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The theme of my book is on how to handle changes in our lives. Besides dealing with major changes like retirement, redundancy and relationships, the suggestions I discuss are also relevant for other changes that can affect our life like ...

Author: Eva Bennett

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781982290948

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 126

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“Using real-life stories, current research and inspiring quotes, Eva manages to convince you, that thinking positively and balancing your life, will achieve abundance, be it your health, relationships or finances. As you read this book, you will be inspired to take action NOW. I loved reading this book from start to finish.” —A. O’Neill , International Speaker, Author, HR Specialist, Qld. After the success of her first book, “So What Do We Do Now?” The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Enjoying Retirement, Eva Bennett’s second book , “As Time Goes By” Dealing With Life’s Changes, explores the ways, in which we can deal with the different kinds of major changes that can happen in our lives. Eva shares the insights she has gained from many years of presenting at seminars, facilitating training programs and also the personal stories many people have shared with her. Her suggestions are clear, practical and easy to implement. They will help you deal with major life changes and make the most of the rest of your life. Some of the areas covered include: • The 5 stages to move on from endings to new beginnings • Catch your thoughts and change your life • Slow down the ageing process • The 6 stages to cook up a great life
2021-07-04 By Eva Bennett

We all must deal with major changes in our life: in our work; in our close relationships; with the people or colleagues around us; with new, unexpected and, at times, unwanted circumstances; with our financial situation; with sudden or ...

Author: Paramhansa Yogananda

Publisher: Crystal Clarity Publishers

ISBN: 9781565895973

Category: Religion

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The Wisdom of Yogananda, volume 9 Changes come not to destroy us, rather, to help us grow in understanding and to learn the lessons we must to reach our highest potential. Guided by Yogananda, tap into the changeless joy of your soul-nature, empowering you to move through life fearlessly and with an open heart. In How to Face Life's Changes, learn to accept change as the reality of life; face change in relationships, finances, and health with gratitude; and cultivate key attitudes like fearlessness, non-attachment, and willpower. The Wisdom of Yogananda series features writings of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi, not available elsewhere. These books capture the Master’s expansive and compassionate wisdom, his sense of fun, and his practical spiritual guidance. The books include writings from his earliest years in America, in an approachable, easy-to-read format. The words of the Master are presented with minimal editing, to capture the fresh and original voice of one of the most highly regarded spiritual teachers of the twentieth century.
2022-11-01 By Paramhansa Yogananda

Fortunately, we have a positive option by relying on the mind of Christ when it comes to dealing with life's uncertainties. Jesus teaches us: “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself.

Author: Leon D. Pamphile

Publisher: Hamilton Books

ISBN: 9780761861089

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 102

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This book seeks to empower you to manage your ongoing challenges in an ever-changing world. It is an invaluable tool that will help you travel in the paths leading to your well-being and the development of your capacity for service.
2013-06-25 By Leon D. Pamphile

When do you realize you can't figure everything out you can't analyze each moment of life but simply just live it. ... not change who I am but in all means im going to enhance and better me I realize that I enjoy dealing with me I love ...

Author: Brenda Marrie Cole

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781514455760

Category: Poetry

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This book is about things that Ive wished for. It goes through my life from adolescence to adult lifeexperiences of relationships, family and friends, my regrets, and even things that made me cry. It talks about my emotional state with losing loved ones and things Ive had to overcome to change within myself, how I went from being sheltered to opening up to people and life-changing events: the birth of my daughter and growing into my adult life. The second book is a reflection of events that life has brought for me to experience.
2016-02-03 By Brenda Marrie Cole

concern, the faux big deal will continue. You must recognize the emotional threat underlying the situation. If you can understand the cause of the threat, you can address it directly. 5. “What is the best reaction to resolve this ...

Author: Jim Taylor PhD

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781538146705

Category: Psychology

Page: 377

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Our lives can feel like asteroids hurtling uncontrollably through space. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Jim Taylor shows us how we can transform those asteroids into starships in which we are the captain controlling the guidance system, engine, and fuel that can propel our lives toward meaning, happiness, success, and connection.
2021-05-07 By Jim Taylor PhD

Each of us is unique, and if the world doesn't hear our stories, it will not know how we lived our lives. ... Voices of Change can be your own personal how-to guide on dealing with life changes a the ones we choose, and the ones that ...

Author: Kathy Lynn


ISBN: 9780982407912

Category: Psychology

Page: 176

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Learn, Be Inspired,Motivated, and Encouraged by stories from around the United States on life's toughest challenges including job loss, death, divorce and natural disasters.
2010-04-26 By Kathy Lynn

How Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Can Transform Your Life Corinne Sweet ... Abraham Lincoln Your life is in your hands. ... and also make dealing with life's ups and downs all the more difficult to deal with as a consequence.

