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This book is an attempt to help all researchers to get into the sport more quickly. The book is also intended to help students of computer science to recognize how computational intelligence algorithms could be applied in solving the ...

Author: Iztok Fister

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783030034900

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 277

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This book presents recent research on computational intelligence (CI) algorithms in the field of sport. In the modern age, information technologies have greatly reduced the need for human effort in the carrying out of many daily tasks. These technologies have radically influenced the lives of humans, and the information society in general. Unfortunately, these advances have brought with them certain negative effects, including the encouragement of sedentary lifestyles and the attendant health problems such as obesity that these engender. Other modern maladies, chiefly cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer, have also been on the increase. Today, sports are virtually the only activity that still connects modern humans to their original lifestyle, which was based on physical motion. This book tears familiarizing sports scientists with the foundations of computational intelligence, while at the same time presenting the problems that have arisen in the training domain to computer scientists. Lastly, the book proposes the use of an Artificial Sports Trainer designed to enhance the training of modern athletes who cannot afford the considerable expense of hiring a human personal trainer. This intelligent system can monitor performance and design and direct appropriate future training, thus promoting both healthy lifestyles and competitive success in athletes.
2018-12-17 By Iztok Fister

Effects of a high-intensity swim test on kinematic parameters in high-level athletes. Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, 31(2), 150–158. doi:10.1139/h05–012. Bacic, B., & Hume, P. A. (2018). Computational intelligence for ...

Author: Duarte Araújo

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000380156

Category: Medical

Page: 196

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To understand the dynamic patterns of behaviours and interactions between athletes that characterize successful performance in different sports is an important challenge for all sport practitioners. This book guides the reader in understanding how an ecological dynamics framework for use of artificial intelligence (AI) can be implemented to interpret sport performance and the design of practice contexts. By examining how AI methodologies are utilized in team games, such as football, as well as in individual sports, such as golf and climbing, this book provides a better understanding of the kinematic and physiological indicators that might better capture athletic performance by looking at the current state-of-the-art AI approaches. Artificial Intelligence in Sport Performance Analysis provides an all-encompassing perspective in an innovative approach that signals practical applications for both academics and practitioners in the fields of coaching, sports analysis, and sport science, as well as related subjects such as engineering, computer and data science, and statistics.
2021-04-21 By Duarte Araújo

Proceedings of the Fourth INNS Symposia Series on Computational Intelligence in Information Systems (INNS-CIIS 2014) Somnuk Phon-Amnuaisuk, Thien Wan Au. Advances in Sports Informatics Research Martin Sykora1, Paul Wai Hing Chung2, ...

Author: Somnuk Phon-Amnuaisuk

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319131535

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 362

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Fourth International Neural Network Symposia series on Computational Intelligence in Information Systems, INNS-CIIS 2014, held in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei in November 2014. INNS-CIIS aims to provide a platform for researchers to exchange the latest ideas and present the most current research advances in general areas related to computational intelligence and its applications in various domains. The 34 revised full papers presented in this book have been carefully reviewed and selected from 72 submissions. They cover a wide range of topics and application areas in computational intelligence and informatics.
2014-11-06 By Somnuk Phon-Amnuaisuk

The policy and research in sports tourism is having important aspects for attracting the tourist. ... There are many intelligent approaches such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data and data mining is the best ...

Author: Asit Kumar Das

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789811930898

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 665

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This book features high-quality research papers presented at the 4th International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Pattern Recognition (CIPR 2022), held at Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, Howrah, West Bengal, India, during 23 – 24 April 2022. It includes practical development experiences in various areas of data analysis and pattern recognition, focusing on soft computing technologies, clustering and classification algorithms, rough set and fuzzy set theory, evolutionary computations, neural science and neural network systems, image processing, combinatorial pattern matching, social network analysis, audio and video data analysis, data mining in dynamic environments, bioinformatics, hybrid computing, big data analytics and deep learning. It also provides innovative solutions to the challenges in these areas and discusses recent developments.
2022-06-20 By Asit Kumar Das

Bunker, R.P., Thabtah, F.: A machine learning framework for sport result prediction. Appl. Comput. Inform. (2017) 3. ... McCabe, A., Trevathan, J.: Artificial intelligence in sports prediction. In: 2008 Fifth International Conference on ...

Author: Himansu Sekhar Behera

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789811386763

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 801

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This proceeding discuss the latest solutions, scientific findings and methods for solving intriguing problems in the fields of data mining, computational intelligence, big data analytics, and soft computing. This gathers outstanding papers from the fifth International Conference on “Computational Intelligence in Data Mining” (ICCIDM), and offer a “sneak preview” of the strengths and weaknesses of trending applications, together with exciting advances in computational intelligence, data mining, and related fields.
2019-08-17 By Himansu Sekhar Behera

5 Conclusion The trend of applying artificial intelligence in the sports field has already formed. In the near future, artificial intelligence will definitely penetrate into all aspects of the sports field. Artificial intelligence ...

