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Abundance Within Planetary Boundaries Johan Rockström, Mattias Klum ... That narrative held up as long as we inhabited a relatively small world on a relatively big planet—one in which Earth kept forgiving all the insults we threw at her ...

Author: Johan Rockström

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300219319

Category: Nature

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“A carefully laid-out argument about the ecological limits of our planet—and the challenge these limits pose to our patterns of life and economic growth.”—Daniel C. Esty, coauthor of Green to Gold Big World, Small Planet probes the urgent predicament of our times: how is it possible to create a positive future for both humanity and Earth? We have entered the Anthropocene—the era of massive human impacts on the planet—and the actions of over seven billion residents threaten to destabilize Earth’s natural systems, with cascading consequences for human societies. In this extraordinary book, the authors combine the latest science with compelling storytelling and amazing photography to create a new narrative for humanity’s future. Johan Rockström and Mattias Klum reject the notion that economic growth and human prosperity can only be achieved at the expense of the environment. They contend that we have unprecedented opportunities to navigate a “good Anthropocene.” By embracing a deep mind-shift, humanity can reconnect to Earth, discover universal values, and take on the essential role of planetary steward. With eloquence and profound optimism, Rockström and Klum envision a future of abundance within planetary boundaries—a revolutionary future that is at once necessary, possible, and sustainable for coming generations. “We are inflicting grave damage on Planet Earth, and if we carry on with ‘business as usual’ we may reach the point of no return—when ecosystems collapse and more and more species become extinct. There is hope if only we can bridge the gap between the clever human brain and the compassionate human heart and act now. Johan Rockström and Mattias Klum lead the way with scientific clarity, powerful storytelling, and inspiring and award-winning photography.”—Dr. Jane Goodall
2015-09-22 By Johan Rockström

Johan Rockström and Mattias Klum, Big World, Small Planet (Stockholm: Max Strom, 2015), 32. P. Magalhães et al., eds., The Safe Operating Space Treaty: A New Approach to Managing Our Use of the Earth System (Cambridge: Cambridge ...

Author: Daniel Lerch

Publisher: Island Press

ISBN: 9781610918602

Category: Architecture

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National and global efforts have failed to stop climate change, transition from fossil fuels, and reduce inequality. We must now confront these and other increasingly complex problems by building resilience at the community level. The Community Resilience Reader combines a fresh look at the challenges humanity faces in the 21st century, the essential tools of resilience science, and the wisdom of activists, scholars, and analysts working on the ground to present a new vision for creating resilience. It shows that resilience is a process, not a goal; how it requires learning to adapt but also preparing to transform; and that it starts and ends with the people living in a community. From Post Carbon Institute, the producers of the award-winning The Post Carbon Reader, The Community Resilience Reader is a valuable resource for community leaders, college students, and concerned citizens.
2017-10-12 By Daniel Lerch

And that is where the Machine is taking us, if we don't take heed of the planetary boundaries. “The system today appears to ... And “it's happened so fast,” writes Rockström in his book Big World, Small Planet. “Injust two generations ...

Author: Thomas L. Friedman

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780241300985

Category: Political Science

Page: 560

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The new international bestseller from the Pulitzer Prize winner and author of The World is Flat - this is an essential and entertaining field guide to thriving in the twenty-first century. 'As a guide for perplexed Westerners, this book is very hard to beat . . . Thank You for Being Late is a master class in explaining ... After your session with Dr. Friedman, you have a much better idea of the forces that are upending your world, how they work together - and what people, companies and governments can do to prosper' John Micklethwait, The New York Times Book Review 'The globe-trotting New York Times columnist's most famous book was about the world being flat. This one is all about the world being fast ... His main piece of advice for individuals, corporations, and countries is clear: Take a deep breath and adapt. This world isn't going to wait for you' Fortune We all sense it - something big is going on. You feel it in your workplace. You feel it when you talk to your children. You can't miss it when you read the newspapers or watch the news. Our lives are speeding up - and it is dizzying. In Thank You for Being Late, a work unlike any he has attempted before, Thomas L. Friedman exposes the tectonic movements that are reshaping the world today and explains how to get the most out of them. Friedman's thesis is that to understand the twenty-first century, you need to understand that the planet's three largest forces - Moore's law (technology), the market (globalization) and Mother Nature (climate change and biodiversity loss) - are all accelerating at once, transforming the workplace, politics, geopolitics, ethics and community. An extraordinary release of energy is reshaping everything from how we hail a taxi to the fate of nations to our most intimate relationships. It is creating vast new opportunities for individuals and small groups to save the world - or perhaps to destroy it. Thank You for Being Late is a work of contemporary history that serves as a field manual for how to think about this era of accelerations. It's also an argument for 'being late' - for pausing to appreciate this amazing historical epoch we're passing through and reflecting on its possibilities and dangers. He shows us how we can anchor ourselves as individuals in the eye of this storm, and how communities can create a 'topsoil of trust' to do the same for their increasingly diverse and digital populations. Written with his trademark vitality, wit, and optimism, and with unequalled access to many of those at the forefront of the changes he is describing all over the world, Thank You for Being Late is Friedman's most ambitious book - and an essential guide to the present and the future.
2016-11-22 By Thomas L. Friedman

