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The new , revised , and updated edition of Color Design Workbook invites readers to explore color through the language of professionals . Part of Rockport's Workbook series , this essential text illustrates the fundamentals of graphic ...

Author: Sean Adams

Publisher: Rockport Publishers

ISBN: 9781631594106

Category: Design

Page: 240

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From the meanings behind colors to working with color in presentations, Color Design Workbook provides you with the information needed to effectively apply color to design work. Since color is such an important part of graphic design, designers need the most up-to-date, as well as the most fundamental, information on the subject to have the tools needed to use color effectively. The Color Design Workbook, New, Revised Edition explains the meanings behind colors, working with color in presentations, and loads more. This guide book provides you with the vital information needed to creatively and effectively apply color to your own design work. You will also receive guidance on talking with clients about color and selling color ideas, and you'll also learn the science behind color theory. Case studies are included to show the effects some color choices had on both their clients and consumers. So why wait any longer? Become a color expert now!
2017-06-01 By Sean Adams

NEW , REVISED EDITION COLOR DESIGN WORKBOOK A REAL - WORLD CUIDE TO USING COLOR IN GRAPHIC DESIGN SEAN ADAMS TU TERSEY LEE STONE Cullen's approach begins with a series of step - by - step chapters - a layout how - to - addressing topics ...

Author: Dennis Puhalla

Publisher: Rockport Publishers

ISBN: 9781631594984

Category: Design

Page: 240

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Layout Workbook is one of five volumes in Rockport's series of practical and inspirational workbooks that cover the fundamental areas of the graphic design business. In the original, 2005 edition, author Kristin Cullen tackled the often perplexing job of nailing down a layout that works. In the new edition, with a new cover and new look, Dennis Puhalla (author of Rockport's Design Elements: Form and Space) will refresh and update the text, case studies, and imagery. More than a collection of great examples of layout, this book is an invaluable resource for students, designers, and creative professionals who seek design understanding and inspiration. The book illuminates the broad category of layout, communicating specifically what it takes to design with excellence. It also addresses the heart of design-the how and why of the creative process. In Layout Workbook, the subject is approached with a series of step-by-step fundamental chapters (a "how-to" of layout) addressing topics such as The Function of Design, Inspiration, The Design Process, Intuition, Structure and Organization, The Interaction of Visual Elements, Typography, and Design Analysis. The book offers inspirational quotations and a unique, progressive design that truly reflects its content.
2018-06-26 By Dennis Puhalla

Expert Color Information for Professional Results Leatrice Eiseman. ALSO. AVAILABLE. Color Design Workbook: New, Revised Edition Design Elements, Color A Real-World Guide to Using Color in Graphic Design Fundamentals A Graphic Style ...

Author: Leatrice Eiseman

Publisher: Rockport Publishers

ISBN: 9781631594441

Category: Art

Page: 216

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The Complete Color Harmony: Pantone Edition is the latest in Rockport Publishers' best-selling color series. Completely revised from start to finish this new edition, is written by Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. And the color "moods" that she writes about in each chapter are based and matched with Pantone colors. The book expands on previous editions for the most comprehensive color reference to date. This edition includes information on creating special effects, as well as an entirely new section devoted to the psychology of color. Eiseman helps readers determine their best color choices and suggests why some colors may inspire their creativity while others don't. The book includes new color palette sections along with expanded and updated color trends.
2017-09-01 By Leatrice Eiseman

Everything Interior Designers Need to Know Every Day Chris Grimley, Mimi Love. Bathrooms: Simply Add Water, Illustrated ed. ... Johannes Itten; John Wiley & Sons, 1997 Color Design Workbook: New, Revised Edition: A Real World Guide to ...

Author: Chris Grimley

Publisher: Rockport Publishers Incorporated

ISBN: 9781631593802

Category: Art

Page: 288

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"The original edition of this book, Color, Space, and Style, was published by Rockport Publishers in 2007"--Preliminary page.
2018-01-09 By Chris Grimley

In this revised edition of The Language of Graphic Design, author/designer Richard Poulin expands his exploration of the ... Workbook Revised and Updated 978-1-631159–234-3 978-1-63159–497-7 Color Design Workbook, New Revised Edition A ...

Author: Richard Poulin

Publisher: Rockport Publishers

ISBN: 9781631596179

Category: Design

Page: 296

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The Language of Graphic Design provides design students and practitioners with an in-depth understanding of the fundamental elements and principles of their language, graphic design: what they are, why they are important, and how to use them effectively. To communicate in a new language, you first have to gain a complete understanding of its fundamentals; the ABC’s of that language—definitions, functions, and usage. This book provides provides just these fundamentals for the language of graphic design, including chapters on symmetry, asymmetry, tone, contrast, proportion, and typography. Organized by the building blocks of the graphic design language, this reference includes work by some of the most successful and renowned practitioners from around the world and explains how they have applied these fundamental principles to their work. By examining both student and professional work, this comprehensive handbook is a more meaningful, memorable, and inspiring reference tool for novice design students, as well as young designers starting their careers.
2018-10-02 By Richard Poulin

... more than a decade of active use by practitioners , design educators , and students around the world . Also Available : Making and Breaking the Grid , Second Edition 978-1-63159-284-3 Color Design Workbook : New , Revised Edition ...

