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What galls Cleaver most at this point is that he does in fact desire white women, just as these racists charge. For a black man, this desire is death. This is brought home powerfully ... He remembers only hours and 12 • DANGEROUS DESIRE.

Author: Pamela Barnett

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135877965

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 224

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Dangerous Desire is an important work that calls attention to how post-1960s literary representations of rape have shaped the ways in which both sexual and social freedoms are imagined in American culture. Exploring key post-sixties texts including Cleaver's Soul on Ice , Brownmiller's Against Our Will , French's The Women's Room , Naylor's The Women of Brewster Place , Walker's Meridian , and Dickey's Deliverance , Barnett finds that the widespread literary explorations of rape were almost always conjoined with one or more of the radical social movements of the sixties: civil rights, black nationalism, women's liberation and black feminism. Sexual violence emerges in these texts when the transformative possibilities articulated by sixties-era liberation movements trigger and intensify imbalances of power and cultural difference-for example, Eldridge Cleaver's claim that he lashed out against the white power structure by raping white women. This book should be of considerable interest to students and scholars of 20th century American literature, as well as American Studies and African American Studies scholars interested broadly in issues of sexuality, race, and violenc
2004-11-15 By Pamela Barnett

Click here to get your copy from your favorite bookstore Dark and dangerous desires run wild at the exclusive seaside resort owned by Donovan Fox. He's a wealthy man with the world at his fingertips, ...

Author: Michelle Love

Publisher: Blessings For All SC

ISBN: 9781648082672

Category: Fiction

Page: 311

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From the first moment, Winter Mai had me hooked. Her beauty, her will to survive... But she hates me--and with good reason. My best friend, my brother, murdered her sister and almost killed Winter, too. She doesn't know about the sleepless nights I spent silently begging her to live... And now, all these years later, she's right in front of me, and in the arms of a man I know to be a violent and dangerous criminal. I won't let anything hurt her. I owe her......and I'm desperately--achingly--in love with her. Will she ever forgive me? Her face and her body haunt my dreams, and I won't be happy until Winter is my arms, my life, and my bed...
2020-03-25 By Michelle Love

My Dangerous Desires presents over twenty years of Hollibaugh's writing . In looking at themes such as the relationship between activism and desire or how sexuality can be intimately tied to one's class identity , Hollibaugh fiercely ...

Author: Amber L. Hollibaugh

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822326191

Category: Social Science

Page: 277

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Presents over twenty years of the author's work examining such themes as the relationship between activism and desire, sexuality and class identity, and the author's own political development as a response to her unique personal history.

... King, 1990; juhasz, 1990; Carovano, 1991). Women were largely invisible in the Australian press' representations of AIDS. To some extent, this absence is due to the profile 128 Moral Threats and Dangerous Desires Gendered AIDS.

Author: Deborah Lupton

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135341466

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 186

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Since 1981, AIDS has had an enormous impact upon the popular imagination. Few other diseases this century have been greeted with quite the same fear, loathing, and prejudice against those who develop it. The mass media, and in particular, the news media, have played a vital part in "making sense" of AIDS. This volume takes an interdisciplinary perspective, combining cultural studies, history of medicine, and contemporary social theory to examine AIDS reporting. There have been three major themes dominating coverage: the "gay-plague" dominant in the early 1980s, panic-stricken visions of the end of the world as AIDS was said to pose a threat to everyone, in the late 1980s; and a growing routinising of coverage in the 1990s. This book lays bare the sub-textual ideologies giving meaning to AIDS news reports, including anxieties about pollution and contagion, deviance, bodily control, the moral meanings of risk, the valorisation of drugs and medical science. Drawing together the work of cultural and politicaltheorists, sociologists and historians who have written about medicine, disease and the body, as well as that of theorists in Europe and the USA who have focused their attention specificaiiy on AIDS, this book explores the wide theoretical debate about the importance of language in the social construction of illness and disease. This text offers insights into the sociocultural context in which attitudes towards people with HIV or AIDS and people's perceptions of risk from HIV infection are developed and the responses of governments to the AIDS epidemic are formulated.
2013-10-23 By Deborah Lupton

... leaving her with the memory of passion's DANGEROUS DESIRE 02984 0 71268 " 004 50 5 ISBN 0-8217-2984-5 U.K. £ 2.99 PRINTED IN USA.

Author: Ashley Snow

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation

ISBN: 0821729845

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

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Lovely Justine Maury and privateer Rhys Llewellyn, working on opposing sides in the American Revolution, find unexpected passion while on a journey to Baghdad to claim a shipment of gold
1990 By Ashley Snow

Louise Clark. Dangerous Desires Hearts of Rebellion Series Book Three by Louise Clark DANGEROUS DESIRES Reviews & Accolades " action packed journey with.

Author: Louise Clark

Publisher: ePublishing Works!

