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Global shift: Mapping the changing contours of the world economy. Sage Publications Ltd. Djongoue, G. (2007). Fiabilité de l'Information Comptable et Gouvernance d'Entreprise: Une Analyse de l'Audit Légal dans les Entreprises ...

Author: Al-Shammari, Minwir

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Societal demands, needs, and perspectives of ethical and socially responsible behavior within business environments are a driving force for corporate self-regulation. As such, executives must consistently work to understand the current definition of ethical business behavior and strive to meet the expectations of the cultures and communities they serve. Ethical and Social Perspectives on Global Business Interaction in Emerging Markets compiles current research relating to business ethics within developing markets around the world. This timely publication features research on topics essential to remaining competitive in the modern global marketplace, such as corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, consumer behavior understanding, and ethical leadership, and how all of these components attribute to the decision making process in business environments. Business executives and managers, graduate-level students, and academics will find this publication to be essential to their research, professional, and educational needs.
2016-02-10 By Al-Shammari, Minwir

International and Critical Perspectives on Accounting Didier Bensadon, Nicolas Praquin ... Spring. Capron M (ed) (2005) Les normes comptables internationales, instruments du capitalisme financier.

Author: Didier Bensadon

Publisher: Springer

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This book, dedicated to Prof. Jacques Richard, is about the economic, political, social and even environmental consequences of setting accounting standards, with emphasis on those that are alleged to be precipitated by the adoption and implementation of IFRS. The authors offer their reasoned critiques of the effectiveness of IFRS in promoting genuine global comparability of financial reporting. The editors of this collection have invited authors from 17 countries, so that a great variety of accounting, auditing and regulatory cultures, and educational perspectives, is amply on display in their essays.
2016-05-13 By Didier Bensadon

A strategic perspective: global and Switzerland', accessed 12 February 2018 at ... 'Comptabilité nationale, de 1995 à 2014. Analyse du secteur financier au sein des comptes nationaux suisses', Actualités OFS, accessed on 9 May 2017 at ...

Author: Hans Landström

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Crowdfunding is a hot topic and this Handbook provides a service to the research community by codifying, discussing and examining research in this area. It will be a starting point for researchers seeking high quality research in this new and important area.
2019 By Hans Landström

De leur côté , les employés doivent se tenir au courant de l'évolution des domaines comptable et financier en lisant ... Perspective globale Que recherchent les entreprises qui recrutent des spécialistes de la comptabilité ?



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5 To refer back to a note quoted earlier, financier education could learn as much from Merton senior (1948) ('The self-fulfilling ... 'Une analyse e ́conomique de la “juste valeur”: la comptabilite ́ comme vecteur de crise' (Prisme no.

Author: William Sun

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Over the last two decades there has been a notable increase in the number of corporate governance codes and principles, as well as a range of improvements in structures and mechanisms. Despite this, corporate governance failed to prevent a widespread default of fiduciary duties of corporate boards and managerial responsibilities in the finance industry, which contributed to the 2007–10 global financial crisis. This book brings together leading scholars from North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East to provide fresh and critical analytical insights on the systemic failures of corporate governance linked to the global financial crisis. Contributors draw from a range of disciplines to demonstrate the severe limitations of the dominant corporate governance framework and its associated market-oriented approach. They provide suggestions on how the governance problems could be tackled to prevent or mitigate any future financial crisis and explore new directions for post-crisis corporate governance research and reforms.
2011-07-21 By William Sun

... des affi- comité de comptabilité et de vérification de " certains principes généraux influenches proclament " BIG BROTHER VOUS des ... le " novlangue " , structuré comité s'est d'abord penché sur les pa- perspectives économiques .



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Author: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada


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“Performance Comparison Projects in Local Governments: Participants' Perspective. ... Comptabilité Contrôle Audit 5 (1): 416–24. Bouquin, H. 1991. Le Contrôle de Gestion. ... In Analyse Financière des Collectivités Locales. Paris: PUF.

Author: Catherine D. Farvacque-Vitkovic

Publisher: World Bank Publications

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Desde Detroit hasta Lahore, la mayoría de las ciudades del mundo enfrentan problemas financieros, y aun así se espera que lleven a cabo sus funciones cada vez más complejas. Finanzas municipales - Manual para los gobiernos locales toma partido. Se pone del lado de los alcaldes y de los responsables de los asuntos municipales. Son escasas las publicaciones sobre este tema dirigidas tan directa y pragmáticamente a las autoridades decisorias y al personal financiero a nivel local. El contenido y los mensajes principales procuran responder a las inquietudes y a las cuestiones que enfrentan diariamente las ciudades y los municipios en la administración de sus finanzas. Finanzas municipales - Manual para los gobiernos locales asume una posición. En ocho capítulos, en esta obra se pasa revista a las lecciones aprendidas sobre relaciones intergubernamentales; finanzas de las áreas metropolitanas; gestión financiera, de los ingresos, de los gastos y de los activos públicos; financiamiento externo, y medición del desempeño de las finanzas municipales. Abarca temas tales como la descentralización, la transparencia y la rendición de cuentas, y aborda temas menos explorados como la gestión de activos, la capacidad crediticia, la respuesta frente a crisis financieras y los mecanismos de presentación de informes a los diversos niveles de gobierno y a la ciudadanía. Finanzas municipales - Manual para los gobiernos locales hace un llamado a la acción. No solo aporta conocimientos de avanzada en muchas cuestiones técnicas, sino que también guía a los gobiernos locales en el laberinto de los instrumentos existentes. En particular, la autoevaluación de las finanzas municipales que se propone en el capítulo 8 debería ayudar a los municipios a evaluar su propia situación y a avanzar en la senda de las reformas.

CNC (1987), Avis relatÿ' au traitement eomptable des logiciels, Conseil National de la Comptabilité (National Council of ... Butterworth—Heinemann. de Frutos, (1992), 'Goodwill and brand names', Analyse Financière, 4th quarter: 4241-4.

Author: Ahmed Bounfour

Publisher: Psychology Press

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The subject of Intangibles and knowledge management is becoming increasingly significant, particularly in the realms of finance, marketing and strategy. Intangibles are the nebulous but vital aspects of companies, for example, R&D, knowledge creation, corporate identity and marketing and advertising expenditures, which are now unanimously considered to be the most important factors in the strategic positioning of organisations today. This comprehensive volume provides an integrated and original approach to intangible resource management and an evaluation of their contribution to the establishment of competitive advantage in the market place.
2003 By Ahmed Bounfour

Son analyse, au niveau global où elle se tient, n'est évidemment pas très affinée, et il y aurait lieu de l'approfondir à l'aide du tableau d'échanges inter-industriels d'une part, et dans la perspective de la croissance, d'autre part.

Author: Henri Savall

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This book is written in the french language. Henri Savall gives his insight on the economic crises in organizations.
2012-04-01 By Henri Savall