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The Cooking time of your pasta Will Vary according to the brand and the type of pasta, but the basic rule of thumb When Cooking pasta in your thermal cooker ...

Author: Catherine Proctor

Publisher: Woodslane Press

ISBN: 9781925868241

Category: Cooking

Page: 240

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From roasts to rissoles, salads to savouries and dampers to deserts, The Caravan & Campervan Cookbook ​will help bring a tempting new twist to your travel cooking. The easy and tempting recipes have all been planned for simplicity as well as good eating, using basic ingredients that are readily available Australia-wide - and all road tested by the authors in the great outdoors. Many of the recipes are illustrated in full colour as are many of the techniques and equipment the authors use whilst out on the road. The Caravan & Campervan Cookbook also goes further than your usual recipe book with details on the different types of travel cooking gear, advice on menu planning and hints on what to keep as regular stock.
2019-07-01 By Catherine Proctor

Caravanning holidays allow you to forage for local produce, shopping for ingredients for dinner from farm shops and markets. This book invites you to create a variety of delicious recipes using these fresh, natural and local ingredients.

Author: Monica Rivron

Publisher: Pavilion

ISBN: 1911624717

Category: Cooking

Page: 160

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A book of delicious, easy-to-make recipes in the great outdoors. Food is often one of the most enjoyable elements of a holiday, but nobody wants to spend hours slaving in a hot, micro-kitchen with limited supplies. Caravan Cookbook offers the solution to dining on days out with delicious, uncomplicated and simple to prepare recipes that will satisfy family and friends. Discover holiday moments around the table and evenings spent under the stars, and take time to enjoy your caravanning adventure. Caravanning holidays allow you to forage for local produce, shopping for ingredients for dinner from farm shops and markets. This book invites you to create a variety of delicious recipes using these fresh, natural and local ingredients. It also offers advice on caravan cupboard essentials for when you find yourself a little off the beaten track! Treat yourself to cider chicken or sesame salmon with edamame beans before dishing up honeycomb pudding with lemon cream or perhaps even challenge yourself to the caravan crumble. Without having to simplify or cut corners on ingredients, Caravan Cookbook shows you inventive ways to utilise your caravan kitchen and create the perfect holiday menu.
2019-06-06 By Monica Rivron

From roasts to rissoles, salads to savouries and dampers to deserts, The Caravan & Campervan Cookbook ​will help bring a tempting new twist to your travel cooking.

Author: Cathy Proctor

Publisher: Woodslane Press

ISBN: 1922131547


Page: 240

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From roasts to rissoles, salads to savouries and dampers to deserts, The Caravan & Campervan Cookbook âe
2019-05-05 By Cathy Proctor

Each hut has basic cooking utensils , crockery and cutlery . Fourteen caravan and camping sites with communal ablution facilities are available .



ISBN: STANFORD:36105111628652

Category: Africa, Southern

Page: 120

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A guide to the caravan parks of South Africa, providing information on facilities available at hundreds of establishments. The main section lists establishments according to geographical location, and the index lists the establishments in alphabetical order with their telephone numbers. Each entry gives details of facilities and services offered, as well as places of interest and recreational amenities in the vicinity.
1999 By

Delicious, easy-to-make recipes in the great outdoors Monica Rivron ... In a large frying pan, heat the oil and cook the onions for 2 minutes.

Author: Monica Rivron

Publisher: Pavilion

ISBN: 9781911641711

Category: Cooking

Page: 160

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Caravan converts, the Rivron family (as seen on BBC s Masterchef), have been visiting their caravan for over a decade. In the process, Monica, a trained chef, together with her husband Rowland and their family have become experts in producing all manner of gourmet delights in a caravan kitchen.
2020-07-10 By Monica Rivron

In a caravan, a cooking team was the most basic logistics unit. A team cooking and eating together was therefore called a guo (), meaning a cooking pan.

