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It completes in Book 3 of the series: Dark Stranger Immortal, and the characters embark on a new adventure in book 4: Dark Enemy Taken. If you hate cliffhangers and long, ongoing sagas, this is not for you.

Author: I. T. Lucas

Publisher: Children of the Gods Paranorma

ISBN: 1724147056

Category: Fiction

Page: 334

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"Hands down the best book series I have ever read. I Devour the books and coming from somebody who reads all the time this is an extreme compliment. I can't wait to read more please please keep writing! your writing style and everything is perfect I have never read such a well-written book where the story line develops with so many characters I love knowing what's going on with everybody I love that you switch characters back and forth it is so awesome. Also the steamy love scenes are to die for!" "This book sent me on the most amazing adventure that I hope never ends." "You will not be disappointed!! Don't miss this series!! Wow and Wow! Roller Coaster! Grown folks stuff! Not teenage paranormal romance but complicated, complex adult relationships, intrigue, mystery, hot sex, fantasy, and romance! This is EVERYTHING you'll ever want in a paranormal fantasy series!! It will make you cry, make you laugh, make you cheer for the heroes and heroines! All of the characters are well developed with strengths and weakness, beauty and flaws. Exciting plots! Intriguing twists and turns! You'll enjoy the mythical, the fantasy, the history! This is a wonderful series! I'm having trouble trying to find something to keep me busy until the next book!! And it doesn't come out until June! What in the hell am I going to do with myself!! Fates help me." KIAN AND SYSSI'S STORY IS A 3-PART SERIES! "Ok, these are probably the BEST books I have read in a long time. The writer is extraordinarily talented in bringing her cast of characters to life. If you like mysteries and love stories that are not typical --written by one of the best authors I have read in a really long time then please pick up the first book and read them." "Love Love Love this book! This book had me hooked right from the beginning! This is probably the best series I've read and that's saying a lot since some of my favorite Authors are JR Ward, Christine Feehan and Sherrilyn Kenyon!" "Best in the genre I. T. Lucas pens an exceptionally well developed story. Many writers in this genre are predictable and formulaic. The Children of the Gods series is never predictable. This series stands with the best of fantasy writers - the fact that it is romance fantasy is almost beside the point. That said, even the sex scenes are well done and NOT predictable! A must read." "I love this series. I am a huge BDB fan. never miss a book EVER. Now I have added this series to that list. So well written and never drags on--always a page turner. And it is not typical stuff, it is very unique! An absolute must read!" "I literally read this entire series in 3 days and now I'm going through character withdrawal waiting for the next. I.T. Lucas is an amazing writer with a brilliant mind and has quickly been added to my favorite author list." Syssi's paranormal foresight lands her a job at Dr. Amanda Dokani's neuroscience lab, but it fails to predict the thrilling yet terrifying turn her life will take. Syssi has no clue that her boss is an immortal who'll drag her into a secret, millennia-old battle over humanity's future. Nor does she realize that the professor's imposing brother is the mysterious stranger who's been starring in her dreams. Since the dawn of human civilization, two warring factions of near-immortals - the descendants of the gods of old - have been secretly shaping its destiny. Leading the clandestine battle from his luxurious L.A. high-rise, Kian is surrounded by his clan, yet alone. Descending from a single goddess, clan members are forbidden to each other. And as the only other immortals are their hated enemies, Kian and his kin have been long resigned to a lonely existence of fleeting trysts with human partners. That is, until his sister makes a game-changing discovery - a mortal seeress who she believes is a dormant carrier of their genes.
2018-09-29 By I. T. Lucas

His death seems to symbolize the end of a generation, the approach of war.That Gracq wrote this oblique, prescient novel in a remote German prisoner-of-war camp makes its carefree jazz age setting particularly poignant.

