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Author: Centre Georges Pompidou


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Author: Centre National d'Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou


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Métamorphose de l'Expressionisme', in Paris Berlin 19001933 (Paris: Centre national d'art et de culture Georges Pompidou, 1978). Boch, Hans-Michael (ed.), CineGraph (Munich: Edition Text+Kritik, 1984–). Budd, Mike (ed.) ...

Author: David Robinson

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With its jagged, stylised sets, menacing shadows and themes of murder, madness and delirium, Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari (1920) remains the source and essence of German Expressionist cinema. Fusing carnival spectacle with the paranoia of the psychological thriller, it centres on the haunting, sexually ambivalent presence of Conrad Veidt as Cesare – the somnambulist exploited as an instrument by the sinister Dr. Caligari. David Robinson challenges long accepted versions of the history and reception of Caligari and redefines its relationship to the larger phenomenon of Expressionist art. His reassessment of the relative contributions of director, designers and writers becomes a fascinating detective story, as he investigates the status and significance of the single surviving copy of the original script, which came to light only in the late 1980s when almost all those involved in the production were dead. This second edition features a new introduction that considers the place of German Expressionist cinema within the European revival of Gothic at the turn of the twentieth century, and original cover artwork by Ben Goodman.
2013-10-25 By David Robinson

Paris - Berlin 1900-1933 , exh . cat . , Centre Georges Pompidou ( Paris , 1978 ) with useful texts by Hans Wingler on Bauhaus pedagogy and Wend Wischer on the Werkbund . Frank Whitford , Bauhaus ( London , 1984 ) .

Author: Penelope Curtis

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This book provides a comprehensive analysis of the significant growth of sculpture as an artistic form in Europe and America from 1900-1945. Using a clearly-defined thematic structure it identifies key issues and developments throughout this important period in the history of art. Individualchapters cover: public sculpture, the monument, the object, image-making, the built environment, the figurative ideal, and different materials. These themes broadly reflect the changing cultural and political climate of a turbulent period which included two world wars, each preceded by widespreadrising nationalism. The practice of sculpture is considered within the wider artistic context of painting and architecture and the development of international art markets. Auguste Rodin, whose ground-breaking exhibition opened in Paris in 1900, serves as the book's point of departure, and as arecurrent point of reference.
1999 By Penelope Curtis

BerlinParis 19001933: Rapports et Contrastes France-Allemagne. 1978. Paris: Centre Pompidou. Cercle et Carré and the International Spirit of Abstract Art. 2013. Athens: Georgia Museum of Art. Circles of Interference. 2012.

Author: Jed Rasula

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This is a book about artistic modernism contending with the historical transfigurations of modernity. As a conscientious engagement with modernity's restructuring of the lifeworld, the modernist avant-garde raised the stakes of this engagement to programmatic explicitness. But even beyond the vanguard, the global phenomenon of jazz combined somatic assault with sensory tutelage. Jazz, like the new technologies of modernity, re-calibrated sensory ratios. The criterion of the new as self-making also extended to names: pseudonyms and heteronyms. The protocols of modernism solicited a pragmatic arousal of bodily sensation as artistic resource, validating an acrobatic sensibility ranging from slapstick and laughter to the pathos of bereavement. Expressivity trumped representation. The artwork was a diagram of perception, not a mimetic rendering. For artists, the historical pressures of altered perception provoked new models, and Ezra Pound's slogan 'Make It New' became the generic rallying cry of renovation. The paradigmatic stance of the avant-garde was established by Futurism, but the discovery of prehistoric art added another provocation to artists. Paleolithic caves validated the spirit of all-over composition, unframed and dynamic. Geometric abstraction, Constructivism and Purism, and Surrealism were all in quest of a new mythology. Making it new yielded a new pathos in the sensation of radical discrepancy between futurist striving and remotest antiquity. The Paleolithic cave and the USSR emitted comparable siren calls on behalf of the remote past and the desired future. As such, the present was suffused with the pathos of being neither, but subject to both.
2020-02-27 By Jed Rasula

London , 1988 . Schrifttum zur deutschen Kunst des 20. Jahrhunderts . Paris - Berlin , 1900-1933 . Paris , Centre Pompidou , 2nd ed . Cologne , 1960 . 1978 . Bibliographies , in progress . Restany , P. , et al . Paris New York .

