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In a secondary sense , 739 is used occasionally in the Isaianic literature ( as is the case with other creation terminology ) as a description of YHWH's saving acts in the history of Israel . " Even the announcement of impending doom ...

Author: Stefan Paas

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This exegetical study consists of a thorough discussion of creation texts in the books of Amos, Hosea and Isaiah and a critical examination of some popular views on creation in the Bible.
2003-01-01 By Stefan Paas

... represent the realm of intelligence to create and govern; the face of the lion, the majesty of God's creation; ... service that creation returns to him; and the face of an eagle, swiftness to see and bring judgment where needed.

Author: Roger W. Carter

Publisher: WestBow Press

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Carl Sagan, a prominent American astrophysicist and philosopher said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.” The Bible does just that! The Scriptures are self revealing, self interpreting and self dramatic. Questions about the origin and foundation of the universe and the earth continue to confound the paleontologist, the astrophysicist, and even the theologian. While many mysteries of the universe are being progressively unlocked in our age of technological advances and discoveries, questions begging definitive resolutions still remain unanswered. Such questions posed are: Why and how did the dinosaur become extinct? What became of Eden, the garden of God? Did Atlantis really exist and how was it destroyed? What is the newest planet in our solar system and where did it come from? Surprisingly, definitive resolutions to these questions and more are contained within the pages of the Bible in ofttimes dramatic detail, translated into all languages. Only through divine inspiration can the extraordinary information penned by the prophets of old confirm the many wonders of the universe and the world that have come to light in our modern age of scientific exploration and discovery. “God frustrates the tokens of the liars, and makes diviners mad; that turns wise men backward and makes their knowledge foolish” ( Isaiah 44:25 ).
2011-02-03 By Roger W. Carter



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The universe (creations) that are perceived by the senses of human beings are Shifath-Asma (character) and the Wujud which is invisible and appears to be opposite to the character is the object. Character cannot be separate from object.

Author: M.S.M Abdullah (Rah)

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The Spiritual Leader explains with copious evidence the views held by other religions too that the truth "La Ilaha Illallah", that being the lifeline of Tawheed and that there is no Ilah (creation) but Allah. He has thrown a challenge to anyone who can disprove this truth offering a handsome reward. Until now no one has come forward to take up his challenge. Allah is an arbitrary name and it does not point to something static or stationery. This name denotes something beyond time and space and the reach of human knowledge and has manifested as the whole universe. If one becomes aware of this truth, peace and tranquility will be eternal in his heart and mind.

No use of this concept is possible except its use for practical Reason according to moral laws; and the final purpose of creation is that constitution of the world which harmonises with that which alone we can put forward definitely ...

Author: J.H Bernard

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Reproduction of the original: Kant's Critique of Judgement by J.H Bernard
2020-08-03 By J.H Bernard

... of justice and truth , but only towards judgement according to the ancient formula processus judicii , which is valid even when unjust . Kafka ' s The Trial , in fact , is completely about a creation of judgement , up to ...

Author: Daniela Carpi


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2007 By Daniela Carpi

cessors . these words do not refer to the creation of another universe more magnificent than this we now inhabit , but to the creation of a new condition of internal life and duty among mankind . This , of course , implies the bringing ...

Author: Elias de la Roche RENDELL


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CHAPTER I. 2 It will utterly consume all things chers T God's severe judgement against Judah for divers from off of the ... All this shall be fulfilled in the Day of speaks of as created on the sixth day , and the creation of Judgement ...

Author: Edward Bouverie Pusey


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creation and judgement . This will be dealt with more fully in the last section of this chapter . We have already spoken of salvation as an instance of a continuing work of creation . In this combination of creation and judgement there ...

Author: Gustaf Aulén

Publisher: Philadelphia : Fortress Press

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"God-talk" occupies a central position in our theological forum today. Gustaf Aulén turns to the problems raised by modern attempts to talk about God and offers a new perspective on the concerns expressed in such books as Honest to God. Because God reveals himself primarily through symbols, Aulén says, symbolic language is the mother tongue of faith. In The Drama and the Symbols, the author focuses on the central Christian image of God and the language used to express it.
1970 By Gustaf Aulén

Author: Francis Henry Edwards


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1975-01-01 By Francis Henry Edwards