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2 : Values within sex and relationships education This chapter identifies different sorts of values and beliefs that underpin various approaches to sex and relationships education , and looks at the values underlying the National ...

Author: Simon Blake

Publisher: JKP

ISBN: 1900990326

Category: Interpersonal relations

Page: 96

View: 465

This book outlines approaches and strategies for developing effective sex and relationships education policy and practice in a multi-faith and multi-cultural society.Faith, Values, and Sex & Relationships Education is the result of extensive consultation with religious communities, professionals working in, and supporting, schools and young people. It is aimed at teachers and all those who support teachers, including LEA Advisory Teachers and Local Healthy School Coordinators. The resource will also be useful for educators in other settings, including the youth service and pupil referral units.
2002-01-01 By Simon Blake

An accessible, yet authoritative book, situating sex education both in the primary and secondary school, within the current focus on values and citizenship.

Author: J. Mark Halstead

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415232562

Category: Education

Page: 230

View: 366

This title, written for headteachers, teachers, governors and health workers, is divided into four parts: part one looks at the changing sexual attitudes and values between 1950 and 2000; part two analyses the principles underpinning sex education, including the problem of values in sex education, liberal values, health, well-being, pleasure and leisure, religious values, family values, and love; part three analyses how a school policy for sex education can be developed. It discusses the aims for sex education, frameworks for practice, the importance of listening to children and the non-school influences on children's values; and part four studies sex education in practice from the age of 14 to 19 years.

Issues for discussion 1 What is the relationship between religious faith and ethical behaviour? 2 Should marriage be life-long, exclusive and the only proper place for a sexual relationship? 3 Propose arguments for and against the view ...

Author: Mark Halstead

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134572007

Category: Education

Page: 240

View: 668

Sex education is rarely out of the news. Despite this, there exist surprisingly few studies of the principles, policies and practice of sex education. This book provides such an examination, focusing on the values to which children are exposed in sex education. Sex education inevitably involves the transmission of values, regardless of whether this is intended by teachers. Throughout the book, academic and professional literature on both values and sex education is reviewed and discussed. The authors look at the implicit liberal values, which underpin programmes of sex education, and at the challenges presented by the diversity of values in contemporary society. The book also considers: * Why values are central to sex education * Children's voices and children's values * Religious and family values * Achievable aims for school sex education * How to help young people to reflect critically on the influences to which they are exposed and on their own developing sexual values * How to build values into practical approaches to sex education at both primary and secondary levels. This timely book will help all those involved in sex education to steer a path between controversial and often opposing views and will be essential reading for students on PGCE and BEd courses. It will also be a valuable resource for teachers and professionals involved in teaching sex education such as teachers of personal and social education, form tutors, heads of year, school nurses, health workers and academics.
2003-09-02 By Mark Halstead

This resource builds on Faith, Values and SRE and updating and expanding it to include practical activities, such as lesson plans and CPD exercises, more information on faith and humanist perspectives, and current case studies.


Publisher: National Children's Bureau

ISBN: 1907969527



View: 150

This resource builds on Faith, Values and SRE and updating and expanding it to include practical activities, such as lesson plans and CPD exercises, more information on faith and humanist perspectives, and current case studies. Published in 2003, Faith, Values and SRE made a significant contrinbution to positive developments in this area of SRE. The insight and lessons from those delivering and receiving SRE have been incorporated into this resource, making it a practical resource for a range of professional and community groups - it will be a great support to those wishing to develop and deliver SRE that is more inclusive of religious and other beliefs.
2014-06-02 By

Blake, S. and Katrak, Z. (2002) Faith, Values and Sex and Relationships Education. London: Sex Education Forum. Iolly, I. with Ray, C. and Thistle, S. (2002) Relationships, Growing Up and Us! Developing Sex and Relationships Education ...

