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This note has also been heard outside education in discussions of the urban " underclass " and is given strength by ... In its first year , the Clinton administration signalled no sharp break from the educational policies of the 1980s .

Author: James D. Marshall

Publisher: Edward Elgar Pub

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Presents 38 specially commissioned or previously published (1988-98) studies on recent changes in education policy throughout the world over the last quarter of the 20th century. Among the changes they explore are the move from localized and national policies toward encompassing international policies, the integration of schools into the world ofwork as demands for efficiency and performance have supplanted more traditional liberal goals of education to promote and provide the ideals of an educated elite and empowered autonomous individuals, the overt incorporation of market-led economic theories into education policy and associated management styles, and the transformation of education from a traditional welfare right to a privatized commodity. Their general themes are the definition, analysis, criticism, and research of education policy; markets and economic development; education policy and the state; race, development, and culture; and social justice, literacy, and new technologies. There is no subject index.

The learner, and initiatives to cater for the diversity of learner needs, form the core of lifelong learning strategies. This signals a shift from educational policies that focus on formal institutional arrangements for learning.

Author: OECD

Publisher: OECD Publishing

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The five chapters in this book draw upon the policy experience and trends in OECD countries to examine various aspects of lifelong learning.
2001-03-23 By OECD

Contents Gender and education policy Introduction 3 1 Policy analysis as a field of study 5 Analysis of policy and analysis for policy 5 The policy process Gender and policy analysis 7 Feminist policy analysis 2 Feminism, critique and ...

Author: Jane Kenway

Publisher: Deakin University Press

ISBN: PSU:000018245509

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Produced for units ESA842 and ESA846 offered by the School of Education in Deakin University's Open Campus Program as part of the Master of Educational Administration and Master of Education degrees.
1990 By Jane Kenway

Thus, the strong education state is necessary to sustain democracy at the national level so that strong democratic ... The book sets out a broad theoretical framework for a critical reading of state produced educational policy texts.

Author: Mark Olssen

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781446233498

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`Education policy is now a global matter and all the more complex for that. Mark Olssen, John Codd and Ann-Marie O'Neill do us an invaluable service in producing a carefully theorised guide to current issues and key concerns - this is an important, erudite and very practical book' - Stephen J Ball, Education Policy Research Unit, University of London `Given the global reach of neoliberal policies, we need cogent books that enable us to better understand the major effects such tendencies have. Education Policy is such a book. It is insightful and well written--and should be read by all of us who care deeply about what is happening in education in international contexts' - Michael W Apple, Author of 'Educating the "Right" Way and John Bascom Professor of Education University of Wisconsin, Madison `I really am taken with the book, the range and depth of analysis are truly impressive. This book is a magnum opus and everyone in the area should read it'- Hugh Lauder, University of Bath `In their insightful and comprehensive book on education policy Mark Olssen, John Codd and Anne-Marie O'Neill wrestle with the big questions of citizenship and democracy in an age of globalization. They argue that ducation policy in the 21st century is the key to security, sustainability and survival. The book, anchored in the poststructuralist perspective of Michel Foucault, traverses the whole territory of education policy not only methods and approaches of policy analysis and the dominant political perspectives that influence policy-classical liberalism, social democracy and neo-liberalism--but also those policy areas that require the closest scrutiny: markets, trust, professionalism, choice, diversity, and finally, community, citizenship and democracy. This is the new policy bible for educationalists - it is at once systematic, provocative and instructive' - Michael A Peters, Research Professor, University of Glasgow 'It is rare indeed for books with such ambitious scope as this one to appear within educational scholarship... This is an important book for any graduate student who is undertaking work on any aspect of education policy' - Education Review This book provides an international perspective on education policy, and of the role and function of education in the global economy. The authors present a Foucauldian perspective on the politics of liberal education, within a theoretical framework necessary for the critical analysis of education policy. The authors set out the analyses necessary for understanding the restructuring in education and social policy that has occurred in many countries affected by the resurgence of neo-liberal political theory. They examine education policy in relation to globalization, citizenship and democracy. The authors argue that globalization is an extension of neoliberalism and is destructive of the nation state, community and democracy. They show the importance of education in building strong democratic nation states and global communities based on cultural identity and inter-cultural awareness. This book is essential reading for students of education policy studies and social policy analysis.
2004-06-08 By Mark Olssen

important to understand how policy on internationalisation can help achieve these wider objectives; on the other, ... If objectives are not clearly set, commercial higher education services sometimes interfere with aid policies, ...

