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The book, thus challenges the regnant paradigm of Polish religious tolerance and convincingly shows its true nature lies in both everyday practical toleration and ability to overcome crises and return to neighborly co-existence rather than ...

Author: Anat Vaturi

Publisher: De Gruyter Oldenbourg

ISBN: 3110638487

Category: History

Page: 220

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To understand the nature of interreligious coexistence, Beyond Tolerance and Prejudice, tests its boundaries from the original perspective of the post-conflict reactions of religious minorities - Jews and Protestants - to the violent attacks of the Cracovian Catholic majority in the age of religious distress following the Reformation. With help of primary sources and in-depth historical analysis, the author describes interreligious co-existence as a lived experience, traces Jewish-Protestant encounters, and reconstructs the communal post-violence strategies which allowed the creation of a platform for reconciliation and reestablishment of religious status quo. The book, thus challenges the regnant paradigm of Polish religious tolerance and convincingly shows its true nature lies in both everyday practical toleration and ability to overcome crises and return to neighborly co-existence rather than prevent violence prevailing in early-modern society.
2020-05-15 By Anat Vaturi

Beyond Tolerance Historically, the term prejudice has connoted negative prejudice—negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors toward the members of a group. To achieve tolerance across groups, research has primarily sought to reduce ...

Author: Vincent N. Parrillo

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781452265926

Category: Social Science

Page: 1208

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Social problems affect everyone. Because so many actual and potential problems confront us, it is often difficult to decide which ones affect us most severely. Is it the threat of death or injury during a terrorist attack? Is it the threat caused by industrial pollution that may poison us or destroy our physical environment? Or does quiet but viciously damaging gender, age, class, racial, or ethnic discrimination have the most far-reaching effect? Do the problems of cities affect us if we live in the suburbs? Do poorer nations' problems with overpopulation affect our quality of life? The Encyclopedia of Social Problems offers an interdisciplinary perspective into many social issues that are a continuing concern in our lives, whether we confront them on a personal, local, regional, national, or global level. With more than 600 entries, these two volumes cover all of the major theories, approaches, and contemporary issues in social problems and also provide insight into how social conditions get defined as social problems, and the ways different people and organizations view and try to solve them. Key Features · Provides as comprehensive an approach as possible to this multifaceted field by using experts and scholars from 19 disciplines: anthropology, biology, business, chemistry, communications, criminal justice, demography, economics, education, environmental studies, geography, health, history, languages, political science, psychology, social work, sociology, and women's studies · Presents a truly international effort with contributors from 17 countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, New Zealand, Romania, Scotland, Turkey, and the United States · Addresses social problems that are fairly new, such as computer crimes and identity theft, and others that are centuries old, such as poverty and prostitution · Examines social problems differently from place to place and from one era to another · Explains the perspectives and foundations of various social theories and offers different lenses to view the same reality Key Themes · Aging and the Life Course · Community, Culture, and Change · Crime and Deviance · Economics and Work · Education · Family · Gender Inequality and Sexual Orientation · Health · Housing and Urbanization · Politics, Power, and War · Population and Environment · Poverty and Social Class · Race and Ethnic Relations · Social Movements · Social Theory · Substance Abuse Readers investigating virtually any social problem will find a rich treasure of information and insights in this reference work, making it a must-have resource for any academic library.
2008-05-22 By Vincent N. Parrillo

This book offers a new standpoint to understanding tolerance to human diversity by approaching it from the perspectives of cognitive, developmental and prosocial psychology.

Author: Rivka T. Witenberg

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789811337895

Category: Psychology

Page: 79

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This book offers a new standpoint to understanding tolerance to human diversity by approaching it from the perspectives of cognitive, developmental and prosocial psychology. Emphasising the positive aspects of social perception and behaviour, it invites readers to re-consider ‘tolerance’ not simply as the opposite of prejudice, but as something that can in fact coexist with prejudice and intolerance. Drawing on original empirical research conducted with children, adolescents and young adults, the book maps the response patterns for tolerant judgement and justification, including psycho-developmental factors. It explains how tolerance regarding differences of colour, creed and culture is based on underlying beliefs that guide the reasoning process to support judgements about human diversity. Showcasing emerging theory and a new methodology of data collection that goes beyond common approaches, this book outlines a unique potential developmental trajectory for tolerance to human diversity based on fairness, empathy and reason. The book challenges students, researchers and general readers across the fields of psychology, human ethics and moral philosophy with its new insights into the character of prosocial beliefs.
2019-04-12 By Rivka T. Witenberg

"Beyond Tolerance." In A Critique of Pure Tolerance. Boston: Beacon Press. Part Two Universities and the "Politically Correct" Response to Hatred 64 Part One: The Phenomenon of Hatred and Prejudice: What Is It?

Author: Robert M. Baird


ISBN: UOM:39015020845684

Category: Social Science

Page: 238

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Essays discuss the nature of prejudice, racial stereotyping, the multicultural movement, political correctness, racism, and social change through government policy.
1992 By Robert M. Baird

Above prejudice and beyond tolerance: A bystander approach to reducing prejudice and improving intergroup relations. Final report to Carnegie Foundation, Newton, MA. Slavin, R. E., Hurley, E. A., & Chamberlain, A. (2003).