Author: Simon Blake

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134141708

Category: Education

Page: 144

View: 309

This book will enable and assist teachers responsible for organizing and delivering Sex and Relationships Education. It draws together the best available practice to support teachers in developing policy and classroom practice. It begins by looking at general principles and then focuses on primary, secondary and special schools as well as pupil referral units. These chapters will provide a toolkit of ideas and approaches that teachers can use in the classroom. Included are practical exercises that can be done alone or in staff meetings to prepare yourself or a colleague to deliver SRE, a glossary of terms that will support you in answering children's and young people's questions, advice on choosing, developing and using resources, and a list of useful organizations and websites. The book will be particularly helpful to PSHE coordinators, Health Promotion Units, National Healthy School Standard coordinators and SRE teachers in schools. LEA Advisors and Inspectors, and anyone involved in training and supporting teachers, will also find this a useful guide.
2013-07-04 By Simon Blake

Past, present and future - Proceedings of the Sex Education Forum 21st Birthday Conference Anna Martinez ... based on a shared values framework • Increased understanding across faith groups of the different and similar faith ...

Author: Anna Martinez

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781905818846

Category: Education

Page: 116

View: 722

Celebrating Sex and Relationships Education resents a review of the changes in sex and relationships education [SRE] in England over the past 21 years, discusses the current policy context, and sets out a vision for the future. Based on the 21st Birthday conference of the Sex Education Forum, it features conference papers which cover a broad range of SRE issues, including: a history of SRE campaigning; what works - international evidence; characteristics of effective SRE; a normative approach to SRE; young people and pornography; exploring SRE in a multi-faith society; building bridges between parents and schools; involving young people in SRE; and working creatively with vulnerable young people.
2008-02-28 By Anna Martinez

This is because of the central importance of values in general and religious views in particular for sex education (Halstead and Reiss 2003) and because values lack the degree of ... Faith, values and sex & relationships education.

Author: Judith D. Chapman

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789401789721

Category: Religion

Page: 722

View: 105

The International Handbook on Learning, Teaching and Leading in Faith Based Schools is international in scope. It is addressed to policy makers, academics, education professionals and members of the wider community. The book is divided into three sections. (1) The Educational, Historical, Social and Cultural Context, which aims to: Identify the educational, historical, social and cultural bases and contexts for the development of learning, teaching and leadership in faith-based schools across a range of international settings; Consider the current trends, issues and controversies facing the provision and nature of education in faith-based schools; Examine the challenges faced by faith-based schools and their role and responses to current debates concerning science and religion in society and its institutions. (2) The Nature, Aims and Values of Education in Faith-based Schools, which aims to: Identify and explore the distinctive philosophies, characteristics and guiding principles, values, concepts and concerns underpinning learning, teaching and leadership in faith-based schools; Identify and explore ways in which such distinctive philosophies of education challenge and expand different norms and conventions in their surrounding societies and cultures; Examine and explore some of the ways in which different conceptions within and among different religious and faith traditions guide practices in learning, teaching and leadership in various ways. (3) Current Practice and Future Possibilities, which aims to: Provide evidence of current educational practices that might help to inform and shape innovative and successful policies, initiatives and strategies for the development of quality learning, teaching and leadership in faith-based schools; Examine the ways in which the professional learning of teachers and educational leaders in faith- based settings might be articulated and developed; Consider the ways in which coherence and alignment might be achieved between key national priorities in education and the identity, beliefs, and the commitments of faith-based schools; Examine what international experience shows about the place of faith-based schools in culturally rich and diverse communities and the implications of faith-based schooling for societies of the future.
2014-07-10 By Judith D. Chapman

Sammon, P., Hillamn, J. and Mortimore, P. (1985) 'Key characteristics of effective schools: a review of school effectiveness research', ... Sex Education Forum (2004b) Faith, Values and Sex and Relationships Education. Forum Factsheet.

Author: Sacha Mason

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781441190291

Category: Education

Page: 192

View: 514

A comprehensive examination of relationships, sex and sexuality issues faced by children during the primary phase of education.
2012-01-26 By Sacha Mason

“Up-to-date and accessible, this book manages to be both theoretically subtle and attuned to the realities of classroom practice.†Dr Rachel Thomson, The Open University "[This] book is a great success and provides a wealth of ...

