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Ironically never saw the "light of day" hence the name of the book This book is more or less a first dive ticket to the ocean of my vision, granting new comers a brief understanding of what's going inside my head for a lack of a better term ...

Author: Em Majdob

Publisher: Litprime Solutions

ISBN: 1953397271

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Ironically never saw the "light of day" hence the name of the book This book is more or less a first dive ticket to the ocean of my vision, granting new comers a brief understanding of what's going inside my head for a lack of a better term. I hope you'll enjoy it.
2020-10-10 By Em Majdob

In this instant case the defendants knew that Fattal & Majdoub Company had been dissolved as far back as August . It was admitted in evidence ... The plaintiffs claimed £ G10,000 general damages and £ G100 per day for loss of profits .



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1962 By

Fatal & Majdoub , in the premises situated and known as Plot No. ... special damages per day for loss of profit suffered by the plaintiffs as a result of the said unlawful attachment to be computed from the 28th December , 1960 , up to ...

Author: John W. Katende


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1976 By John W. Katende

The average time saved by using down-hole valve was 1.5 days on bit trip, and 1.5 days on running the perforated liner. In Phu Horm, 4 bit trips and one perforated liner were run which saved a total of 7.5 days. Safar, H.A., Majdoub ...

Author: Bill Rehm

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780127999807

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The present crude oil and natural gas reservoirs around the world have depleted conventional production levels. To continue enhancing productivity for the remaining mature reservoirs, drilling decision-makers could no longer rely on traditional balanced or overbalanced methods of drilling. Derived from conventional air drilling, underbalanced drilling is increasingly necessary to meet today’s energy and drilling needs. While more costly and extreme, underbalanced drilling can minimize pressure within the formation, increase drilling rate of penetration, reduce formation damage and lost circulation, making mature reservoirs once again viable and more productive. To further explain this essential drilling procedure, Bill Rehm, an experienced legend in drilling along with his co-editors, has compiled a handbook perfect for the drilling supervisor. Underbalanced Drilling: Limits and Extremes, written under the auspices of the IADC Technical Publications Committee, contain many great features and contributions including: Real case studies shared by major service companies to give the reader guidelines on what might happen in actual operations Questions and answers at the end of the chapters for upcoming engineers to test their knowledge Common procedures, typical and special equipment involved, and most importantly, the limits and challenges that still surround this technology
2013-11-25 By Bill Rehm

An AFM Study of the Surface Propriety and Corrosion Inhibition on Carbon Steel Meriem Zerroug, Hana Ferkous, Manelle Radjai, Mohamed Aymen Chaouch, Anis Madaci, Hatem Majdoub, AFM Inhibitor 4 Weight loss 4 Carbon steel 4 Polarization 4 ...

Author: Amjad Kallel

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319705484

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This volume includes the papers presented during the 1st Euro-Mediterranean Conference for Environmental Integration (EMCEI) which was held in Sousse, Tunisia in November 2017. This conference was jointly organized by the editorial office of the Euro-Mediterranean Journal for Environmental Integration in Sfax, Tunisia and Springer (MENA Publishing Program) in Germany. It aimed to give a more concrete expression to the Euro-Mediterranean integration process by supplementing existing North-South programs and agreements with a new multilateral scientific forum that emphasizes in particular the vulnerability and proactive remediation of the Euro-Mediterranean region from an environmental point of view. This volume gives a general and brief overview on current research focusing on emerging environmental issues and challenges and its applications to a variety of problems in the Euro-Mediterranean zone and surrounding regions. It contains over five hundred and eighty carefully refereed short contributions to the conference. Topics covered include (1) innovative approaches and methods for environmental sustainability, (2) environmental risk assessment, bioremediation, ecotoxicology, and environmental safety, (3) water resources assessment, planning, protection, and management, (4) environmental engineering and management, (5) natural resources: characterization, assessment, management, and valorization, (6) intelligent techniques in renewable energy (biomass, wind, waste, solar), (7) sustainable management of marine environment and coastal areas, (8) remote sensing and GIS for geo-environmental investigations, (9) environmental impacts of geo/natural hazards (earthquakes, landslides, volcanic, and marine hazards), and (10) the environmental health science (natural and social impacts on Human health). Presenting a wide range of topics and new results, this edited volume will appeal to anyone working in the subject area, including researchers and students interested to learn more about new advances in environmental research initiatives in view of the ever growing environmental degradation in the Euro-Mediterranean region, which has turned environmental and resource protection into an increasingly important issue hampering sustainable development and social welfare.
2017-12-12 By Amjad Kallel

The Majdoub figure in these poets inspired Boujemia and his friends in Nass el-Ghiwane who found bounteous sanctuary in texts and poems they revisited in order to recover the history, spiritual journeys and obscure subjectivities of ...

Author: Lhoussain Simour

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476664149

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Established in 1971, Nass el-Ghiwane is a legendary musical group that transformed the Moroccan music scene in the last decades of the 20th century. The charismatic founding member Larbi Batma (1948-1997) through his lyrics brought to light Moroccan folklore and obscure poetry. His autobiography Al-raḥīl, blurs the boundaries between fact and fiction and deals with social issues plaguing post-independence Morocco. Providing a reading of Al-raḥīl, this book is the first in English to examine the work of Nass el-Ghiwane, as well as the emergence of al-Ūghniya al-Ghīwaniya as a musical genre and the social conditions that fostered its growth.
2016-10-12 By Lhoussain Simour

The frequency dependence of G′ and G′′ at various temperatures is shown in Figure 17.2b. ... and the degradation of the cell wall and consequent loss of water by cell breakdown 5±0.5 ∘C for [85]. nine This days. coating Mucilage can ...

