of the earth is sweet along the lanes and by the hedgerows.

Author: George Eliot

Publisher: BookRix

ISBN: 9783736817630

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Middlemarch: Complete Eight Books By George Eliot, first published in 1874. Mary Ann Evans (1819–1880, also "Mary Anne" or "Marian"), known by her pen name George Eliot, was an English novelist, journalist, translator and one of the leading writers of the Victorian era. Middlemarch, is her seventh novel, begun in 1869 and then put aside during the final illness of Thornton Lewes, the son of her companion George Henry Lewes. During the following year Eliot resumed work, fusing together several stories into a coherent whole, and during 1871–72 the novel appeared in serial form. The first one-volume edition was published in 1874, and attracted large sales. The novel is set in the fictitious Midlands town of Middlemarch during the period 1830–32. It has multiple plots with a large cast of characters, and in addition to its distinct though interlocking narratives it pursues a number of underlying themes, including the status of women, the nature of marriage, idealism and self-interest, religion and hypocrisy, political reform, and education.
2014-06-07 By George Eliot

... a story for boys 22450 Dewy morn 16269 Field and hedgerow : essays , collected by his widow 14166 Gamekeeper at ... Translation , with annotations ( Lubbock's hundred books ) 23373 Jenny Lind , see Curtis 20707 Jephson ( A. J. M. ) ...

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