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This book thoroughly explores the combination of engineering, construction, and financial skills required to bring these Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) ventures from the planning stage to design, construction, and operation.

Author: Sidney M. Levy

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 047111992X

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 424

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One thing that mature, developing, or undeveloped nations have incommon in today's global economy is the necessity to construct,repair, refurbish, and modernize their infrastructure. More andmore governments are turning to the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)process to accomplish this expensive and enormously challengingtask--allowing private developers to design, finance, construct,and operate revenue-producing public projects, and then turn themover to the community at the end of an agreed payback period. The first book to explore this innovative approach toprivatization, Build, Operate, Transfer covers the creation of BOTprojects from the ground up. Using a real-world, case-orientedapproach, it provides a comprehensive examination of theengineering, construction, and financial skills required to bringBOT ventures from the planning stage to design, construction, andoperation. From the Channel Tunnel to the Dulles Greenway, the bookexamines both successful projects and troubled ones, extracting keyinformation on what sets them apart--including such crucial factorsas the importance of public support and government control inensuring a positive outcome. You will also find specific coverageof construction techniques and procedures, plus financialcomparisons, demographics, and other statistical data. Whether you are a student or a professional working in engineering,construction, finance, or government, BOT cannot be ignored as aneffective way to build infrastructure projects quickly,efficiently, and at minimal cost. This book equips you with boththe comprehensive information and the practical guidance you needto put this dynamic practice into action. The only book available on the BOT approach to private constructionand maintenance of public projects--complete coverage from theground up Contractors the world over are discovering how to useprivate-public partnerships to build much-needed infrastructureprojects quickly, efficiently, and at minimal cost. This bookthoroughly explores the combination of engineering, construction,and financial skills required to bring these Build-Operate-Transfer(BOT) ventures from the planning stage to design, construction, andoperation. Based on a real-world, case-driven approach, Build,Operate, Transfer examines specific BOT projects, identifying keyfactors necessary to their successful implementation, and offeringimportant guidance on avoiding common pitfalls. This practical bookfeatures: A full introduction to BOT systems, with diagrams ofconstruction techniques and procedures, complete sample contract,and more * Charts and graphs with financial analyses, demographicinformation, and important statistical data * BOT examples from many different countries, including the UnitedStates, Britain, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, andMexico * A broad spectrum of project types--from tunnel construction tohighways and more * Important guidance on keeping projects on time and on budget
1996-09-27 By Sidney M. Levy

PACUDAN R.B. Traffic congestion , air quality and transport policies in southeast Asian cities . In Urban engineering in Asian cities in the 21st ... LEVY S.M. Build operate transfer : paving the way for tomorrow's infrastructure .

Author: Adrian J. Smith

Publisher: Thomas Telford

ISBN: 0727727125

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 241

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This book examines the major aspects of the relationship between government and the private sector in the provision of high quality, sustainable, and affordable privately funded infrastructure projects. The form of this partnership is often seen as a major determinant of the project risk distribution among the various parties involved, and will thus be crucial in attracting both high quality developers/operators and external institutional funding.
1999 By Adrian J. Smith

... Guidelines for Infrastructure Development through Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Projects (Vienna: UNIDO, 1996), and Sidney M. Levy, Build, Operate, Transfer: Paving the Way for Tomorrow's Infrastructure (New York: Wiley, 1996).

Author: Luis Suarez-Villa

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317126973

Category: Political Science

Page: 250

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Globalization and Technocapitalism considers the global reach of a new capitalist era, exploring the nature of 'technocapitalism' as grounded in new forms of accumulation, commodification, and corporate organization. As technological creativity, corporate research, and talent flows become more important than ever, this book explores the manner in which globalization acquires new contextual features that will become central to the macro-social dynamics of the twenty-first century. It thus sheds light on the resultant growth in global inequalities and more intrusive forms of global domination that are grounded in emerging sectors, such as nanotechnology, biotechnology and its diverse fields, such as genomics, synthetic bioengineering, bioinformatics and biopharmacology, and related advances in computing and telecommunications. A rigorous examination of developments in contemporary capitalism as driven by the forces of globalization, Globalization and Technocapitalism will be of interest to scholars working in the fields of social and political theory, international political economy, political philosophy, science and technology studies and globalization.
2016-04-22 By Luis Suarez-Villa

Case of Indonesia's Build, Operate, Transfer (BOT) Toll Roads Andreas Wibowo ... Levy, S M (1996) Build, Operate, Transfer: Paving the Way for Tomorrow's Infrastructure, John Wiley and Sons Inc., Stamford. Lewis, C M and Mody, ...

