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The environmental movement today is at a critical crossroads. Crossroads: Environmental Priorities for the Future is an in-depth assessment of the movement's successes and failures, and also offers prescriptions for the future.

Author: Peter Borrelli

Publisher: Island Press

ISBN: 9781597268851

Category: Nature

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The environmental movement today is at a critical crossroads. Crossroads: Environmental Priorities for the Future is an in-depth assessment of the movement's successes and failures, and also offers prescriptions for the future. It includes contributions from some of the country's top environmental leaders and activists, including Barry Commoner, Stewart Udall, William K. Reilly, Gus Speth, Jay Hair, Lois Gibbs, Michael Frome, Chuck Little, and William Futrell.
2012-06-22 By Peter Borrelli

Crossroads Environmental Priorities for the Future (Island Press 1988). Brownlie I., System of the Law of Nations, State Responsibility, Part-I (Clarendon Press 1983). Brownlie I., Principles of Public International Law (4th edn, ...

Author: T. R. Subramanya

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000380118

Category: Nature

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This book examines the nature of hazardous substances and the law governing them, including international conventions, relevant directives and Indian legislation from the pre-independence period to the present. It focuses on legislations passed in the area of hazardous substances, highlighting the background relevant to the continued growth of international environmental law across the globe. It reviews existing strategies available in developing countries and the lack of a systematic approach in administering hazardous substances management programs. The author unfolds the dynamics of hazardous substances, the trade of such substances, transboundary movements and their restrictions through rigorous analyses and evaluation of cases. The book explores the question of liability in hazardous substance litigation, offers an understanding of several judicial decisions in the context, and suggests measures to control and manage the problem of hazardous substances. Authoritative, lucid and comprehensive, this book will be useful to students, researchers and policymakers working on environment, law, international environmental law and development studies, as well as to legal professionals, judicial officers and NGOs.
2021-05-26 By T. R. Subramanya

Blumberg, L. and Gottlieb, R. 1989, “Saying no to mass burn,” EnvironmentalAction (January/February): 28—30. Borrelli, P. 1988, “Environmentalism at a crossroads,” in Crossroads.' Environmental Priorities for the Future, ed.

Author: George Henderson

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9780415471695

Category: Social Science

Page: 378

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Without social movements and wider struggles for progressive social change, the field of Geography would lack much of its contemporary relevance and vibrancy. Moreover, these struggles and the geographical scholarship that engages with them have changed the philosophical underpinnings of the discipline and have inflected the quest for geographical knowledge with a sense not only of urgency but also hope. This reader, intended for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate courses in Geographic Thought, is at once an analysis of Geography's theoretical and practical concerns and an encounter with grounded political struggles. This reader offers a fresh approach to learning about Geographic Thought by showing, through concrete examples and detailed editorial essays, how the discipline has been forever altered by the rise of progressive social struggles. Structured to aid student understanding, the anthology presents substantive main and part introductory essays and features more than two dozen unabridged published works by leading scholars that emphatically articulate geographic thought to progressive social change. Each section is introduced with an explanation of how the following pieces fit into the broader context of geographic work amidst the socially progressive struggles that have altered social relations in various parts of the world over the last half-century or so. Doubly, it places this work in the context of the larger goals of social struggles to frame or reframe rights, justice, and ethics. Geographic Thought provides readers with insights into the encounters between scholarship and practice and aims to prompt debates over how social and geographical knowledges arise from the context of social struggles and how these knowledges might be redirected at those contexts in constructive, evaluative ways. The reader is unique not only in knowing Geographic Thought through its progressive political attachments, instead of through a series of abstract "isms", but in gathering together salient works by geographers as well as scholars in cognate fields, such as Nancy Fraser, Chantal Mouffe, Iris Marion Young, and Jack Kloppenberg, whose own engagements have proved lasting and influential. For researchers and students interested in the connections between theoretically informed work and the possibilities for bettering people's everyday lives, this book provides an innovative and compelling argument for why Geographic Thought is valuable and necessary.

9826 No Time To Waste : A Global Environmental Agenda for the Bush Administration , Lester R. Brown , Christopher Flavin , and Sandra ... ( Conservation Foundation agenda ) 9828 Crossroads : Environmental Priorities for the Future .

Author: Michael Marien

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 0930242386

Category: Political Science

Page: 196

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1990-01-01 By Michael Marien

Crossroads : Environmental Priorities for the Future . Washington , D.C .: Island Press , 1988 . Boulding , Kenneth E. The Economy of Love and Fear : A Preface to Grants Economics . Belmont , Calif .: Wadsworth , 1973 .

Author: Donald Snow

Publisher: Island Press

ISBN: 1559630264

Category: Nature

Page: 338

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Inside the Environmental Movement presents the findings of a study conducted by The Conservation Fund of leadership development needs among U.S. conservation groups.
1992 By Donald Snow

In Crossroads : Environmental Priorities for the Future . Ed . P. Borrelli . Washington , D.C .: Island Press , pp . 3–25 . Boston , T. 1987. Race , Class and Conservatism . Boston : Unwin Hyman . Bramwell , A. 1989.