Author: George Heard Hamilton

Publisher: Yale University Press

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This new edition of 'a book that offers the best available grounding in its huge subject,' as the Sunday Times called it, includes color plates and a revised and expanded bibliography. Professor Hamilton traces the origins and growth of modern art, assessing the intrinsic qualities of individual works and describing the social forces in play. The result is an authoritative guide through the forest of artistic labels-Impressionism and Expressionism, Symbolism, Cubism, Constructivism, Surrealism, etc.-and to the achievements of Degas and Cezanne, Ensor and Munch, Matisse and Kandinsky, Picasso, Braque, and Epstein, Mondrian, Dali, Modigliani, Utrillo and Chagall, Klee, Henry Moore, and many other artists in a revolutionary age.
1993-01-01 By George Heard Hamilton

Ouvrages en préparation Hans Manfred Bock et Ilja Mieck ( Hrsg . ) : BerlinParis , 1900-1933 . Begegnungsorte , Wahrnehmungsmuster , Infrastrukturprobleme im Vergleich . Berne : Peter Lang ( Convergences , Bd . 12 ) .

Author: Michel Durand

Publisher: Peter Lang

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Clara Viebig (1860-1952), im ersten Drittel des 20. Jahrhunderts unbestritten eine der meistgelesenen deutschen Schriftstellerinnen, hörte kurz nach Hitlers Machtergreifung mit dem Schreiben auf und geriet deshalb weitgehend in Vergessenheit. Die Zahl der Arbeiten, die sich mit ihr befassen, ist gering, auch wenn sich seit den 90er Jahren ein Zuwachs an Interesse abzeichnet. Aus Anlass ihres 50. Todestages hat die Clara-Viebig-Gesellschaft ein internationales Kolloquium veranstaltet, das vom 4.-6. Oktober 2002 in Bad Bertrich stattfand. Dieser Band vereint die Beiträge dieses Treffens, in dessen Rahmen die verschiedensten Aspekte eines erzählerischen Werkes erörtert wurden, das zwar historisch geworden ist, aber nichts von seinem Interesse eingebüßt hat. Die landschaftliche und zeitliche Vielfalt ihrer Erzählungen, die Bedeutung, die sie der sozialen Frage sowie der weiblichen Psychologie beimißt, ergeben ein perspektivisch reichhaltiges Werk - eine der Erklärungen für die Schwierigkeiten bei seiner literaturgeschichtlichen Einordnung. Clara Viebig (1860-1952), qui fut sans conteste l'un des auteurs allemands les plus populaires au cours du premier tiers du XXe siècle, a cessé d'écrire peu après l'avènement du «Troisième Reich» et est depuis largement tombée dans l'oubli. Les travaux qui lui ont été consacrés sont peu nombreux, même si depuis les années 1990 elle semble connaître un regain d'intérêt. Le cinquantième anniversaire de sa mort était donc l'occasion de réunir des spécialistes de cet auteur afin de faire le point sur l'état de la recherche à son sujet au cours d'un colloque international qui s'est tenu à Bad Bertrich du 4 au 6 octobre 2002, sousÿoctobre 2002, sous l'égide de la Clara-Viebig-Gesellschaft. Ce recueil constitue les actes de cette rencontre qui a permis d'aborder des aspects très variés d'une oeuvre narrative historiquement datée, mais qui n'a rien perdu de son intérêt. La diversité des cadres géographiques et temporels, la place dévolue dans ses récits à la question sociale, mais aussi à la psychologie féminine, composent une oeuvre aux perspectives multiples, qui explique sans nul doute la difficulté qu'ont les historiens de la littérature à la classer dans une rubrique précise.
2004 By Michel Durand

Henri Peters - Arnolds Hans Lanser - Ludolff Musical director at original Berlin presentation Leo Zelinsky Length of film 1,703 metres ... Beaucamp , Edouard , Art et vie : métamorphose de l'Expressionisme ' , in Paris Berlin 19001933 ...

Author: British Film Institute

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This illustrated two-volume set is a compendium of more than 50 monographs published by the British Film Institute since 1992. Each entry focuses on a single great film of world cinema, presenting an essay by a prominent critic, novelist, academic, or filmmaker. You will read Camille Paglia on The Birds, Richard Schickel on Double Indemnity , Salman Rushdie on The Wizard of Oz , and many more. Such a spectrum of critics, covering an equally broad selection of films, emphasizes the diversity of ways in which people experience cinema. Film Classics showcases a breadth of styles and approaches to contemporary film criticism, offering informed and lively critiques of some of the most notable works in the history of film.