Author: Alldred, Pam

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 9780335214105

Category: Education

Page: 217

View: 836

“Up-to-date and accessible, this book manages to be both theoretically subtle and attuned to the realities of classroom practice.†Dr Rachel Thomson, The Open University "[This] book is a great success and provides a wealth of insights into the realities of teaching and being taught about sex and relationships." Michael Reiss, Institute of Education What are the different values and perspectives on sex and relationship education within a single secondary school? How do young people think sex education should be taught? What are the challenges facing the provision of good sex and relationship education at the classroom level and at the political level? Young people often receive mixed messages about gender and sexual relationships. When providing sex education lessons, schools should take into account different ideas and values, including the general British embarrassment over intimate matters and differing political and personal views about sex education. This book combines young people’s views of sex education, schooling and parenthood, with those of teachers, school nurses and head-teachers. It brings together these varied perspectives and considers how they reveal different values, aims and agendas. The authors highlight the potential conflict between approaches to education and health, and reveal the complexity of dealing with sexuality and gender in real-life situations. Focusing on young people’s identities in the classroom, contemporary theoretical approaches in the social sciences are employed to explore how gender is enacted and experienced by individuals, and how social pressures and government agendas operate at the level of the individual. This book contains original, first-hand empirical material from a detailed study of all the schools in one English city, and offers a critical analysis of broader political and cultural ideas and values. Get Real About Sexis key reading for students and professionals in education, health and the sociology of gender and sexuality.
2007-07-01 By Alldred, Pam

Discussion prompts might include: What learning or message would you want your object to convey? ... Notes 12 13 14 1 2 3 ...

Author: Alice Hoyle

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351188258

Category: Education

Page: 350

View: 920

Great Relationships and Sex Education is an innovative and accessible guide for educators who work with young people to create and deliver Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) programmes. Developed by two leading experts in the field, it contains hundreds of creative activities and session ideas that can be used both by experienced RSE educators and those new to RSE. Drawing on best practice and up-to-date research from around the world, Great RSE provides fun, challenging and critical ways to address key contemporary issues and debates in RSE. Activity ideas are organised around key areas of learning in RSE: Relationships, Gender and Sexual Equality, Bodies, Sex and Sexual Health. There are activities on consent, pleasure, friendships, assertiveness, contraception, fertility and so much more. All activities are LGBT+ inclusive and designed to encourage critical thinking and consideration of how digital technologies play out in young people’s relationships and sexual lives. This book offers: Session ideas that can be adapted to support you to be creative and innovative in your approach and that allow you to respond to the needs of the young people that you work with. Learning aims, time needed for delivery, suggested age groups to work with and instructions on how to deliver each activity, as well as helpful tips and key points for educators to consider in each chapter. Activities to help create safe and inclusive spaces for delivering RSE and involve young people in curriculum design. A chapter on ‘concluding the learning’ with ideas on how to involve young people in evaluating and reflecting on the curriculum and assessing their learning. A list of recommended resources, websites, online training courses and links providing further information about RSE. With over 200 activities to choose from, this book is an essential resource for teachers, school nurses, youth workers, sexual health practitioners and anyone delivering RSE to young people aged 11-25.
2019-12-16 By Alice Hoyle

Reflections on values and practice 1 Is it realistic to expect Teaching Assistants to develop relationships with adults and others in the community ... Blake, S. and Katrak, Z. (2002) Faith, Values and Sex & Relationships Education.

Author: Gill Richards

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317419129

Category: Education

Page: 186

View: 520

This book is designed to support Teaching Assistants in the important and unique role they play in the education of children. This new edition includes a range of additional material and reflects developments in the recent UK context and legislation that relates to participation and diversity. It raises issues concerning values and professional practice for Teaching Assistants, emphasising inclusive approaches and the importance of understanding the perspectives of learners throughout. Each chapter contains an overview of topical debates, current research, a discussion of issues relating to values and professional practice. Every chapter raises questions and suggests reading for further reflection. This highly accessible resource includes contributions from leading researchers and experienced education practitioners. It introduces a range of issues, with a focus on inclusion and the key role of teaching assistants, such as: understanding inclusive education: school communities and participation Special educational needs and inclusive practice supporting Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) children ethnic diversity and attainment the influence of gender on the achievement of boys and girls working with teachers and parents religious diversity and inclusive practice including and supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transsexual (LGBT) students welcoming and understanding asylum seeking and refugee students disability, human rights and inclusion. This book will enable Teaching Assistants to develop a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles of inclusive education. It provides an essential resource for Teaching Assistants and all those working in Education.
2016-04-14 By Gill Richards

How can you manage an inclusive approach to religious diversity that takes account of your own views and those of your ... Blake, S. and Katrak, Z. (2002) Faith, Values and Sex & Relationships Education, London: National Children's ...