Author: Seyed M.A. Razavi

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN: 9781119418665

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The first guide devoted to the functions, structures, and applications of natural hydrocolloids In today’s health-conscious climate, the demand for natural food products is growing all the time. Natural hydrocolloids, therefore, have never been more popular. With their thickening, stabilizing, gelling, fat replacing, and binding qualities, these naturally occurring, plant-based polymers can fulfil many of the same functions as commercial ingredients like xanthan, guar, gum Arabic, pectin, and starch. Moreover, certain health benefits have been linked with their often biological active compounds and high-fiber compositions, including potential prebiotic effects and the reduction of blood cholesterol levels. Application of these novel hydrocolloids is, however, still underexplored. Emerging Natural Hydrocolloids aims to remedy this by providing a thorough overview of their structure–function relationships, rheological aspects, and potential utility in mainly the food and pharmaceutical industries. This accessible, quick-reference guide features: A comprehensive and up-to-date survey of the most significant research currently available on natural hydrocolloids Examinations of the major functions and rheological aspects of novel hydrocolloids Information on the potential applications of biopolymers within both foods and pharmaceutical systems Collaborations from an international team of food scientists Emerging Natural Hydrocolloids: Rheology and Functions offers scientists, engineers, technologists, and researchers alike a unique and in-depth account of the uncharted world of novel hydrocolloids, their uses, properties, and potential benefits.
2019-04-22 By Seyed M.A. Razavi

Hyman's photographs possess a visual afterlife because to this day they give viewing pleasure to Sefriwis who revel in the formerly youthful faces of the town's inhabitants: Dassi Kacem and Khadija (Figure 11); Mohammed Alaoui, ...

Author: Susan Slyomovics

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317988175

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Between 1963 and 1986, eminent American anthropologists Clifford and Hildred Geertz - together and alone - conducted ethnographic fieldwork for varying periods in Sefrou, a town situated in north-central Morocco, south of Fez. This book considers Geertz’s contributions to sociocultural theory and symbolic anthropology. Clifford Geertz made an immense impact on the American academy: his interpretative and symbolic approaches reoriented anthropology analytically away from classic social science presuppositions, while his publications profoundly influenced both North American and Maghribi researchers alike. After his death at the age of 80 on October 30, 2006, scholars from local, national, and international universities gathered at the University of California, Los Angeles, to analyze his contributions to sociocultural theory and symbolic anthropology in relation to Islam; ideas of the sacred; Morocco’s cityscapes (notably Sefrou’s bazaar or suq); colonialism and post-independence economic development; gender, and political structures at the household and village levels. This book looks back to a specific era of American anthropology beginning in the 1960s as it unfolded in Morocco; and at the same time, the contributions examine new lines of enquiry that opened up after key texts by Geertz were translated into French and introduced to generations of francophone Maghribi researchers who sustain lively and inventive meditations on his Morocco writings. This book was published as a special issue of Journal of North African Studies.
2013-09-13 By Susan Slyomovics

The Ethics and Politics of Representation in World Literatures and Cultures Lahoussine Hamdoune, Bouchra Benlemlih ... Sidi Abderrahman Al Majdoub, a famous religious Moroccan orator, said, ... The love of a woman can make you lose.

Author: Bouchra Benlemlih

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781793624338

Category: Culture in literature

Page: 312

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Global Identities in Transit: The Ethics and Politics of Representation in World Literatures and Cultures explores ways in which the impact of (post)colonial and global conditions on individual and group identities is reflected in different cultures and represented in world literary texts.

Chapter 12 Sustainable Development in the Context of Higher Education: Approaches for Achieving Transformation . ... of the multiple approaches advanced in the last two decades to address sustainability challenges affecting the world.

Author: Keengwe, Jared

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799895626

Category: Education

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Various pedagogies, such as the use of digital learning in education, have been used and researched for decades, but many schools have little to show for these initiatives. This contrasts starkly with technology-supported initiatives in other fields such as business and healthcare. Traditional pedagogies and general digital technology applications have yet to impact education in a significant way that transforms learning. A primary reason for this minimal impact on learning is that digital technologies have attempted to make traditional instructional processes more efficient rather than using a more appropriate paradigm for learning. As such, it is important to look at digital technology as a partner and use transformative applications to become partners with students (not teachers) to empower their learning process both in and out of school. The Handbook of Research on Transformative and Innovative Pedagogies in Education is a comprehensive reference that identifies and justifies the paradigm of transformative learning and pedagogies in education. It provides exemplars of existing transformative applications that, if used as partners to empower student learning, have the potential to dramatically engage students in a type of learning that better fits 21st century learners. Covering topics such as gamification, project-based learning, and professional development, this major reference work is an essential resource for pre-service and in-service teachers, educational technologists, instructional designers, educational administration and faculty, researchers, and academicians seeking pedagogical models that inspire students to learn meaningfully.
2022-05-13 By Keengwe, Jared