Author: Julien Gracq

Publisher: Pushkin Press

ISBN: 9781782270584

Category: Fiction

Page: 254

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A surreal nouveau-Gothic tale of death in a 1920s seaside hotel. Two lovers arrive at a seaside hotel in 1920's Brittany. The other guests soon become obsessed with the man, the equivocal unsettling Allan. One by one they realise who he is - that Death has come to spend the summer with them. Amid the ceaseless thunder of the waves, the wild and often surreal Breton landscape, the group that gravitates around Allan - an uncannily contemporary figure - gradually disintegrates. His death seems to symbolize the end of a generation, the approach of war.That Gracq wrote this oblique, prescient novel in a remote German prisoner-of-war camp makes its carefree jazz age setting particularly poignant.
2013-05-21 By Julien Gracq

'Whatever was present at the beginning will remain so until the end.' Synopsis of the book A man from the dark is a unique depiction of facts and dimensions that are already existing in this world but are often overlooked.

Author: The Paracosmic Couple

Publisher: Writers Community

ISBN: 9788195024476

Category: Art


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'Whatever was present at the beginning will remain so until the end.' Synopsis of the book A man from the dark is a unique depiction of facts and dimensions that are already existing in this world but are often overlooked. The protagonist of the novel is a highly skilled data scientist who, under the aegis of his wife, develops an algorithm that makes their lives bizarre. Standing at the edge of a precipice, Seth Agnes is about to take a leap of peace upon fulfilling uncompromised vengeance on his wife. His destiny, on the other hand, had a different plan for him. He encounters a young woman in the dead of night who attempts to persuade him to be her husband. Her persuasion insinuates his mind, causing him to embark on a quest to reclaim his life by tracking down and deciphering a mysterious man's message. About Author Sabby and Joslin were raised and graduated in the city of Mumbai. Despite the fact that Sabby wrote several short stories, journals, and play scripts, he never thought of publishing it until she came into his life. Having a mutual dream, they decided to put life to one of his many story threads. They took the characters and placed them in an imaginary world that adheres to real-world cosmic rules. And thus, they together became 'The Paracosmic Couple.' About Author

You're having one hell of a bad dream.” Zoe opened her eyes to find the world just as dark and bleak as her— “Dream? What do you mean, dream?” she asked Maria, who knelt beside the sleeping pallet in her own little cave.

Author: Susan Sizemore

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781439165805

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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New York Times bestselling author Susan Sizemore presents an exciting twist on her popular Primes series: the novel read by the one and only Vampire Book Club! Share the thrills as you discover a hidden world where passions and fear run high, and a vampire General and an Empire princess together find illicit, unquenchable desire.... A twist of fate made Zoe Pappas heir to the Byzant throne. Bound by duty and devotion to keep the Empire safe, Zoe is captured while on a secret diplomatic mission and sent to an underground prisoner-of-war camp. In this strange, shadowy place, residents are governed by fellow inmate General Matthias "Doc" Raven, whose powerful magnetism rouses an urgent desire in Zoe. But the intensity of her attraction is matched by her surprise at discovering that Doc has a secret of his own: he is a vampire. Zoe's presence puts everyone in the camp in danger. Doc knows it, and knows too that Zoe's royal status makes it impossible for her to bond with a vampire. The only way to save her is to help her escape, and lose her forever. But some fires are impossible to quench, even when following your heart is the ultimate taboo....
2009-10-27 By Susan Sizemore

I was dreaming, and the dream was vague, confused, with shadowy figures barely perceived through a hazy mist, drifting, as dream figures do, going nowhere in slow motion. The emotions were vague, too, and then there was a jarring note, ...

Author: Jennifer Wilde

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781497698345

Category: Fiction

Page: 213

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In New York Times–bestselling author Jennifer Wilde’s spellbinding tale of romantic suspense, an ominous horoscope proves eerily accurate for a woman visiting a quaint English town “You will make a sudden journey and meet a dark stranger . . .” Author Jane Martin doesn’t believe in fate, so when she stumbles across her horoscope in the newspaper one day, she decides to disregard it. But then her widowed brother calls, asking her to take care of his children while he’s away at a science conference. He’s even booked her a first-class train ticket. En route to her brother’s house, Jane is accosted by one stranger only to be rescued by another. One of these handsome men is destined to come back into her life, because peaceful, centuries-old Abbotstown has been rocked by a string of bizarre burglaries—and a murder. There are no leads or suspects, but Jane’s precocious niece Rebecca insists she knows things the police aren’t aware of. After someone tries to break in to the house, Jane finds herself surrounded by too many men who say they want to protect her and the children. Suddenly she fears she is a pawn in a sinister intrigue in which she will not be able to distinguish hero from villain.
2015-02-10 By Jennifer Wilde

( Zeller 1975 , 60-61 ) Viewing the dream in this context suggests that the dreamer's daylight task is to examine what ... The dark stranger appears again in her dreams at the moment Brydon confronts a may be his alter ego alone in the ...