Author: Jenn Visocky O'Grady

Publisher: Rockport Publishers

ISBN: 9781631594304

Category: Design

Page: 208

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Good information gives designers a competitive advantage. Understanding the wishes of a client and the needs and preferences of their audience drives innovation. The ability to gather research, analyze findings, and apply them to project goals is as important to successful design teams as their conceptual and aesthetic skills. This essential handbook will help readers understand what design research is and why it is necessary, outline proven techniques and methods, and explain how to incorporate them into any creative process. A Designer’s Research Manual was one of the first books to apply research practices to the benefit of visual communication designers. This long awaited second edition follows more than a decade of active use by practitioners, design educators, and students around the world. Comprehensively updated, A Designer's Research Manual second edition includes: Over 25 proven research strategies and tactics Added content about planning research, analyzing results, and integrating research into the design process Suggestions for scaling research for any project, timeline, or budget All new in-depth case studies from industry leaders, outlining strategy and impact Updated images, illustrations, and visualizations Quick Tips for rapid integration of research concepts into your practice
2017-07-01 By Jenn Visocky O'Grady

Color Design Workbook: New, Revised Edition: a Real-World Guide to Using Color in Graphic Design. Beverly, MA: Rockport Publishers, 2017. Airbnb.Design. Another Lens. Airbnb.Design. Airbnb, 2019.

Author: Renée Stevens

Publisher: Rocky Nook, Inc.

ISBN: 9781681986005

Category: Art

Page: 240

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The design industry has evolved rapidly over the past decade. Effective and successful designers no longer need to just “make things,” they need to be curious thinkers who understand how to solve problems that have a true impact on the world we live in and how to show the power of designing for social good. Now more than ever, the graphic design industry needs a book that teaches the foundations and theories of design while simultaneously speaking to the topics of history, ethics, and accessibility in order to make designs that are the most effective for all people.

In Powered by Design, educator, designer, and public speaker Renee Stevens brings a truly up to date and thoughtful approach to an introduction to graphic design. As Assistant Professor at the S.I. Newhouse School of Communication at Syracuse University, Stevens created this book to be at home equally in academia and outside of the school setting. With a conversational and approachable tone, Stevens’ book is for anyone who wants to gain a more practical understanding of what graphic design is today, and the power and potential it has: from students to novice graphic designers to anyone who wants to build a solid foundation of design skills so that they can work more effectively with professional designers. Stevens covers topics such as:

    • Choosing the right typeface
    • Hierarchy and visual weight
    • Creating design systems
    • Balancing tension
    • Visualizing data
    • Understanding color and mood
    • Defining a story structure
    • User testing and critique
    • Immersive design (designing for all the senses)
    • Determining when a design is finished
    • How to make a living with design

Woven throughout is the crucial idea that you must embrace empathy in everything you design in order to create work that is the most inclusive. Design has the power and potential to make real impact in our everyday lives, and this book will show you how to do that starting with your first design experience.

2020-03-20 By Renée Stevens

Second Edition, Revised and Expanded Ellen Lupton, Jennifer Cole Phillips ... Graphic Design Basics. New York: Holt Rinehart and Winston, 1988. ... Color Design Workbook: A Real-World Guide to Using Color in Graphic Design.

Author: Ellen Lupton

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 9781616894559

Category: Design

Page: 264

View: 187

Our bestselling introduction to graphic design is now available in a revised and updated edition. In Graphic Design: The New Basics, bestselling author Ellen Lupton (Thinking with Type, Type on Screen) and design educator Jennifer Cole Phillips explain the key concepts of visual language that inform any work of design, from logo or letterhead to a complex website. Through visual demonstrations and concise commentary, students and professionals explore the formal elements of twodimensional design, such as point, line, plane, scale, hierarchy, layers, and transparency. This revised edition replaces sixty-four pages of the original publication with new content, including new chapters on visualizing data, typography, modes of representation, and Gestalt principles, and adds sixteen pages of new student and professional work covering such topics as working with grids and designing with color.
2015-07-14 By Ellen Lupton

Agoston, George (1979), Color Theory and Its Application in Art and Design. Berlin & New York: Springer. Revised edition 1987. Albers, Josef (1963), Interaction of Color. New Haven CT: Yale University Press.

Author: Roy Osborne


ISBN: 9781326639013

Category: Art

Page: 118

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?Color Influencing Form? offers a compact, comprehensive and inexpensive coursebook for the study of color in art and design. In 35,000 words it methodically covers all basic color theory for visual artists and designers, including relationships between light sources, surfaces and vision, visual illusions, and symbolic and functional aspects of color. It further proposes how color can be examined creatively in relation to the perception of form, including figure-ground division, contour, tone and texture, opacity and transparency, spatial ambiguity, and perspective of color, detail, size, and shape.
2016-05-28 By Roy Osborne