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One minute they were walking along ahead of the plow, next minute they're down to their bellies in a sinkhole. ... Right about where the Co-op elevators are now, down by the riverbank on the far side of the bush.

Author: Paul Vasey

Publisher: Biblioasis

ISBN: 9781927428320

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

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"Ask anyone what they love most about Winzer, and they seem always to tell you it's the people, the family and friends webbed around each of us. True. But for me the town is also, and perhaps mainly, the larger-than-life characters who ghost around in my imagination and my memory: rumrunners and prize fighters and elegant old ladies and one-eyed thugs and earnest well-meaning politicians and hucksters and hookers and crusty old editors. Many of them I remember meeting. Some of them I actually met." —from The River The River is Paul Vasey’s tribute to a place he discovered by accident and loved over a lifetime. Chatty, anecdotal, personal and passionate, by one of Windsor’s most celebrated reporters and radio hosts, this meandering memoir winds its way around a river town whose sights and characters may never be fully charted: a Windsor that fired a reporter’s imagination, stole his heart, and eventually became the place he calls home.
2013-10-21 By Paul Vasey

“Laura Bell's Home, Down by the River”. One of the ways is called “The Hill Way”. Another way is called “The River Way”. If a person takes the hill way everyone walks on foot. They climb up and down the very steep hills and they also ...

Author: Brenda Croan

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781452039619

Category: Fiction

Page: 264

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The year is around the 1890s. Several business men had gone to the small southern Virginia town of Salt Town to purchase some land to build a large chemical company in the town. Salt Wells were dug and the producing and the distribution of Salt began. Around the year of 1901 a young childhood romance developed between Arthur Art Thomas and Laura Bell Gillespie. The author takes her readers through both Arthurs and Laura Bells young and adult lives. Arthur and his childhood friend, Jimmy Jim Johnson, grow up together.They get drafted into the Army together, they get married around the same time together, they both become Preachers and have their own church. After Arthur comes home from the Army, he gets entangled with a young Gypsy Woman who is a Fortune Teller. She tells Arts fortune and she places a curse a Witchcraft Spell upon him and she tells him he will Die if the curse he has been placed under is not lifted from him. Arthurs and Laura Bells young daughter Brenda grows up and becomes an Author. Brenda has many visions and dreams for her family and for Salt Town.
2010-06-17 By Brenda Croan

The down side was that he was in ill health and no longer young. Marty was afflicted with diabetes, which left him with the eventual probability of having one of his legs amputated. They needed to get downriver, so Chuck Kane took ...

Author: Richard Westwood

Publisher: University Press of Colorado

ISBN: 9780874213683

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 163

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The great adventurer who helped make whitewater rafting a beloved national pastime comes to vivid life in this rollicking biography. Georgie White Clark—adventurer, raconteur, eccentric—first came to know the canyons of the Colorado River by swimming portions of them with a single companion. She subsequently hiked and rafted portions of the canyons, increasingly sharing her love of the Colorado River with friends and acquaintances. At first establishing a part-time guide service as a way to support her own river trips, Clark went on to become perhaps the canyons’ best-known river guide, introducing their rapids to many others, both on the river, via her large-capacity rubber rafts, and across the nation, via magazine articles and movies. Georgie Clark saw the river and her sport change with the building of Glen Canyon Dam, enormous increases in the popularity of river running, and increased National Park Service regulation of rafting and river guides. Adjusting, though not always easily, to the changes, she helped transform an elite adventure sport into a major tourist activity.
2019-09-02 By Richard Westwood

enough could go down to one of the bootleggers in the morning, slap down twenty dollars, and have a case of beer flown in from Fairbanks on the afternoon plane. "The only difference now," said Moore, "is that there's no waiting period ...