Author: Andreas Wibowo

Publisher: Univerlagtuberlin

ISBN: 9783798319790


Page: 227

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2005 By Andreas Wibowo

Build , Operate , Transfer : Paving the way for Tomorrow's Infrastructure . New York : John Wiley & Sons , Inc. Lovei , Laszlo , Eugene Gurenko , Michael Haney , Philip O'Keefe , and Maria Shkaratan . 2000.

Author: Timothy Irwin

Publisher: World Bank Publications

ISBN: 0821355562


Page: 54

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2003 By Timothy Irwin

70 Levy, Build, Operate, Transfer: Paving the Way for Tomorrow's Infrastructure, 310 (1996). 71 For further discussion of transfer of know-how, see U.N. Indus. Dev. Org., Guidelines for Infrastructure Development Through ...

Author: Jeffrey Delmon

Publisher: Kluwer Law International B.V.

ISBN: 9789403530512

Category: Law

Page: 704

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The past five years have raised some serious new challenges, capital surplus, a global pandemic, debt crises, and a global economic crisis. While the responses to these challenges are complex, the fundamentals remain the same. Infrastructure remains a moral and economic imperative, as well as a good investment. However, many governments that would like to increase their infrastructure investment have limited capital, with infrastructure facing stiff competition from alternative uses of public funds. Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) are part of a fundamental, global shift in the role of government – from being the direct provider of public services to becoming the planner, facilitator, contract manager and/or regulator who ensures that local services are available, reliable, meet key quality standards, and are affordable for users and the economy. This rich and practical book, now in its fourth edition, shows how the private sector (through – PPPs) can provide more efficient procurement through cheaper, faster, and better quality; refocus infrastructure services on service delivery, consumer satisfaction and life cycle maintenance; and provide new sources of innovation, technological advances and investment, including through limited recourse debt (i.e., project financing). This book provides a practical guide to PPP in all the following ways and more: how governments can enable, encourage and manage PPP; financing of new and existing infrastructure; designing and implementing PPP contractual structures; and most importantly, how to balance PPP risk allocation in practice. Specific discussion of each infrastructure sector (including local government) is provided. Lawyers and business people, engineers, development specialists, banking and insurance professionals, and academics will all find this book a useful guide for planning, designing and implementing PPP projects and programmes.
2021-02-10 By Jeffrey Delmon

5 6 Design-Build-Finance-Operate (DBFO) – Under DBFO, the government retains the title to the land and leases it to the ... 66 SM Levy, Build, Operate, Transfer: Paving the Way for Tomorrow's Infrastructure (Hoboken, NJ: John Willey ...

Author: Augustine Edobor Arimoro

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000215533

Category: Law

Page: 228

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Over the years, a shortage of funds has resulted in a huge deficit in government budgets for infrastructure, especially in developing economies. It is no longer feasible for governments to bear the entire burden of funding public infrastructure. Given that an inadequate supply of public infrastructure poses a challenge for the economic development of any country, partnerships with the private sector to fund public infrastructure procurement has started to be relied on as an alternative to traditional public procurement. Public-Private Partnerships are an arrangement that allow private entities to fund, design, manage and operate public infrastructure for a term in exchange for the payment of tolls by users or the government may well be the solution to the infrastructure crisis in many developing economies. This book examines the role of law in the adoption, implementation and regulation of Public-Private Partnership in selected developing economies including Brazil, India, Nigeria and South Africa to address how to deal with overlapping laws and how the law can protect assets invested in PPP in order to attract private sector interests in infrastructure financing in developing market, showing how law can be used to create, sustain and promote PPP frameworks that take into account local circumstances in developing economies.
2020-10-29 By Augustine Edobor Arimoro

Levy, S. (1996) Build, Operate, Transfer: Paving the way for Tomorrow's Infrastructure, New York: Wiley. Wyatt, A. (2002) “The Privatisation of Public Infrastructure in Transitional Southeast Asian Economies: The Case of ...