Two important consequences from living in a big world on a small planet are that: (a) the impacts humans have on planetary health rebound and affect human health and well-being, faster, more surprisingly and more directly than in the ...



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Johan Rockström and Mattias Klum, Big World Small Planet: Abundance within Planetary Boundaries (Sweden: Bokförlaget Max Ström, 2015), 21. Toma Buba, 'Impacts of Different Tree Species of Different Sizes on Spatial Distribution of ...

Author: Kenneth Ameke

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781796061109

Category: Religion

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It is in honour of the silver jubilee of Most Rev. Anthony J. V. Obinna’s episcopacy that this book is put together in this first volume titled Emerging Conversations on Theofiliation: Essays in Honour of Archbishop Anthony J. V. Obinna. This volume discusses and enlarges insights inherent in Archbishop Obinna’s theological thinking on theofiliation. Therefore, the contributors to this volume critically examine his idea of theofiliation from their areas of speciality as a further exploration of this theological term. The willingness of the contributors has resulted in a collection that envisage the eclectic and heterogeneous scholarly vision of its honouree. Besides, the contributors to this maiden edition encompass both illustrious theologians and promising researchers in theology, philosophy, psychology, and management. The themes discussed by the contributors are grouped into biblical/comparative study, systematic/pastoral, ethical/management, philosophical/political, and anthropological issues. The enriching and diverse collections of this volume have five thematic sections of nineteen chapters that theofiliation brings together. “This Festschrift in honour of Amarachi Obinna is a compendium of usable knowledge. The authors have dealt with various themes largely inspired by the theology and practice of the archbishop. This conviction leads to the reflections on theofiliation, the reinGodment of all creation. The Festschrift is truly a treasure” (Prof. John Obilor, Imo State University Owerri). “This book is an insightful reading which will serve as an inspirational theological wellspring for emerging scholars engaged in articulating a robust African contextual theology to which it breathes fresh air. The spirit of dynamism in Archbishop Obinna’s novel brainchild of theofiliation is manifested in its applicability to wide-ranging academic disciplines” (William Odeke Owire, KU Leuven).
2019-10-10 By Kenneth Ameke

They will be changed because we must avoid another World War which , in the atomic Age , would certainly annihilate the entire population of our small planet . The statesmen of the world , the scientists , the students and the public at ...

Author: Fred Warner Neal


ISBN: IND:32000007030762

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3 1183 13761 3334 BALTIMORE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY planet earth TE Our home planet is a place of extremes . But every climate provides opportunities for adaptation and survival . Over billions of years , creatures , big and small have ...

Author: Kris Hirschmann

Publisher: Scholastic

ISBN: 0545111625

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Complete with incredible images from the award-winning BBC series, a tie-in examines animals of all shapes and sizes from around the world, noting how they have adapted to their various environments.
2009 By Kris Hirschmann

Author: Jackqueline Hope


ISBN: 0771573812

Category: Investigative reporting

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... 1993 “ BIG WORLD small planet ” ( for Thom Chambers ) , 1992. Glaze on ceramic , cement , foam , and steel , 96 inches diameter . Installation at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art , Gifford Myers '70 .



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1992 By

And it is evident that at least to a large extent the world is such that events occur in predictable patterns - that is to say , events occur under specifiable conditions . One would think , therefore , that people ...

Author: Howard Richards


ISBN: UCAL:$B121195

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1966 By Howard Richards