Author: Oh Su-Ann

Publisher: ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute

ISBN: 9789814695763

Category: Social Science

Page: 398

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This edited volume adds to the literature on Myanmar and its borders by drawing attention to the significance of geography, history, politics and society in the construction of the border regions and the country. First, it alerts us to the fact that the border regions are situated in the mountainous and maritime domains of the country, highlighting the commonalities that arise from shared geography. Second, the book foregrounds socio-spatio practices — economic, intimate, spiritual, virtual — of border and boundary-making in their local context. This demonstrates how state-defined notions of territory, borders and identity are enacted or challenged. Third, despite sharing common features, Myanmar’s borderscapes also possess unique configurations of ethnic, political and economic attributes, producing social formations and figured worlds that are more cohesive or militant in some border areas than in others. Understanding and comparing these social practices and their corresponding life-worlds allows us to re-examine the connections from the borderlands back to the hinterland and to consider the value of border and boundary studies in problematizing and conceptualizing recent changes in Myanmar. “This ambitious project combines sophisticated theorization of boundary-making as a form of social practice and empirical studies of Myanmar’s heterogeneous borderlands, both land and sea. Seeing the country from its edges opens up a provocative and altogether novel vision of the contestations joining diverse peripheries and centre. This volume brings together the leading scholars of the country in a collection that is a must-have for anyone interested in contemporary Myanmar, border studies, and Southeast Asia.” -- Itty Abraham, Head, Department of Southeast Asian Studies, National University of Singapore (NUS) “This is the first book to attempt to bring together such a diverse range of Myanmar’s land and maritime border regions for comparison. In doing so, it highlights the diversity of the country’s demographic, social, economic and political make-up when viewed from the margins rather than the centre. It reveals how these border regions help to constitute the nation and how they shape what modern Myanmar is today — they also give strong indicators of what it might become. This is an essential read for anyone in the social sciences interested in borderlands, as well as those requiring a broader understanding of the challenges facing the contemporary Myanmar government as it attempts to usher in social and political cohesion following decades of conflict.” -- Mandy Sadan, Reader in the History of South East Asia, School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS)
2016-08-19 By Oh Su-Ann

Then what a todo there was, cleaning the caravans. ... fine little kitchenrange in Mummy's caravan, one that would both cook the meals and heat the caravan.

Author: Enid Blyton

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781444928051

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 68

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Holiday dreams come true for one lucky family in Enid Blyton's classic Family Series. When Dad buys two caravans, Mike, Belinda and Ann are delighted. Henceforth they are known as the Caravan Family. Not only do they live in their beautiful new homes, but they also travel the world and go on the most amazing holidays. First published in 1945, this edition contains the original text and artwork.
2015-09-03 By Enid Blyton

Arthur Arnold, in his book Through Persia by Caravan, published in the late nineteenth century, described a similar experience.

Author: Nesta Ramazani

Publisher: Ibex Publishers

ISBN: 9781588140876

Category: Cooking

Page: 400

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Persian Cooking is the original English language Persian cookbook. For forty years, her Persian Cooking has been a staple in kitchens of those who enjoy the cooking of Iran. This fortieth anniversary edition is revised and updated to take into account, present tastes, the better availability of ingredients and modern cooking tools.
2014-09-01 By Nesta Ramazani

--StartFragment-- This is a family cookbook with a difference.

Author: Monica Rivron

Publisher: Pavilion Books Limited

ISBN: 1862059012

Category: Cooking

Page: 160

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This is a family cookbook with a difference. It’s a cookbook for people who love food, love holidays and love caravanning. Avid converts to caravanning, the Rivron family have been holidaying and cooking for nearly a decade and this book is a collection of their family favourites. For many people food is one of the most enjoyable elements of a holiday, but no one wants to feel that they’ve spent hours slaving in a hot, small kitchen. Delicious, uncomplicated and simple to prepare recipes that will satisfy family and friends are the perfect solution. Part of the fun of caravanning is shopping for ingredients in local markets and supermarkets and the recipes here make the most of fresh produce that can be sourced wherever you are, as well as giving guidance on the best essentials to bring from home. Ideas for picnics, snacks, main dishes and rainy day baking will make food an integral part of your holiday, and most importantly, fun. Many of the best holiday memories are from around the table and this book ensures you will enjoy many happy nights under the stars.
2011 By Monica Rivron

Moffat, their caravan cook, wanted to walk back to Nyasaland together with the rest of the staff, thus leaving the Colvilles in a bind.