Author: Carol Schreier Rupprecht

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791413624

Category: Self-Help

Page: 325

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This book partakes of a long tradition of dream interpretation, but, at the same time, is unique in its cross-cultural and interdisciplinary methods and in its mix of theoretical and analytical approaches. It includes a great chronological and geographical range, from ancient Sumeria to eighteenth-century China; medieval Hispanic dream poetry to Italian Renaissance dream theory; Shakespeare to Nerval; and from Dostoevsky, through Emily Bront�, to Henry James. Rupprecht also incorporates various critical orientations including archetypal, comparative, feminist, historicist, linguistic, postmodern, psychoanalytic, religious, reader response, and self-psychology.
1993-07-01 By Carol Schreier Rupprecht

She is such a talented author and her work is outstanding!!!” Goodreads review “I love the characters and this story pulled me in. It's so well written and fantastic new series.

Author: Ann Gimpel

Publisher: Ann Gimpel Books, LLC


Category: Fiction

Page: 240

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Germany, 1940 Half Romani, Tairin’s no stranger to hiding her mixed blood from gypsy caravans. What she can’t hide is her perpetual youth, courtesy of her shifter heritage. Every few years, she drops out of sight, resurfacing in a new country to join a caravan where no one knows her. She’s overstayed her welcome where she is, but Germany is at war, and travel has become all but impossible for everyone targeted by the Reich. Elliott’s clairvoyance is strong, even for a Romani. Seer for all the caravans in Germany, he catches Tairin eavesdropping outside their leader’s wagon one night. He should turn her in, but it would mean her execution, and he can’t bring himself to do that. Instead, he interrogates her. Her magic is different, but he can’t figure out quite what she is. Any association between Romani and shifters is forbidden, and Tairin shields herself from Elliott’s probing. She should leave right now, tonight. It would be easy enough. Shift to her wolf form and run, keeping out of hunters’ gunsights. She’s on the edge of flight when Elliott suggests a covert task to prove her loyalty. Tairin agrees immediately, kicking herself for being weak where he’s concerned. Shifters and Romani have no future together. Zero. Zilch. She should be smart about this and vanish into the night—before he discovers what she is and destroys her. PRAISE FOR THE SOUL DANCE SERIES: “I already adore this author’s work and the more I read her books the more I totally fall in love with the worlds that she creates. She is such a talented author and her work is outstanding!!!” Goodreads review “I love the characters and this story pulled me in. It's so well written and fantastic new series. Don't miss it.” Goodreads review “Another amazing book by this author. We have gypsies, wolf shifters, vampires and Nazis, yep that's what I said.” Goodreads review “This book captures you 100% with the action, suspense, and mystery about being a shifter during the war in Nazi Germany.” Goodreads review Fans of the following books and series are known to enjoy this historical paranormal romance & fantasy series: a kingdom of exiles a shade of vampire academy of magic dragon's gift accidentally in love attack by magic dragon's gift awakening dragon born in fire burning tower call of the dragon choose love covert fae crime of magic dragon's gift crimes against magic dark stranger the dream darkness bound dragons of the darkblood secret society druid enforcer ghostwater goddesss choice golden age greyriver shifters hotbloods hour of darkness house of darken iron and magic jinn's dominion junkyard druid master of magic dragon's gift natural mage natural witch obsidian son raised in fire rogues of magic shadow keeper shadow kissed space knight 4 twisted fate unchained undercover magic dragon's gift war god's mantle wild hunger Keywords related to this historical paranormal romance series: Fantasy Books, Epic Sagas, Werewolves and Shifters, Animals & Nature, Popular Series, Paranormal Fantasy Books, Top Rated Books, Tricks, Fantasy Omnibus, Epic of Gilgamesh, Spells & Charms, Romance Books, Romani Books, Wizards, Fantasy Romance Books, Essential Reads, Epic Fantasy, Vampires, Omnibus Bundle, Paranormal Romance Series, Adventure Books, Mythology and Folklore, Top Rated Fantasy Collection With Romani And Shapeshifters, Fantasy Bundle, Heroine, Dryads, Supernatural and Occult, Sword And Sorcery, Shifter Romance, Historical Paranormal Romance Series, Fantasy Stories, Shifter Series, Fantasy, Shifter Omnibus, Best Rated Omnibus, Omnibus Collection, Paranormal Romance Books, Magical Adventures.
2017-05-29 By Ann Gimpel

