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Demetre R. Rejas. The Adventures Of Four Curious Hamsters Demetre R. Rejas The Adventures Of Four Curious Hamsters All Rights Reserved Copyright Title.

Author: Demetre R. Rejas

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 9781468933857

Category: Fiction


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This book will fill kids with joy! Not only will it surprise you, but you won't know what will happen next.parents cold read this book to their children every night during bedtime.
2014-04-24 By Demetre R. Rejas

The Mongolian gerbil, like the hamster, belongs to the order Rodentia, family Cridetidae. ... Gerbils are intensely curious and, like hamsters, will express their exploratory behavior and gain enrichment through the addition of ...

Author: Karl J. Field

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780849377389

Category: Medical

Page: 168

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The Laboratory Hamster and Gerbil details basic information and common procedures for individuals performing research with hamsters and gerbils. It includes duties of animal facility management, animal husbandry, regulatory compliance, and technical procedures and assists in the humane care and use of hamsters and gerbils in the laboratory. It provides quick, easy-to-use information for investigators, technicians, and animal caretakers and includes references to alternative procedures and methods. The book also offers possible sources and suppliers of animals, feed, sanitation supplies, cages, and research and veterinary supplies.
1998-12-04 By Karl J. Field

Keep in mind that hamsters and other household pets don't mix. Most dogs, cats, ferrets, and other animals can be dangerous to a hamster. Many times an animal won't be out to hurt the smaller pet, but simple curiosity can still lead to ...

Author: Holly Sullivant

Publisher: Eldorado Ink

ISBN: 9781932904383

Category: Hamsters as pets

Page: 112

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Presents detailed information on how to care for the most popular types of hamsters.
2009-01-01 By Holly Sullivant

Hamster safety You can safely play with your hamster outside of its cage . Hold the hamster in your ... Hamsters should always be kept away from other pets . A dog or cat can hurt or kill a curious hamster . a Never let me run loose .

Author: Adele Richardson

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 0736863877

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

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"Describes caring for a hamster, including supplies needed, feeding, cleaning, health, safety, and aging"--Provided by publisher.

If the Hamster is curious he will walk right into the cup. If not gently push him inside the cup and they lift the hamster up while still in the cup and remove him from his cage. The process of taming your hamster can take a while so ...

Author: Matthew Debanks

Publisher: Fred Quaye

ISBN: 9781471707018



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Hamsters have long been a favorite pet amongst owners. These adorable creatures are known for their attractive appearance, pleasant nature and high energy levels. In this guide you will learn how to care for your hamster so that it lives a long and happy life. You will also discover the tricks to bonding with your hamster so that you are able to handle him and enjoy a close level of connection with your pet. Hamsters are warm blooded mammals that sleep during the day and are awake at night. While there are many different types of hamsters only a few are kept as pets. Unlike a mouse, which is a popular alternative to the hamster, it is has basically no tail.

The point is that you are watching, noticing, and getting curious. Why do some hamsters behave differently from others? What features are common to all hamsters? Can hamsters be classified and grouped in meaningful and interesting ways?

Author: Paul Lockhart

Publisher: Bellevue Literary Press

ISBN: 9781934137338

Category: Mathematics

Page: 144

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“One of the best critiques of current mathematics education I have ever seen.”—Keith Devlin, math columnist on NPR’s Morning Edition A brilliant research mathematician who has devoted his career to teaching kids reveals math to be creative and beautiful and rejects standard anxiety-producing teaching methods. Witty and accessible, Paul Lockhart’s controversial approach will provoke spirited debate among educators and parents alike and it will alter the way we think about math forever. Paul Lockhart, has taught mathematics at Brown University and UC Santa Cruz. Since 2000, he has dedicated himself to K-12 level students at St. Ann’s School in Brooklyn, New York.
2009-04-01 By Paul Lockhart

Usually , though , hamsters and gerbils communicate by body language . A hamster that is curious about something may lift one of its front paws off the ground . A frightened hamster may tilt its head to one side and draw its paws close ...