Author: Laura Pulido

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

ISBN: 0816516057

Category: Political Science

Page: 316

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Ecological causes are championed not only by lobbyists or hikers. While mainstream environmentalism is usually characterized by well-financed, highly structured organizations operating on a national scale, campaigns for environmental justice are often fought by poor or minority communities. Environmentalism and Economic Justice is one of the first books devoted to Chicano environmental issues and is a study of U.S. environmentalism in transition as seen through the contributions of people of color. It elucidates the various forces driving and shaping two important examples of environmental organizing: the 1965-71 pesticide campaign of the United Farm Workers and a grazing conflict between a Hispano cooperative and mainstream environmentalists in northern New Mexico. The UFW example is one of workers highly marginalized by racism, whose struggle--as much for identity as for a union contract--resulted in boycotts of produce at the national level. The case of the grazing cooperative Ganados del Valle, which sought access to land set aside for elk hunting, represents a subaltern group fighting the elitism of natural resource policy in an effort to pursue a pastoral lifestyle. In both instances Pulido details the ways in which racism and economic subordination create subaltern communities, and shows how these groups use available resources to mobilize and improve their social, economic, and environmental conditions. Environmentalism and Economic Justice reveals that the environmental struggles of Chicano communities do not fit the mold of mainstream environmentalism, as they combine economic, identity, and quality-of-life issues. Examination of the forces that create and shape these grassroots movements clearly demonstrates that environmentalism needs to be sensitive to local issues, economically empowering, and respectful of ethnic and cultural diversity.
1996-02 By Laura Pulido

of the Environment is at Duke Forest, where opportunities range from office administration to trail maintenance. In contrast, at AWRI at Grand ... In P. Borrelli (Ed.), Crossroads: Environmental priorities for the future (pp. 3–26).

Author: Kathryn A. Agard

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781412968867

Category: Business & Economics

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Leadership in Non-Profit Organizations tackles issues and leadership topics for those seeking to understand more about this dynamic sector of society. A major focus of this two-volume reference work is on the specific roles and skills required of the non-profit leader in voluntary organizations. Key features include: contributions from a wide range of authors who reflect the variety, vibrancy and creativity of the sector itself an overview of the history of non-profit organizations in the United States description of a robust and diverse assortment of organizations and opportunities for leadership an exploration of the nature of leadership and its complexity as exemplified in the non-profit sector availability both in print and online - this title will form part of the 2010 Encyclopedia Collection on SAGE Reference Online. The Handbook includes topics such as: personalities of non-profit leaders vision and starting a nonprofit organization nonprofit law, statutes, taxation and regulations strategic management financial management collaboration public relations for promoting a non-profit organization human resource policies and procedures.

Peter Borrelli , ed . , Crossroads : Environmental Priorities for the Future ( Washington , D.C .: Island Press , 1988 ) , p . 10 . 10. Christopher J. Bosso , “ Seizing Back the Day : The Challenge to Envi15. Environmental Defense Fund ...

Author: Philip Shabecoff

Publisher: Island Press

ISBN: 1597263354

Category: Environmentalism

Page: 224

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"He makes a compelling case that another wave of environmentalism is needed - more powerful, diverse and sophisticated, visionary and flexible. Earth Rising offers a detailed road map that can guide environmentalists toward that new and reenergized place in society."--BOOK JACKET.

... for example, or to spike trees in forests so that they cannot be cut down (Peter Borrelli, “The Ecophilosophers,” in Peter Borrelli, ed., Crossroads: Environmental Priorities for the Future (Washington, DC: Island Press, 1988). 33.

Author: Rosemary O'Leary

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136522987

Category: Law

Page: 398

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Environmental conflict resolution has been used since 1974 and an official part of policymaking since the mid-1990s. This book describes the kinds of disputes where it has been applied and critically investigates its record and potential, drawing on political science, anthropology and more.
2003-08 By Rosemary O'Leary

Brookings Institution , 1999 . Borrelli , Peter , ed . Crossroads : Environmental Priorities for the Future . Washington , D.C .: Island Press , 1988 . Bosso , Christopher J. “ Adaptation and Change in the Environmental Movement .

Author: Christopher John Bosso

Publisher: Studies in Government & Public

ISBN: UOM:39015060589788

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 216

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""To understand the environmental movement is to understand environmental organizations. And no one better understands this than Bosso. . . . His book is both important and timely."-Jeffrey M. Berry, author of The New Liberalism: The Rising Power of Citizen Groups "A must read for anyone interested in the future of our environment."-Frank R. Baumgartner, coauthor of Basic Interests: The Importance of Groups in Politics and in Political Science "An important, engaging and well-written book that's ideal for courses in environmental politics."-Robert J. Duffy, author of The Green Agenda in American Politics: New Strategies for the Twenty-First Century "A masterful study that fills a critical void in the field."-Michael E. Kraft, author of Environmental Policy and Politics." -- Publisher.