ISBN: 9781614177753

Category: Fiction

Page: 375

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Indebted to Nicholas Prescott, Earl of Wroxton, for her very survival, young Stephanie de la Riviere is miserable, homesick and determined to do whatever it takes--from selling the family jewels to masquerading as a highwayman--to again see her beloved father, an aristocrat caught up in the dangerous French Revolution. Nicholas is determined to prevent the exasperated Stephanie from putting herself in harm's way. But keeping the beautiful brunette out of outrageous scenarios isn't why Nicholas remains awake at night. It's his own desire to match his ward's fiery spirit to his burning passion that won't let him rest. REVIEWS " action packed journey with an exciting pair of lovers... all the history without losing focus on the romance." ~Romantic Times "Nicholas is one of a kind. He will sweep you off your feet." ~Affaire de Coeur HEARTS OF REBELLION SERIES, in order: Pretender's Game Lover's Knot Dangerous Desires
2015-07-10 By Louise Clark

Wild Words/Dangerous Desires explores the struggles of young women who try to define themselves with, and against, the pleasures, premises, and practices that mark the female subject in feminist avant-garde writing.

Author: Helen J. Harper

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated

ISBN: STANFORD:36105028572753

Category: Education

Page: 186

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Based on the experiences of six high school aged girls who the author introduced to avant-garde feminist writers, this book provides insights as to what it means to practice feminist and critical pedagogy in today's high schools. Harper gave these young women the opportunity to break with conventional writing with the support of this avant-garde literature and discovered a much deeper set of challenges and obstacles than she had originally expected.
2000 By Helen J. Harper

A DANGEROUS DESIRE Achimota College89 Date: 17 November, 1946 Lesson: I Sam., 8:20 Hymns: 468,26, 373,540, 55, Vesper 399 or 501 I. Desire is a perfectly natural, justifiable and necessary thing in man. Every one needs, and is entitled, ...

Author: Laryea, Philip Tetteh

Publisher: Sub-Saharan Publishers

ISBN: 9789988647100

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 400

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The deepest and most significant aspect of the heritage of any nation lies in her people. A people’s dignity, worth and value can be measured by their human resources. More important than mineral wealth, more significant than financial capital and of more value than land and property, are the leaders of thought and character, that a communal or social group can lay claim to. Towering above the tallest buildings, reaching deeper than the roots of ancient trees, are society’s icons, doyens of a people’s life and culture. Often unrecognized in their lifetime, sometimes vilified or else silenced by political forces, these persons represent a people’s legacy and gift to humankind. Such was Dr. Ephraim Amu, native of Peki Avetile, son of West Africa’s “Gold Coast”, scholar, teacher, musician, ethicist, and preacher. In this book, Prof. Laryea has by careful and detailed research, rendered an invaluable service to posterity in unearthing and making available the life, works and public speeches of Dr Ephraim Amu. Thoughtfully selecting over sixty of Amu’s sermons spanning a period of 50 years (1937 - 1986), Laryea enables us to more deeply enter the inner thoughts and expressions of one of Ghana’s most illustrious sons, thus allowing us into the veritable engine room of the composer of Ghana’s national song, “Yân ara asase ni”, crafted by Amu in 1929. In doing so he has also opened up and thrown light upon very significant periods in the nation’s history.
2017-10-04 By Laryea, Philip Tetteh

DANGEROUS. DESIRE. The rush received, just from the thought alone To pry from another his seemingly priceless prize The desire first discovered while still a young child Inconsiderate and envious Of what does not belong to us As we age ...

Author: Paùl Milou

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781467068116

Category: Poetry

Page: 76

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The Thoughts and Tales of Paùl Milou, A Journey From Severe Depression to Poetic Expression, is a culmination of years of self-discovery and expression and a realization of a dream come true. If I was to choose two words to describe my book, I would say unique and versatile. I display a variety of poetic styles, keeping the journey from start to finish, exciting and fresh. The 45 poems that make up this written journey range from short to long, humorous to dark, reality to fantasy. Hopefully an assortment of different eyes will be fixated on poems like ‘Lust and Found’, ‘The Thin Line’ and ‘Volcanic Vocabulary’. What makes this book special is my ability to take all my thoughts and imagination and give it life, turn it into reality; to the extent that I start to believe what I written has actually happened. This book is not all make-belief, however, far from that. A lot of what I’m sharing is moments and events that I have had the pleasure or misfortune of experiencing, throughout my life. In closing, I hope that this book is enjoyed, not only by poetry lovers but to anyone who wants to pick up a book and enjoy a good, refreshing read, about life and the many thoughts and expressions of the human mind.
2005-12-07 By Paùl Milou

This mysterious vampire magnetism stands for any dangerous desire you feel for something that can hurt you. The bite and the sucking are the unfortunate consequences. Death, survival, and change are how you respond to those consequences ...

Author: Jay Stevenson PhD

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 9780241883891

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

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Vampires are the hottest topic in popular culture today. From the now classic novels of Anne Rice, to the mega-selling series by Stephanie Meyer to the hit HBO series True Blood based on the bestselling novels of Charlaine Harris, the undead are certainly not dead in terms of books sales. Now, those curious about the history and lore of these creatures can get up to speed in the refreshed edition of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vampires. It provides a detailed explanation of the origins of vampires and insight into the fascination they hold in literature and belief. Complete history and origins of this mythic creature. An explanation of the various rules that vampires exist by. A lively and exhaustive literary discussion of vampires and their importantce in fiction.
2009-01-21 By Jay Stevenson PhD