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displays in which a cue is missing (e.g., the focus cue when viewing a display through a pinhole) and displays in which the cue is present but is fixed. When two cues are present rather than just one, both contribute to perceived depth, ...

Author: Julia Trommershauser

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199874767

Category: Psychology

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This book is concerned with sensory cue integration both within and between sensory modalities, and focuses on the emerging way of thinking about cue combination in terms of uncertainty. These probabilistic approaches derive from the realization that our sensors are noisy and moreover are often affected by ambiguity. For example, mechanoreceptor outputs are variable and they cannot distinguish if a perceived force is caused by the weight of an object or by force we are producing ourselves. The probabilistic approaches elaborated in this book aim at formalizing the uncertainty of cues. They describe cue combination as the nervous system's attempt to minimize uncertainty in its estimates and to choose successful actions. Some computational approaches described in the chapters of this book are concerned with the application of such statistical ideas to real-world cue-combination problems. Others ask how uncertainty may be represented in the nervous system and used for cue combination. Importantly, across behavioral, electrophysiological and theoretical approaches, Bayesian statistics is emerging as a common language in which cue-combination problems can be expressed.
2011-09-21 By Julia Trommershauser

The Cue Extinction Process in Treatment How Cue Extinction Fits Into Treatment and Relapse Prevention As stated earlier , Cue Extinction is a relapse prevention model which teaches clients skills they can use after treatment , on their ...



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THE SIZE CUE TO VISUALLY PERCEIVED DISTANCE by Walter C. Gogel , Ph.D. Jan. 64. 25 pp . Federal Aviation Agency . Office of Aviation Medicine . Civil Aeromedical Research Institute . Oklahoma City , Oklahoma . AM 64-13 .

Author: Walter Charles Gogel


ISBN: IND:30000089064442


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Walter C. Gogel Descriptors Vision Space perception Task - set Size cues Descriptors Vision Space perception Task - set ... In this study , the hypothesis was tested that the intention to use a particular cue relation would enhance the ...

Author: Walter C. Cogel


ISBN: WISC:89059281725


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Under flight conditions, as well as in other situations, judgments of the distances between objects may depend upon a variety of possible cues. In this study, the hypothesis was tested that the intention to use a particular cue relation would enhance the effectiveness of that particular cue in determining the resulting perception. For this purpose, a situation was presented in which the apparent depth position of an object in a configuration of objects would differ depending upon which of two possible cue relations (size cues) were used. The results support the conclusion that the perceived depth position of the object differed in the expected directions as a function of the task-set. The data of the study are discussed with respect to the 'adjacency principle' which states that cue efficiency is determined by the relative adjacency of objects between which the cues occur. Although the effect of cue-set upon the perception seems to be small compared with that of adjacency, it cannot completely be ignored. (Author).
1967 By Walter C. Cogel

There may be many cues and it may be impossible to work with all of them. Together with the child, identify three to five working cues for the exposure exercises. As the child learns about conditioning, she may become more attuned to ...

Author: Victor G. Carrión

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190201326

Category: Families

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"Cue-Centered Therapy for Youth Experiencing Posttraumatic Symptoms presents a psychosocial treatment approach for children and adolescents who have been exposed to chronic traumatic experiences"--
2015-12-09 By Victor G. Carrión

cue RCHBOLD VAN BEUREN blisher CONTENTS : Week of April 3 , 1954 HN KEATING itor ner FEATURES The Army and the Pennants . Musicals Off Beat . The Givin ' Is Easy CUE Contest Winners . SSE ZUNSER ecutive Editor ; Films Emory Lewis Joe ...



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My name is Curli Ann Cue. I woke up in a terrible mood. I just love tormenting my sister sometimes. Today is one of those times. Mom gets fed up when I tell Barbie, “You are so stupid you could throw yourself to the floor and miss!

Author: Terri Chapman White

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781098021054

Category: Juvenile Fiction

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Curli Ann Cue is in for a few surprises! She has been invited to stay overnight with her best friend, Taylor. Will she be able to leave her mom for a whole night?At the park where Curli Ann and Taylor go to a picnic, there is something very scary in the pond. And a little boy is missing!
2020-11-24 By Terri Chapman White

The first experiment was an investigation of the effects of deprived and cue salience on learning which is not required to satisfy an immediate tissue - need . After highly or moderately food deprived rats reached criterion on a tone or ...

Author: Lawrence Irving Goldberger


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Category: Learning, Psychology of

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Author: J. Cori Schlegel


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Directed forgetting in animals delayed matching-to-sample substitution + + + ITI ITI ITI “r” cue “f” cue “f” cue Red Red Red Red Red Blue Blue Vert Horiz Remember Forget Probe Fig. 13.4 Design of a directed-forgetting experiment using ...

Author: Thomas R. Zentall

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199930661

Category: Psychology

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In the past decade, the field of comparative cognition has grown and thrived. No less rigorous than purely behavioristic investigations, examinations of animal intelligence are useful for scientists and psychologists alike in their quest to understand the nature and mechanisms of intelligence. Extensive field research of various species has yielded exciting new areas of research, integrating findings from psychology, behavioral ecology, and ethology in a unique and wide-ranging synthesis of theory and research on animal cognition. The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Cognition contains sections on perception and illusion, attention and search, memory processes, spatial cognition, conceptualization and categorization, problem solving and behavioral flexibility, and social cognition processes including findings in primate tool usage, pattern learning, and counting. The authors have incorporated findings and theoretical approaches that reflect the current state of the field. This comprehensive volume will be a must-read for students and scientists who want to know about the state of the art of the modern science of comparative cognition.
2012-03-20 By Thomas R. Zentall