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This book represents a new standard in the field of employment services scholarship; authors from around the world, all experts in the field, draw on a much longer intellectual legacy, in particular New Public Management; social policy; ...

Author: Siobhan O'Sullivan

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119016496

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"Originally published as Volume 48, Issue 2 of Social Policy & Administration."
2015-02-23 By Siobhan O'Sullivan

Social Service Block Grant , under the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981. One of the changed provisions included the elimination of the state matching requirement . For an overview of the Reagan administration's approach to the ...

Author: Ruth H. De Hoog

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0873958942

Category: Political Science

Page: 186

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Contracting out for services has become a popular technique in government’s perennial quest to cut spending. Yet seldom has the practice been examined from any but the public choice approach. This book explores contracting out in the important area of human services, covering the critical conditions of contracting and the vital points of politics, procedures, service quality, and effectiveness. In doing so, DeHoog uses three theoretical perspectives drawn from social science traditions: the economic perspective of market imperfections, the political perspective of cooptation, and the interdisciplinary perspective of organizational decision-making. To evaluate the perspectives and their predictions in the human services, DeHoog has examined contracting in social services (Title XX) and employment and training programs, (CETA), primarily through in-depth interviews with participants.
1984-01-01 By Ruth H. De Hoog

This paper contains findings from a systematic review of literature on the contracting out of welfare to work services in the USA . It reflects , in particular , on the experience of Wisconsin and New York City since 1996.

Author: Dan Finn


ISBN: STANFORD:36105132425179

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"There has been no comprehensive evaluation of the impacts of contracting out welfare to work in the USA. This literature review explores survey and case study evidence published by various policy institutes and academics and from the reports of various audit, oversight and regulatory authorities. A number of key lessons can be drawn from this research regarding contracting out welfare to work provision."--DWP website.
2007 By Dan Finn

CONTRACTING OUT OF SOCIAL SERVICES ABSTRACT: Contracting out of social services is defined as the purchase of services by government agencies from for-profit and nonprofit organizations. It has a long history beginning with the English ...

Author: Terry Mizrahi


ISBN: 9780195306613

Category: Social service


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Conveys the breadth and depth of the social work profession's collective expertise, formulated and written by social workers from many backgrounds and competencies.
2008 By Terry Mizrahi

UF Contract services Contracting for services Outsourcing Services , Contracting for BT Letting of contracts RT ... Management — Contracting out Social service - Contracting out Technical services ( Libraries ) Contracting out Threshing ...

Author: Library of Congress


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government welfare agencies of targeting service benefits to those most in need . In 1983 , over $ 1 billion in local public services were provided by such voluntary nonprofit groups . Contracting out social services is most common in ...

Author: Dudek & Company


ISBN: STANFORD:36105119645963

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1989 By Dudek & Company

Various arguments exist about the benefits and problems of contracting out social services. Knapp et al. (2001) pointed out that contracting out policy in the UK helped the government to achieve social, political and economic objectives ...

Author: Ka Ho Mok

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789811695315

Category: Business & Economics

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This book examines critically how the Chinese government has proactively engaged the nine cities and two special administrative regions in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) in Southern China for deeper collaborations in order to transform the country from the “World Factory” to become a leading world economy in innovation and entrepreneurialism. While most of the existing research related to China’s GBA development offers the economic and technological advancement perspectives, this book focuses on critical reflections upon how the call for megacity development and deeper regional collaborations in the Bay Area will affect people’s livelihoods, social integration and urban governance. The central theme of this book builds around “Cities, Social Cohesion and Governance.” Based upon policy and document analysis, first-hand fieldwork and surveys, and intensive interviews with major stakeholders responsible for pushing the Greater Bay Area development, this book offers not only regional perspectives in analyzing the Greater Bay Area development through comparing and contrasting development experiences within the country’s different bay economies like the Shanghai and Zhejiang Bay Area and Beijing and Bohai Bay Area. The present book also draws comparative and international insights from other well- established bay economies like Tokyo Bay, Florida Bay and New York Bay Areas when analyzing the development in the GBA in China.
2022-05-13 By Ka Ho Mok

The experience of contracting out social services in Michigan illustrates the problem . In quick order , the evaluation of services and the interpretation of the " needs " of client beneficiaries became heavily influenced by providers .

Author: Paul Seidenstat

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0275965422

Category: Law

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Analyzes contracting out, the most widely used method of privatization, through the prism of economics.
1999 By Paul Seidenstat

government welfare agencies of targeting service benefits to those most in need . In 1983 , over $ 1 billion in local public services were provided by such voluntary nonprofit groups . Contracting out social services is most common in ...



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1988 By

... of welfare state transformation , 23 privatization and contracting out , 104 , 109 targeted benefits , 137 , 143 , 146 workfare policies , 61 , 62 , 64 , 65 organized labor , 116–17 out - of - wedlock births , 68 outsourcing .

Author: Neil Gilbert

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 019517657X

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Same time, the glaring systemic deficiencies of extant welfare systems-and the psychological toll of welfare dependency--became increasingly apparent, even to welfare's supporters.
2004 By Neil Gilbert