A Hands-On, How-To, Step-By-Step Guide to Understanding Your Dreams Velva Lee Heraty MSW ... Quest Dreams Journey Dreams Shadow Dreams House Dreams Lost Dreams Infant Dreams Toddler Dreams ChildDreams Dark Stranger Dreams Animal Dreams.

Author: Velva Lee Heraty, MSW

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781452587110

Category: Self-Help

Page: 162

View: 566

The Dream Belongs to the Dreamer is a compelling hands-on, how-to guide professionally designed to help you unravel the mysteries of your dreams. You will be expertly guided through chapter after chapter of steps, techniques, definitions, and examples to help you more fully understand your dreams on their deepest levels. Five fascinating true-life stories of insightful dream dialogues are included to show you just how rewarding and meaningful this new method, called Subjective Symbol Immersion©, truly is. Included are sections set aside for your personal notes and reflections so you can go at your own pace. In addition, to help make your dreamwork journey as meaningful as possible, there is a Dreamer’s Toolkit of wonderful and fun exercises and a Glossary of Terms in the back of the book. Here is one reader’s review: “From time to time I’ve been jolted by an extraordinary book that stops my world. It forces me to look at “reality” in a different way, a more expansive and meaningful way in which I can more easily connect to my true self. The Dream Belongs to the Dreamer is such a book. It will help anyone willing to apply its unique method to their dreams achieve a healthy and creative life in harmony and balance. I know it did for me.” Stephen Danzig, President, The IDA Projects, London.
2014-07-30 By Velva Lee Heraty, MSW

The dark stranger dreams of my clients seemed to circle around order and chaos, the light in nature, and the bringing of fluidity and movement into a world mired in matter. One client, Helen, dreamt she was at the university sitting ...

Author: Elinor Dickson

Publisher: Chiron Publications

ISBN: 9781630516970

Category: Psychology

Page: 202

View: 440

At a time when we are witnessing the return of the World Soul, the rise of feminine consciousness and the re-enchantment of Nature, the friendship between Marion Woodman and Elinor Dickson offers us a rare glimpse into the new story yearning to be born. Dancing at the Still Point reveals a remarkable friendship rooted in Soul that is both deeply personal and transpersonal. Prompted by a dream in which Marion told her to write about their friendship, Elinor has succeeded in weaving their shared visions, dreams and insights with the playfulness, challenges, and honesty they shared over thirty-four years. Like all deep friendships, Marion and Elinor mirrored each other while mutually affirming their individual destinies. This is a book that celebrates the gift of friendship as a compelling model for community in these times. As Marion would say, “where soul meets soul that’s love” and love is the field in which we are all called to dance. Elinor Dickson, Ph.D., is a psychologist, Jungian therapist, lecturer and workshop leader. She is the co-author of Dancing in the Flames written with Marion Woodman. She lives in Toronto, Ontario
2019-05-03 By Elinor Dickson

Appealing to Cole Slater for help in saving her ranch, Kristin McCahy has nothing but herself to offer in return, and Cole finds his determination to stay uninvolved becoming increasingly difficult. Reissue.

Author: Heather Graham Pozzessere

Publisher: MIRA

ISBN: 1551660792

Category: Fiction

Page: 295

View: 761

Appealing to Cole Slater for help in saving her ranch, Kristin McCahy has nothing but herself to offer in return, and Cole finds his determination to stay uninvolved becoming increasingly difficult. Reissue.