Author: James A. Banks

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135897284

Category: Education

Page: 592

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This volume is the first authoritative reference work to provide a truly comprehensive international description and analysis of multicultural education around the world. It is organized around key concepts and uses case studies from various nations in different parts of the world to exemplify and illustrate the concepts. Case studies are from many nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Norway, Bulgaria, Russia, South Africa, Japan, China, India, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil, and Mexico. Two chapters focus on regions – Latin America and the French-speaking nations in Africa. The book is divided into ten sections, covering theory and research pertaining to curriculum reform, immigration and citizenship, language, religion, and the education of ethnic and cultural minority groups among other topics. With fortynewly commissioned pieces written by a prestigious group of internationally renowned scholars, The Routledge International Companion to Multicultural Education provides the definitive statement on the state of multicultural education and on its possibilities for the future.
2009-09-10 By James A. Banks

same God threatens destruction and human misery at levels unimaginable in the past. ... The obstacle to human happiness is racial or religious prejudice, the competitive struggle for existence and inhumanity toward each other.

Author: Allen McKiel


ISBN: 9781888547191

Category: Bahai Faith

Page: 240

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The author presents beliefs, language, and practices that some of the world religions have in common with Christianity and compares them with Scripture. He states in the preface that the positions of this book have been derived from his reading of Scripture. The first ten chapters compares Christian Scripture with other world religions; the second ten chapters present teaching of the Baha'i Faith concerning global community. The author identifies himself as a member of the Baha'i Faith.
2007 By Allen McKiel

Herek's ( 1984 ) Attitudes Toward Lesbians and Gay Men ( ATLG ) Scale assesses prejudice ranging from overt hostility to benign tolerance . But the notion that attitudes can be multidimensional or can extend beyond tolerance to ...

Author: Sean G. Massey

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 143310671X

Category: Social Science

Page: 316

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Over time, two competing narratives have emerged to represent the experiences of LGBTQ youth, emphasizing either significant improvement or continued victimization and marginalization. This volume examines those conflicting narratives as they play out in educational settings, both formal and informal. Particular emphasis is placed on LGBTQ youths' own expressions and representations, revealing the extent to which both oppression and opportunity interact to influence their still-emergent identities. Coming of age at the tail end of the «culture wars», these young people are situated within layers of influence across family, peers, schools, communities, and media. The simultaneous, fluid contexts of opportunity and oppression that LGBTQ youth negotiate are highlighted throughout this book in the youths' own words, which often reveal a level of epistemological complexity that their elders would be wise to consider.
2010 By Sean G. Massey

Guide to help parents teach their children to honor the differences in themselves and others--and to reject prejudice and intolerance.

Author: Dana A. Williams


ISBN: OCLC:209894278

Category: Discrimination

Page: 56

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Guide to help parents teach their children to honor the differences in themselves and others--and to reject prejudice and intolerance.
2005* By Dana A. Williams

Black and white in school: Trust, tension, or tolerance? New York: Praeger. Slaby, R. (1999). Above prejudice and beyond tolerance: A bystander approach to reducing prejudice and improving intergroup relations.

Author: Sheri R. Levy

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0198040903

Category: Psychology

Page: 288

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This edited volume captures an exciting new trend in research on intergroup attitudes and relations, which concerns how individuals make judgments, and interact with individuals from different group categories, broadly defined in terms of gender, race, age, culture, religion, sexual orientation, and body type. This new approach is an integrative perspective, one which draws on theory and research in the areas of developmental and social psychology. Throughout human history, intergroup conflict has often served as the basis for societal conflict, strife, and tension. Over the past several decades, individual and group mobility has enabled individuals to interact with a wider range of people from different backgrounds than ever before. On the one hand, this level of societal heterogeneity contributes to intergroup conflict. On the other hand, the experience of such heterogeneity has also reduced stereotypes, and increased an understanding of others' perspectives and experiences. Where does it begin? When do children acquire stereotypes about the other? What are the sources of influence, and how does change come about? To provide a deeper understanding of the origins, stability, and reduction of intergroup conflict, scholars in this volume report on current, cutting edge theory and new research findings. Progress in the area of intergroup attitudes relies on continued advances in both the understanding of the origins and the trajectory of intergroup conflict and harmony (as historically studied by developmental psychologists) and the understanding of contexts and conditions that contribute to positive and negative intergroup attitudes and relations (as historically studied by social psychologists). Recent social and developmental psychology research clarifies the multifaceted nature of prejudice and the need for an interdisciplinary approach to addressing prejudice. The recent blossoming of research on the integration of developmental and social psychology represented in this volume will appeal to scholars and students in the areas of developmental psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, education, social neuroscience, law, business, and political science.
2008-02-15 By Sheri R. Levy

Attitudes beyond tolerance: Allophilia in intergroup relations. In L. Tropp & R. Mallett (Eds.), Beyond prejudice reduction: Pathways to positive inter-group relations.

Author: Kelly Hannum

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470467169

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

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This training tool provides examples of and perspectives on concepts and situations important to leading across differences. With cases gleaned from interviews of over a hundred people in over twenty organizations on five continents, the authors offer new ways of thinking about leadership challenges. The authors provide a framework and process for helping participants better understand their context and taking appropriate action. The casebook includes the Leadership Across Differences Framework, 13 research-based cases, 11 chapters written by leadership experts, nine individual exercises, as well as references and resources to extend the learning. The package is designed to be flexible enough to use for a single one-hour session or for an extended course. The information in the Facilitator’s Guide will help you craft a session or series of sessions organized around specific learning outcomes.
2010-04-12 By Kelly Hannum