Author: Karen Tranberg Hansen

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9781501719950


Page: 342

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Distant Companions tells the fascinating story of the lives and times of domestic servants and their employers in Zambia from the beginning of white settlement during the colonial period until after independence. Emphasizing the interactive nature of relationships of domination, the book is useful for readers who seek to understand the dynamics of domestic service in a variety of settings. In order to examine the servant- employer relationship within the context of larger political and economic processes, Karen Tranberg Hansen employs an unusual combination of methods, including analysis of historical documents, travelogues, memoirs, literature, and life histories, as well as anthropological fieldwork, survey research, and participant observation.
2018-03-15 By Karen Tranberg Hansen

The caravan reduction of scale of domestic work thus forms part of its attractiveness ... The fact that cooking is mainly enabled or preferred in an outdoor ...

Author: Hege Høyer Leivestad

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000182040

Category: Social Science

Page: 192

View: 630

In Caravans, Hege Høyer Leivestad opens the caravan door to understand how daily life is organised among Britons and Swedes who have relocated, either seasonally or permanently, to mobile homes. Leivestad investigates how the caravan and campsite come to fit and challenge conventional domestic ideals, and how the static mobile caravan can nurture ideas of freedom even when it is standing still. With sensitivity and an awareness of the humour and pathos of the lives of her subjects, Leivestad closely examines the shaping of the European camping phenomenon and its day-to-day pleasures and pains, ranging from friendships ties to conflictive bingo nights, from nosy and noisy neighbours to fake fireplaces and rotten awning floors. As the first ethnographic study of caravan life in Europe, Caravans offers a refreshing take on contemporary mobility debates, showing how movement can best be understood by taking a detailed look at certain specific mundanities in material culture. This rich and topical ethnography is a must-read for students of anthropology, human geography and architecture, and for those with an interest in the possibilities and perils of a life on wheels.
2020-05-19 By Hege Høyer Leivestad

In Caravan and Camp Cooking Recipes J. Harris Stone extolled the culinary delights of the open air : I like my milk without water , my cream with no boracic ...

Author: John Burnett

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 0582472660

Category: History

Page: 363

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9 From austerity to affluence, 1945-1970 -- 10 A revolution at table, 1970-2000 -- Conclusion -- Select bibliography -- Index
2004 By John Burnett

Author: Good Housekeeping Institute (Great Britain)


ISBN: 0852231202

Category: Cookery

Page: 160

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The young cook would then nervously launch into a long and detailed description, which was exactly what my father wanted, as it enabled him to learn.

Author: Eva Petulengro

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781447200130

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

View: 500

Born into a Romany gypsy family in 1939, Eva Petulengro’s childhood seemed to her to be idyllic in every way. She would travel the country with her family in their painted caravan and spend evenings by the fire as they sang and told stories of their past. She didn’t go to school or visit a doctor when she was unwell. Instead her family would gather wild herbs to make traditional remedies, hunt game and rabbits, and while the men tended horses to make a living, the young girls would join the women in reading palms. But Eva’s perfect world would be turned upside down as the countryside became increasingly hostile to all travellers. Eva describes the wonderful characters in her family, from her grandfather ‘Naughty’ Petulengro to her four beautiful aunts who entranced everyone they met, as well as the fascinating people they came across on the road. Moving, evocative, romantic and funny, The Girl in the Painted Caravan vividly captures a way of life that has now, sadly, all but disappeared.
2011-02-04 By Eva Petulengro

1838 CARAVAN KITCHEN G . E . G . PRIEST describes how one bousewife has ... contenting herself with roasting our weekly joint and cooking vegetables .



ISBN: UOM:39015080254850

Category: Architecture, Domestic


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"A practical magazine dealing with houses, furniture and equipment, gardens." [sic]
1946 By

Nowadays camping is trendy and posh, so the cooker would be considered a few steps down. It looked like the kind of thing you'd have seen in a caravan.