Author: OECD

Publisher: OECD Publishing

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Education Policy Analysis 2005-2006 includes articles on achieving quality, equity and efficiency in higher education; the growing international market in higher education; valuing teachers; formative assessment and gender differences and mathematics: performance.
2006-11-17 By OECD

Douglas N. Harris is Associate Professor of Educational Policy and Public Affairs at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. His research considers the efficiency and equity of K–12 and higher education programs, ranging from market and ...

Author: Douglas E. Mitchell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136869969

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Shaping Education Policy is a comprehensive overview of education politics and policy during the most turbulent and rapidly changing period in American history. Respected scholars review the history of education policy to explain the political powers and processes that shape education today. Chapters cover major themes that have influenced education, including the civil rights movement, federal involvement, the accountability movement, family choice, and development of nationalization and globalization. Sponsored by the Politics of Education Association, this edited collection examines the tumultuous shifts in education policy over the last six decades and projects the likely future of public education. This book is a necessary resource for understanding the evolution, current status, and possibilities of educational policy and politics.
2011-06-01 By Douglas E. Mitchell

Education. Policy. –. Key. Approaches. and. Debates. Karen Mundy, Andy Green, Bob Lingard, and Antoni Verger Education and schooling have long been deeply implicated in processes of internationalization and global economic integration.

Author: Karen Mundy

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118468043

Category: Political Science

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This innovative new handbook offers a comprehensive overview of the ways in which domestic education policy is framed and influenced by global institutions and actors. Surveys current debates about the role of education in a global polity, highlights key transnational policy actors, accessibly introduces research methodologies, and outlines global agendas for education reform Includes contributions from an international cast of established and emerging scholars at the forefront of the field thoughtfully edited and organized by a team of world-renowned global education policy experts Each section features a thorough introduction designed to facilitate readers’ understanding of the subsequent material and highlight links to interdisciplinary global policy scholarship Written in an accessible and engaging style that will appeal to domestic and international policy practitioners, social scientists, and education scholars alike
2016-02-24 By Karen Mundy

Let me raise two contentious possibilities concerning research and educational- policy formation and implementation. ... for Policy Studies, have accepted a much too lunited set of parameters for formulating policy on teacher education.

Author: Rob McBride

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135717865

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To improve schools we need to improve teachers. This volume provides recent research evidence that suggests that current education policy is not Promoting Effective Teacher Education And That Teacher Education Policy has: failed to support the formation of professional partnerships in initial teacher education; has almost ignored the induction of newly qualified teachers; and has narrowed in-service education into support for the implementation of central policy.; The evidence gathered in this book is used to argue for new forms of teacher education in every phase, built upon the foundation of professional partnership between schools and institutions of higher education. It is suggested that the funding for such changes could be drawn from less effective forms of school improvement, such as National Curriculum development and school inspection. With the implementation of such changes, it is argued, good quality teacher education programmes would prosper and foster a broad concensus about educational development that is often absent.
2003-12-16 By Rob McBride


Author: Fay B. Haisley


ISBN: UIUC:30112010399811

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1979 By Fay B. Haisley

In this paper, the content of private education policy analysis, due to the limited level, can only be on the basis of policy documents for a relatively shallow analysis. At the same time, due to run by the local compulsory education is ...

Author: Eryongm Xue

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789811632723

Category: Education and state


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This book concentrates exploring the landscape of private education in contemporary China, including pre-schools, compulsory education, high schools, and higher education. Both the developmental opportunities, problems, and strategies in regard to shaping the promotion of China's private education are examined in this book. The intended readers are scholars and researchers who are interested and work in research of the private education in Chinese context.
2021 By Eryongm Xue