Author: Corinne Sweet

Publisher: Pearson UK

ISBN: 9780273759898

Category: Self-Help

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has already helped millions of people overcome their issues and move their life forward – now it can really help you too. In this busy, demanding and often stressful modern world, it’s a struggle to find time to even think about what your dreams and goals might be, let alone work towards actually realising them. It’s so easy to get stuck in a routine, to opt for the easy answers, to feel a lack of inspiration and motivation and then wind up feeling anxious and depressed. Far from being an exciting or invigorating prospect, the mere idea of changing anything about your life soon seems hard work, scary and something to be avoided. But your life really can be better than it is now - you just need to learn how to really believe it can. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT, can lend a hand. It will help you change the way you think and feel about yourself, about others and about the world around. As you begin to feel more positive, more motivated and more confident you’ll soon begin to realise that your future is fully in your control. The scientifically-proven techniques of CBT are a powerful force to harness. Written by a leading psychologist, Change Your Life with CBT will deliver these tried and tested tools in an accessible package full of exercises, examples and practical advice and guidance . So if you’re feeling that your life has got stuck in first gear, or even stuck in reverse, and if you believe that the main thing holding you back is probably yourself, Change Your Life with CBT can help you overcome your barriers and start to achieve your goals at home, at work and throughout your whole life.
2012-09-26 By Corinne Sweet

We all need to work on our prayer life. The lack of having a prayer life could be damaging to the ministry for the body of believers. Dealing with Life's Issues Christians often have life issues that they cannot deal with.

Author: ; Dmin Sandidge

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781607914006

Category: Religion

Page: 194

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What Others Say about This Book - Dr. Sandidge has written a very comprehensive book on leadership. Every pastor and church leader can find many tidbits of information that will improve their leadership skills. This book will provide help in building a ministry team approach. There are many helpful ideas for the church leader to develop other leaders for the church, and especially Bible teachers. A helpful and insightful book. Dr. Frank Schmitt Professor of Church Ministries Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and Graduate School 1971 University Blvd. Lynchburg, VA 24502 - Dr. Oneal Sandidge is not only a perceptive author, but he has also lived and worked in the field of Christian Education at numerous institutions of higher education. I have observed Oneal professionally, as a teacher and lecturer, for many years. He has character, insight and experience that qualify him to share concepts of the Christian ministry in general, and Christian education in particular, that will be life-changing for his readers." Dr. James B. Keiller, Vice President & Dean for Academic Affairs Beulah Heights University Atlanta, Georgia - Dr. Oneal Sandidge has written a great book for training pastors, church leaders, and ministry leaders for improving church ministry. This powerful book deals specifically with church ministry. Dr. Sandidge has used his exceptional skills from serving as Director of Christian Education, college professor, and ministerial experiences to suggest ways for rethinking ministry. This book will help pastors, church officials, ministry leaders, and those who teach church leadership. Any reader would benefit from this book. Bishop Alfred A. Owens, Jr., Senior Pastor of Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church and Professor Howard University - School of Divinity Washington, DC
2009-03 By ; Dmin Sandidge

Life is hard to fact, therefore skewing the facts makes it easier to deal with life's troubles; hiding is at times more attractive than facing the reality of a situation. We as women must force ourselves to accept situations “as is” and ...

Author: Carlotta Maria Shinn-Russell

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781468595079

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 130

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The book Changes: From Spiritual Hopelessness To Spiritual Hope carries readers on a journey of pain, heartache, loss of a loved one, loss of spirituality, anger, blame, an encounter with the world, and the journey back to God after the discovery.

by abusing alcohol or drugs may provide momentary happiness to some, problems will remain if not dealt with from an inside-out approach. In fact, chasing momentary happiness as a means of dealing with life's challenges is only a ...

Author: Mario O. Barrett

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 9781598588965

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 92

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Due to the many requests for a comprehensive workbook for the leadership practices of The Barrett Leadership Model by readers, Dr. Barrett, Ph.D., M.S. presents Eleven Leadership Practices That Will Change Your Life: The BLM Companion Workbook. This workbook is a great supplement to Dr. Barrett's bestseller, Leading from the Inside-Out..., as it will have you answering questions about what you want out of life that you may have never taken into consideration. Because this workbook is based on the leadership practices of The Barrett Leadership Model, it is very practical and easy to use, and if completed with an honest and open mind, it will guide you to achieving sustainable happiness through the creation and pursuit of your life's vision. As with Dr. Barrett's bestseller, Leading from the Inside-Out..., there are no secrets or hidden messages here. If you do the work that is asked of you, you will be well on your way to fulfilling your life's vision and achieving sustainable happiness."
2009-03 By Mario O. Barrett