Author: Ken Hom

Publisher: Biteback Publishing

ISBN: 9781785900365

Category: Cooking

Page: 300

View: 865

As a boy, Ken Hom lived hand-to-mouth in the slums of Chicago's Chinatown. Today, he is one of the most celebrated TV chefs of all time, the man who showed the British how to cook Asian food and introduced the nation to the wok. This is the story of that remarkable journey. Aged just eight months when his father died, Ken was raised by his mother in an atmosphere of punishing poverty. But no matter how little they had, they ate well. Life would change when, at the age of eleven, Ken landed a job in his uncle's Chinese restaurant. From these humble beginnings, he travelled the globe and went on to become one of the world's greatest authorities on Asian food. His wildly popular books have inspired millions of home cooks, and he paved the way for a generation of celebrity chefs. High-spirited and frequently funny, My Stir-Fried Life is the epicurean's epic - a gastronomic narrative that lifts the spirits, tantalises the taste buds and feeds the soul of anyone and everyone who loves cooking, from the keen novice to the accomplished connoisseur.
2016-09-29 By Ken Hom

In this book Martin Dorey, acknowledged camper van expert and presenter of BBC2's 'One Man and His Campervan', delves headfirst into the nitty gritty of camping and camper vans.

Author: Martin Dorey

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472926562

Category: Transportation

Page: 448

View: 280

The Camper Van Bible is THE definitive glovebox bible for anyone who owns or 'would die for' a camper van. In this book Martin Dorey, acknowledged camper van expert and presenter of BBC2's 'One Man and His Campervan', delves headfirst into the nitty gritty of camping and camper vans. The book covers all aspects of the camper van life, including: - Owning and living day to day with a camper van (LIVE) - Cooking and eating in your camper (EAT) - Sleeping in your camper (SLEEP) - Keeping you and your van going (REPEAT) Packed with stunning photography, and oodles of vital, definitive and authoritative information, plus some tasty recipes too, this book will be essential for both dreamers and do-ers alike. It will appeal to all areas of the market, from the Classic VW owners and the owners of modern VWs to owners of all makes of camper vans, smaller motorhomes, and the tented camper markets too. Heed the advice, drool over the pictures. Then go and do it.
2016-06-09 By Martin Dorey

However, they were unable to find any proof that Cyclaeus was the mastermind behind everything, so they made up a fake merchant caravan heading to Sym to ...

Author: EDA

Publisher: J-Novel Club

ISBN: 9781718334182

Category: Young Adult Fiction


View: 964

Though the meeting with Cyclaeus has come to a close, the problems facing our heroes are far from resolved. The twisted noble’s demands are still too much to swallow, leaving the fates of the former main Suun house up in the air. And as if that wasn’t enough, a new threat has appeared in the form of Goram Redbeard’s son Jeeda, who swears revenge against the people of the forest’s edge. Plus, Asuta’s old regulars have departed from Genos, though some new faces are starting to fill the void. In spite of everything already on his plate, even more new challenges await Asuta. For example, when rumors seemingly meant to frame the people of the forest’s edge start circulating, who exactly is behind them? When Asuta gets his first chance to cook with a meat other than giba, how will that play out? And will our heroes be able to convince Jeeda of the truth and gain his aid in cornering Cyclaeus? Find out all this and more in the exciting tenth volume of Cooking with Wild Game!
2020-11-28 By EDA

Author: Sigmar Hillelson


ISBN: IND:30000121043016

Category: Asians

Page: 352

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An anthology of prose and verse translations from Arabic, Persian and Turkish, and of passages relating to the Islamic countries.

It had a fine cooking stove and bright curtains that flapped in and out of the windows in the little breeze. Mrs Brown was very proud of her caravan.

Author: Enid Blyton

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781444930122

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 608

View: 559

A classic selection of stories to read and share by one of the world's best-loved children's authors, Enid Blyton. Mr Galliano's famous circus has come to town! Join young Jimmy Brown and his family as they enter a thrilling world of incredible animals, colourful clowns and daring acrobats. Meet cheeky chimps, kindly elephants, fearsome tigers and one very special little dog called Lucky, as Jimmy discovers what it takes to become part of Mr Galliano's Circus. This book was previously published as The Circus Collection. It comprises three full-length books: Mr. Galliano's Circus (1938), Hurrah for the Circus! (1939) and Circus Days Again (1942), containing 26 stories in total.
2016-06-02 By Enid Blyton

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