Author: Gill Richards

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317419181

Category: Education

Page: 172

View: 336

This accessible text focuses on diversity in education and the inclusion of all children and young people in all aspects of the school or college community. It provides an introduction to policy, theory and practical strategies in relation to diversity in education for practitioners, researchers and policy makers. The fully revised and updated chapters discuss recent debates, research studies and current initiatives, particularly relating to teaching and learning, and conclude with key questions for student reflection. Topics include: Inclusive education ethnic and cultural diversity challenging behaviour bullying gender identity and sexuality Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children special educational needs listening to parents religious and cultural diversity disability and human rights children and young people who are refugees or seeking asylum Reflecting on legislative duties, personal values and the importance of listening to the voice of all learners, particularly those who may experience disadvantage or discrimination in educational settings, Teaching and Learning in Diverse and Inclusive Classrooms is a key resource for initial teacher training programmes and professional development courses.
2015-12-07 By Gill Richards

Young People, Sexuality and Education L. Allen ... Teachers' views of teaching sex education: Pedagogy and models of delivery. Journal of Educational Enquiry, 4(1), 80–96. ... Faith, Values and Sex and Relationships Education.

Author: L. Allen

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230500983

Category: Education

Page: 199

View: 773

Educating young people about sex and sexuality remains one of the most controversial and political areas of the school curriculum. Drawing on young people's own understandings of their sexual selves, knowledge and practices Sexual Subjects considers the implications for how we conceptualize the effectiveness of sexuality education. Reshaping thinking around youthful (hetero)sexualities Sexual Subjects challenges current approaches to teaching about sex and sexuality.
2005-09-08 By L. Allen

Questions for further investigation 1 What are my personal values, knowledge and experiences relating to the concept of ... Suggested further reading Blake, S. and Katrak, Z. (2002) Faith, Values and Sex and Relationships Education.

Author: James Arthur

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136618628

Category: Education

Page: 240

View: 638

What are the key issues in Citizenship Education today? Debates in Citizenship Education encourages student and practising teachers to engage with and reflect on some of the key topics, concepts and debates that they will have to address throughout their career. It places the specialist field of Citizenship Education in a wider context and aims to enable teachers to reach their own informed judgements and argue their points of view with deeper theoretical knowledge and understanding. Taking account of recent policy and controversies, expert contributors provide a balance of experience and perspectives and cover a wide range of classic and contemporary topics including: Theoretical Perspectives on Citizenship Education; International Comparative Perspectives on Citizenship Education; Citizenship Education, Race and Community Cohesion; Climate Change and Sustainable Citizenship Education; ICT and Citizenship Education; Ethics and Citizenship Education; Assessment of Citizenship Education. Debates in Citizenship Education is for all student teachers, and practising teachers engaged in CPD or interested in furthering their understanding of teaching in the subject area. Including carefully annotated further reading and reflective questions to help shape your own research and writing, this collection provides an introduction to recent critical thinking and contemporary debates within Citizenship Education.
2013-06-17 By James Arthur

Blake, S. and Katrak, Z. (2002) Faith, Values and Sex and Relationships Education, London: National Children Bureau. DfEE (Department for Education and Employment) (2000a) Sex and Relationship Education Guidance, DfEE 0116/2000, ...

Author: John Beck

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781441184238

Category: Education

Page: 232

View: 677

Praise for First Edition: "'Key Issues in Secondary Education" addresses crucial cross-curricular issues which are central to secondary schooling in the new millennium. We are confident that this book will make a major contribution to the understanding of new teachers as they grapple with issues that go beyond subject boundaries and as they explore the fundamental issues which affect schools and young people today."- Donald McIntyre and Mike YoungerThis eagerly awaited second edition has been fully up-dated and revised with new chapters on the nature and measurement of intelligence and issues of race and racism in school and society. Other chapters addressing the rapidly changing world of educational policy and innovation have been substantially rewritten to take account of recent developments and current debates. All contributors write clearly and accessibly, without over-simplifying the complexity of the issues or the value they pose.
2003-09-11 By John Beck

Blake, S and Katrak, Z (2002) Faith, Values and Sex & Relationships Education. London: Sex Education Forum. Blake, S and Muttock, S (2005) Assessment, Evaluation and SRE: A practical toolkit for health, education and community settings.