Author: John Hildebrand

Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press

ISBN: 9780299154936

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 262

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“John Hildebrand sets out in a canoe . . . to explore the great riverway of northwestern Canada and Alaska. . . . The geography is closely rendered and the characters especially sharply drawn. The country is filled with mad dropouts at river fish camps, good-hearted girls in the towns, sullen natives in tumbledown villages, cranky old-timers, terrible drunks and worse moralizers who live off the wild landscape and its abundant resources. . . . This is a fine work, and Hildebrand is a fine writer.”—Charles E. Little, Wilderness
2009-07-30 By John Hildebrand

... Sands are Sir Thomas Clavering , teing examined , said , That by Tyr.e River found in all Rivers , and not under Flood Tide ; Sands the Flood in 1763 , when he went a Shooting upon the always go down the River by Degrees , and come ...

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons


ISBN: CHI:78147312

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However, in spite of snags, rapids, boiler explosions, or low water, the paddle wheelers plied the Upper River. ... Tibbals when he was chief pilot on the old Key City and drove without a rudder down forty miles of Upper Mississippi.

Author: John Madson

Publisher: University of Iowa Press

ISBN: 9781587299766

Category: Nature

Page: 276

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Up on the River is John Madson’s loving and often hilarious tribute to the people, animal life, and places of the Upper Mississippi. Madson’s Upper Mississippi is the part “between the saints,” from St. Louis to St. Paul, and where for thirty years he explored the bright waters of the upper reaches of the mighty river itself as well as the tangled multitude of sloughs, cuts, and side channels that wander through its wooded islands and floodplain forests. “Some of my best time on the River has been in the company of game wardens, biologists, commercial fishermen, clammers, trappers, hunters, and a smelly, mud-smeared coterie of river rats in general, and my views of the River are far more likely to reflect theirs than those of the transportation industry,” Madson writes of his thirty-year acquaintance with the Mississippi. Traveling mainly by canoe and johnboat, he tells of encounters between archetypal commercial fishermen and archetypal game wardens over hot fish chowder, fishing for crappies in the tops of submerged trees and for walleyes amid gale force winds, nesting and migrating herons and ducks and eagles, the histories of river logging and pearling and button making, and towboats and barges and the lives of the “ramstugenous” people who move freight on the river. Learning about the Upper Mississippi via the wry tutelage of John Madson, who discovered that “whenever I am out on a river some of its freeness rubs off on me,” readers of this classic book will also come under the spell of this freeness.
2011-06-01 By John Madson

259 Down By The River-Side Solo g*fel Chorus ^jml^ i y.n 1. Goin't' lay down my burden, Down by the river-side, Down by the river-side, 2. Goin't' lay down my sword and shield, Down by the river-side, Down by the river-side, 3.

Author: Cawthon Asbury Bowen


ISBN: UCAL:B4219405

Category: Gospel music

Page: 288

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Have you watched the transit of the sewage up and down the river ?No , I have not had an opportunity ; Mr. Hawksley , who is associated with me in preparing a report for the Metropolitan Board of Works , has had an opportunity of ...

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons


ISBN: HARVARD:32044106544505

Category: Great Britain

Page: 750

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The suspended silt brought down by the river in freshets , which deposits upon the bar by the decrease of ... The littoral tidal current flowing up and down the sound , and the current flowing in and out of the mouth of the river ...

Author: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers


ISBN: PRNC:32101050739885

Category: Harbors


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... water ( and also the fish and snakes that were held inside ) , which flowed out to form the rivers of the world . ... but between all entities in the world , so rain is water substance physically thrown down by star - entities onto ...

Author: Carla Stang

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 184545555X

Category: Psychology

Page: 221

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Our lives are mostly composed of ordinary reality—the flow of moment-to-moment existence. In this anthropological study of the Amazon’s Mehinaku Indians, the author achieves an understanding of this part of reality by both observing various aspects of their experience and by relating how these different facets come to play in a stream of ordinary consciousness, a walk to the river. In this way, abstract schemata such as ‘cosmology,’ ‘sociality,’ ‘gender,’ and the ‘everyday’ are understood as they are actually lived.
2009 By Carla Stang