Author: Jemal H. Abawajy

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030539801

Category: Computers

Page: 1144

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This book presents innovative ideas, cutting-edge findings, and novel techniques, methods, and applications in a broad range of cybersecurity and cyberthreat intelligence areas. As our society becomes smarter, there is a corresponding need to secure our cyberfuture. The book describes approaches and findings that are of interest to business professionals and governments seeking to secure our data and underpin infrastructures, as well as to individual users.
2020-08-12 By Jemal H. Abawajy

Genetic Programming is an automatic programming technique that favors the evolution of computer programs that solve (or ... (2015) that presented the challenges and opportunities within the area of computational intelligence in sports.

Author: Debmalya Barh

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780128173381

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 544

View: 455

Artificial Intelligence in Precision Health: From Concept to Applications provides a readily available resource to understand artificial intelligence and its real time applications in precision medicine in practice. Written by experts from different countries and with diverse background, the content encompasses accessible knowledge easily understandable for non-specialists in computer sciences. The book discusses topics such as cognitive computing and emotional intelligence, big data analysis, clinical decision support systems, deep learning, personal omics, digital health, predictive models, prediction of epidemics, drug discovery, precision nutrition and fitness. Additionally, there is a section dedicated to discuss and analyze AI products related to precision healthcare already available. This book is a valuable source for clinicians, healthcare workers, and researchers from diverse areas of biomedical field who may or may not have computational background and want to learn more about the innovative field of artificial intelligence for precision health. Provides computational approaches used in artificial intelligence easily understandable for non-computer specialists Gives know-how and real successful cases of artificial intelligence approaches in predictive models, modeling disease physiology, and public health surveillance Discusses the applicability of AI on multiple areas, such as drug discovery, clinical trials, radiology, surgery, patient care and clinical decision support
2020-03-04 By Debmalya Barh

Lai, D., Begg, R. and Palaniswami, M. (2009) 'Computational intelligence in gait research: A perspective on current ... Novatchkov, H. and Baca, A. (2013a) 'Artificial intelligence in sports on the example of weight training', ...

Author: Arnold Baca

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134711222

Category: Computers

Page: 236

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Computers are a fundamentally important tool in sport science research, sports performance analysis and, increasingly, in coaching and education programmes in sport. This book defines the field of ‘sport informatics’, explaining how computer science can be used to solve sport-related problems, in both research and applied aspects. Beginning with a clear explanation of the functional principles of hardware and software, the book examines the key functional areas in which computer science is employed in sport, including: knowledge discovery and database development data acquisition, including devices for measuring performance data motion tracking and analysis systems modelling and simulation match analysis systems e-learning and multimedia in sports education Bridging the gap between theory and practice, this book is important reading for any student, researcher or practitioner working in sport science, sport performance analysis, research methods in sport, applied computer science or informatics.
2014-10-03 By Arnold Baca

Sports Twitter data could be extremely valuable if it were combined with other sports-related data like historical team performance and current team injuries. Relating sentiment or emotional artificial intelligence (AI) to sports, ...

Author: Rajshree Srivastava

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110649277

Category: Computers

Page: 346

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This book presents a variety of techniques designed to enhance and empower multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional machine learning research in healthcare informatics. It is intended to provide a unique compendium of current and emerging machine learning paradigms for healthcare informatics, reflecting the diversity, complexity, and depth and breadth of this multi-disciplinary area.
2020-06-22 By Rajshree Srivastava

5 Conclusions Based on the ''IoT plus'' and artificial intelligence technology, this paper designs a swimming attitude measurement system based on ... Fister, I., Suganthan, P.N., Fister, I.: Computational intelligence in sports.

Author: Mohammed Atiquzzaman

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789813345720

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1830

View: 109

This book gathers a selection of peer-reviewed papers presented at the second Big Data Analytics for Cyber-Physical System in Smart City (BDCPS 2020) conference, held in Shanghai, China, on 28–29 December 2020. The contributions, prepared by an international team of scientists and engineers, cover the latest advances made in the field of machine learning, and big data analytics methods and approaches for the data-driven co-design of communication, computing, and control for smart cities. Given its scope, it offers a valuable resource for all researchers and professionals interested in big data, smart cities, and cyber-physical systems.
2020-12-17 By Mohammed Atiquzzaman