Author: Sophie Wood

Publisher: JKP

ISBN: 9781904787761

Category: Social Science

Page: 96

View: 449

Life Routes is aimed at practitioners who work with vulnerable young people, aged 13 to 16, in a range of settings.Grounded in real life situations, activities apply recognised active learning methods and will help develop the skills and confidence young people need.
2005-01-01 By Sophie Wood

Blake, S. and Katrak, Z. (2002) Faith, Values and Sex and Relationships Education: Addressing the Issues. London: National Children's Bureau. Boddington, N., King, A. and McWhirter, J. (2014) Understanding Personal, Social, ...

Author: Hilary Cooper

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781526447814

Category: Education

Page: 496

View: 634

Covering practical issues including planning, assessment and classroom organisation, and thought-provoking topics such as reflecting on teaching practice and developing critical thinking skills, this textbook gives readers a pragmatic and insightful understanding of teaching in primary schools.
2018-01-08 By Hilary Cooper

Further reading Blake, S. (2002) Sex and Relationships Education: A Stepby Step Guide for Teachers. London: DavidFulton. A sound, practical approach tothis important topic. Blake, S.and Katrak, Z.(2002) Faith, Values andSex ...

Author: Nick Boddington

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781473904712

Category: Education

Page: 296

View: 925

'This book is a gift for anyone teaching PSHE whether they are new to the profession or experienced practitioners. Sound pedagogical discussion is combined with practical advice to ensure lessons are relevant, meet the needs of learners and allow sensitive issues to be explored in a safe and supportive way.' - Liz Griffiths, Lead Assessor, National PSHE CPD Programme Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEe) is a challenging subject and when well taught, of great value. Drawing from theory and practice in education, health and welfare it encompasses sensitive issues, such as relationships, drugs, safety, and bullying, and is influenced by political concerns of the day such as childhood obesity and the health of the economy. This book, written for those training to teach and early career primary teachers, provides clear guidance on how to tackle sensitive issues and informed ideas to help you to develop into a confident PSHE educator. It has been endorsed as a PSHE Association quality assured resource. The PSHE Association is the national subject association supporting teachers and other professionals working in the field of personal, social, health and economic education ( Key features: Full of practical strategies and examples from schools that clearly demonstrate how to teach PSHEe with primary-aged children. A focus on best practice teaching enabling you to plan flexibly to meet the needs of your learners. Nick Boddington acts as National Subject Adviser for the PSHE Association, Jenny McWhirter is the Research Associate for the PSHE Association, and both her and Adrian King are experienced PSHE authors and education consultants.
2014-03-20 By Nick Boddington

RELATIONSHIPS EDUCATION FOR PRIMARY SCHOOLS (2020) THE CURRICULUM WILL NOT ALIGN WITH THE VALUES OF THE FAITH You may need to acknowledge to parents that the values of the religion may not support LGBT identities or same-sex marriage.

Author: Jonathan Glazzard


ISBN: 9781913063641

Category: Education

Page: 128

View: 247

This book enables and supports teachers to deliver the content of the new statutory guidance for relationships education in primary schools, operational from 2020. It is case study rich and provides clear and practical advice for teaching the topics of the new framework, including addressing controversial and critical issues such as parental right to withdraw and how to tackle relationships education in faith schools. There is an emphasis throughout on inclusion and pupil well-being and on the importance of partnerships with parents.
2020-06-05 By Jonathan Glazzard

1 See (accessed 24 March 2009). ... Blake, S. and Katrak, Z. (2002) Faith, Values and Sex & Relationships Education. London: National Children's Bureau ... London: Institute of Education, University of London.

Author: Peter Aggleton

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135281212

Category: Education

Page: 192

View: 870

Offering authoritative advice on effective intervention, Promoting Health and Wellbeing through Schools provides an overview of the key issues that need to be addressed.
2010-01-21 By Peter Aggleton

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