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how true the prediction!1 * West Africa had been an area of interest to Europeans since the early 18th century. The Ashanti kingdom (now part of modern Ghana) was an inland territory, north of the Gold Coast. The various tribes of the ...

Author: Robert Giddings

Publisher: Pen and Sword

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The years between the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 and the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 are sometimes described as 'The Long Peace', the there were in fact British Soldiers fighting somewhere in the world throughout the whole of that period, usually in an effort to restore order in some far-flung parts of the Empire 'upon which the sun never set.' Although these campaigns have been well documented by numerous historians, Robbert Giddings, well known as author, journalist and writer for radio and television, here adopts an entirely new approach and relies largely on first-hand accounts to show not mealy what happened but what it was actually like to be there. His sources are many and varied and not confined the the soldier's own records. Nothing, for instance, could surpass in vividness Florentia Sale's brilliant account of the terrible retreat from Kabulin 1842. Due respect is also paid to the courage of the opposition. As Lieutenant Charles Townshend wrote after Omdurman in 1898, 'The Valour of these poor half-starved Dervishes...would be graced by Thermopylae.' The book continues eye-witness accounts from the following campaigns and minor wars: Maratha, Gurkha, Burmese, Ashanti, opium, Afghan, Maori, Sikh, Kaffir, Persian, Abyssinian, Zulu, Boer, Egyptian, Sudanese and Matabele. The list alone shows how busy the British Soldier was throughout the nineteenth century. The text itself brilliantly recapture the nature of soldiering in that era.
1994-04-25 By Robert Giddings

51 On October 14 , The Echo reported a noticeable decline in market activity in Accra and attributed it to the workings of ... in Ashanti , " Oct. 27 , 1937 , 160 . The notice also appeared in African Morning Post , Nov. 8 , 1937 , 1 .



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704), the following tribes of African nations are presented: 1. ... Ghana's Akan people include the Asante (Sante), the Ashanti (Coromantees, Coromanti, Twi), Ahanta, Assin, Ga, Denky, Kwahu, Akupem (Akwapim), Fantel (and its Agona ...

Author: Joseph A. Bailey, II, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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Ancient Africans, perhaps around 5500 BC, established a tradition based upon truth, goodness, beauty, and other immaterial and intangible aspects of things of worth. Believing all of God’s creations were forever linked, they focused on having good relations with and behaviors toward fellow human beings and with nature – both for the purpose of reaching a heaven afterlife. Out of these concepts arose the sense of community, including the practice of no person being left behind. Echoes of Ancient African Values discusses who Ancient Africans were as a people; their genius and creative ways of thinking; their philosophical and spiritual foundations; and their world shaping achievements. Unfortunately, peoples throughout the world have failed to realize or acknowledge the fact that Ancient Africans have produced the most brilliance civilization and culture the world has ever known. This applies whether the measure is by significance, greatness, or numbers. The fashioning of such brilliance inside high morals not only transcended space and time but also designed sublime echoes. A major premise of this book is that these echoes were extremely instrumental in enabling Ancient African slaves to survive their hellish situation as well as having ongoingly contributed to the recovery of Black Americans from the effects of slavery. Numerous examples are given. Otherwise, what is stressed to all peoples in the world is that Ancient African Values contain workable answers for solving every type of problem concerning humanity.

Osei Tutu solidified this beginning by establishing the spiritual unity of Ashanti in the sacred symbol of the golden stool ... Some others less suicidal were able to echo , albeit faintly , Ashanti unity and 1 economic purpose .

Author: Robert William July

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48 ' Instructions to Asst . Insp . Kirby on proceeding to visit the Inner Provinces of the Ashanti Kingdom , 31 ... also The Western Echo ( Cape Coast ) , 9 January 1886 . 69 Firminger to Governor , 2 June 1886 , encl . 1 in No.

Author: Historical Society of Ghana


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48'Instructions to Asst . Insp . Kirby on proceeding to visit the Inner Provinces of the Ashanti Kingdom , 31 December ... also The Western Echo ( Cape Coast ) , 9 January 1886 . 69 Firminger to Governor , 2 June 1886 , encl . 1 in No.



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243.5m ¢ Major Religions : Traditional African religions , Christianity , Islam Public Holidays : January 1 , New Year's ... ( center of Ashanti kingdom ) , Takoradi , Volta Dam at Akosombo , Elmina Castle and other historic coastal forts ...



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CHAPTER 6 : " Totemism " in History : The Sacred Crossing of West African Strangers 1. Goody mentions some ancient movement in ... Similarly , McLeod echoes , This intra - lineage maleficence , Asante believe , can only be combatted by ...

Author: Richard P. Werbner

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He is particularly critical of one - time heroes of anticolonialism such as Ghana's recently deposed Kwame Nkrumah ... of the Ashanti Empire in the 1860s and 1870s , focusing especially on the second Anglo - Ashanti War of 1873–1874 .

Author: M. Keith Booker

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More than 500 alphabetically arranged entries by more than 200 expert contributors overview the complex relationship between literature and politics.
2005 By M. Keith Booker

18–19), and she echoes the phrase with a line in “For Assata” (Black, 28), her poem about 1970s black radical dissident Assata ... “125th Street and Abomey” belongs to part 1 of The Black Unicorn, a cycle of nine poems that begins with ...

Author: Linda Garber

Publisher: Columbia University Press

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"Queer theory," asserts Linda Garber, "alternately buries and vilifies lesbian feminism, missing its valuable insights and ignoring its rich contributions." Rejecting the either/or choice between lesbianism and queer theory, she favors an inclusive approach that defies current factionalism. In an eloquent challenge to the privileging of queer theory in the academy, Garber calls for recognition of the historical—and intellectually significant—role of lesbian poets as theorists of lesbian identity and activism. The connections, Garber shows, are most clearly seen when looking at the pivotal work of working-class lesbians/lesbians of color whose articulations of multiple, simultaneous identity positions and activist politics both belong to lesbian feminism and presage queer theory. Identity Poetics includes a critical overview of recent historical writing about the women's and lesbian-feminist movements of the 1970s; discussions of the works of Judy Grahn, Pat Parker, Audre Lorde, Adrienne Rich, and Gloria Anzaldúa; and, finally, a chapter on the rise and hegemony of queer theory within lesbigay studies.
2001-10-17 By Linda Garber