Author: Kathryn Hinds

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish

ISBN: 0761411046

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

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Describes the characteristics, habits, habitat, and history of gerbils and hamsters and how to raise them as pets.
2001 By Kathryn Hinds

Hamsters are three to six inches long , about the size of my hand . They have a stubby little tail . Both hamsters and gerbils have bright black eyes . Their eyes make them look very curious and alert . But hamsters can't see very well ...

Author: Leeanne Engfer

Publisher: Lerner Publications

ISBN: 0822522616

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

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Provides useful information about the habits of hamsters and gerbils and how to care for them as pets.
1997-01-01 By Leeanne Engfer

"Nine Q&As on hamsters answer elementary inquiries about care, behavior, and training.

Author: M. K. Osborne

Publisher: Curious about Pets

ISBN: 168152614X

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

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"Nine Q&As on hamsters answer elementary inquiries about care, behavior, and training. Engaging questions and research-based answers satisfy young animal lovers' curiosity about furry little pet rodents. A Stay Curious! feature encourages further learning and models media literacy skills. Includes simple infographics, glossary and index"--
2020-08-18 By M. K. Osborne

Hamster surprisingly looking very alertly at her, mostly on account of her observation, I think, you are being really misguided ... Really, so, several things could make you twist like a broken arm, she notes, though in a curious voice.

Author: Dwight J. Sernoskie

Publisher: Waterloo Regional Pictures

ISBN: 9780988087156

Category: Drama

Page: 251

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You've met the Simpson's and the Griffins ... Now meet the Davies family Hamster, which of whom is a late twenty early thirties male that is on vacation in New York for the first time in his life with parents Christmas, and Juggs Davies. As all three of them have been looking to visit the city of bright lights and tall buildings for sometime, mainly to see a professional Broadway show in the cities theatre sector, nonetheless, the family has been thinking about it for many years. We, then, meet Danny Calpown, his beautiful daughter Julie and his brother-in-law Bruno, as they furthermore, are all soon heading to the same theatre, immediately as the Davies family is. Following a short mistake over tickets purchased online, the Davies are given the Calpowns private seats, and, as a result of an abnormal unsympathetic discussion with Christmas and the theatres, unique customer service representative who was working that day, considering the Davies had gotten to the theatre previous to the Calpowns, but when the Calpown's arrive they also have to sit elsewhere, which oddly causes Danny's daughter Julie to go into an artistic design tantrum, but in a new way. Once, in the acting theatre, Hamster, who is currently sitting high above the crowd, makes direct eye contact with Julie whom is sitting below hyperventilating because, of the awful material on the chairs and walls in the theatre, plus, the unusual people around her. During the intermission, the Calpown's and the Davies finally meet, however, when Danny finds out that he lost his box seats to Christmas, seeing he and this family do not often go out together either, he energetically spites on Christmas's shoe. Later, Julie offers to take Hamster out for a drive the next day, which he later accepts, as a romantic encounter of another kind is apparently awaiting to happen, although, meanwhile, in another part of the theatre, we shortly meet Bones, Julianne, and Greeko, better known as the Fantsolli brothers, who are looking on that have some kind-of business association, with Calpown, though it is not apparent if they could be mobsters, or are just in the dry cleaning business. As the next day arrives, Hamster, and Julie turn up missing; while Danny becomes worried, but in total hysterics, and promptly converses with Bruno in their own family house who is not too concerned, although Danny needs to find Christmas and Juggs, which are having breakfast at their hotel, meanwhile, Hamster and Julie are driving around New York in her new convertible, given to her as a graduation present from dear old dad, seeing her driving is not the greatest, but stops at a particular dog park that she likes to visit regularly. While in her vehicle attempting to make the moves on Hamster, nonetheless, both of them fall out into a large pile of animal, inhospitable surroundings, even though the Fantsollis are looking on from a distance, to later take them to Mama's gym where they are afterwards held hostage. After some discussion, Bruno remembers that Julie likes to visit an unusual park in the city, while he and Danny, Juggs, and Christmas, make their way there; nevertheless, Danny soon figures out that the two of them have been kidnapped, subsequent to they discover her car was abandoned at the park, and goes directly to Mama's, to get them back. For further information concerning the characters, the trendy reviews, and their most fashionable quotes that the characters speak in the book, we encourage that all readers should visit the Hamster Davies web site.
2015-02-19 By Dwight J. Sernoskie