Author: Tim Forsyth

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136952913

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 854

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International development is now a major global activity and the focus of the rapidly growing academic discipline of development studies. The Encyclopedia of International Development provides definitions and discussions of the key concepts, controversies and actors associated with international development for a readership of development workers, teachers and students. With 600 entries, ranging in length from shorter factual studies to more in-depth essays, a comprehensive system of cross references and a full index, it is the most definitive guide to international development yet published. Development is more than a simple increase in a country's wealth and living conditions. It also implies increasing people's choices and freedoms; it is change that is inclusive and empowering. Development theory and practice has important applications to questions of economic growth, trade, governance, education, healthcare, gender rights and environmental protection, and it involves issues such as international aid, peacekeeping, famine relief and strategies against HIV/AIDS. The Encyclopedia treats these topics and many more, and provides critical analyses of important actors within development such as the United Nations and World Bank, non-governmental organizations and corporations. Contributors to this volume reflect the multidisciplinary and international nature of the subject. They come from social science disciplines such as economics, international studies, political science and anthropology, and from specialities such as medicine. This Encyclopedia provides crucial information for universities, students and professional organizations involved with international development, and those interested in related topics such as international studies or other studies of social and economic change today.
2018-10-24 By Tim Forsyth

Lawrence, P.R. and Lorsch, J.W. (1967) Organisation and Environment. Harvard University Press, Cambridge. Levy, S.M. (1996) Build, Operate, Transfer: Paving The Way For Tomorrow's Infrastructure. John Wiley and Sons Inc, New York.

Author: Akintola Akintoye

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781444301434

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 504

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This book examines some of the key policy, financial and managerialaspects of public-private partnerships within the context of theglobal spread of this form of procurement. The chapters investigate political and institutional issuessurrounding PPPs, together with the financial and managerialstrategies employed by the private sector. Adopting across-disciplinary perspective, the book highlights the oftenpolitically sensitive nature of these projects and identifies aneed for the private sector to investigate a broad set ofparameters which relate to the particular political economy ofindividual partnerships. Policy, Finance & Management for Public-Private Partnershipscovers a range of specific issues, including: partnerships indeveloping countries; innovation in partnership-based procurement;government and business interaction; institutional andorganisational approaches to facilitating partnership; project andcorporate financing; risk and value management; market analysis,modelling and forecasting; capital structure decisions andmanagement; investment theory and practice; pricing and costevaluation; statutory regulations and their financial implications;option pricing; financial monitoring; syndicate funding; new rolesfor the financial and insurance sectors; institutional andmultilateral funding; payment mechanisms; concession perioddetermination; risk analysis and management; whole life valuemethodology; cost comparators and best value; team building, teamwork and skill development. Contributions from Australia, Europe, the Far East, South Africaand the United States together present the current thinking andstate-of-the-art approaches to public-private partnerships.
2009-01-26 By Akintola Akintoye

Build, operate, transfer: Paving the way for tomorrow's infrastructure. New York: Wiley. Lucas, A., and Djati, A.W. (2007). The politics of environmental and water pollution in East Java. In P. Boomgaard (Ed.), A world of water: Rain, ...

Author: Akintola Akintoye

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317415367

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 432

View: 256

This timely new book provides an international perspective on Public Private Partnerships. Through 21 case studies, it investigates the existing and fast developing body of principles and practices from a wide range of countries and is the first book to bring together leading international academics and practitioners under a common framework that enables convenient cross-country comparisons. The authors focus on the impact of the financial crisis has had on how governments have reviewed and overhauled their PPP policies as they have examined or tested new ways of partnering more effectively, efficiently and sustainably with the private sector. Readers will be able to gauge the level of maturity of PPP development in the book’s case studies, understand similarities and differences in their practices, and gain useful insights into the regulatory framework and institutional infrastructure in place to support implementation of PPP. Finally, the book offers insights into the future challenges and opportunities that PPP offers stakeholders.
2015-09-16 By Akintola Akintoye