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contradictions in the classical formulation of the Essene hypothesis . We are urged to go beyond , to build up a more refined Essene hypothesis , one that first of all clarifies the relationship between Qumran and the larger Essene ...

Author: Gabriele Boccaccini

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 0802843603

Category: Religion

Page: 230

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Convincingly argued, this work will surely spark fresh debate in the discussion on the Qumran community and the famous Dead Sea Scrolls.
1998-03-30 By Gabriele Boccaccini

... suggests that the Essenes themselves hardened their attitude towards the Temple on their return to Palestine , and that 6.11-14 refers to their agreement not to frequent the Temple beyond the minimum necessary .

Author: Philip R. Davies


ISBN: UOM:39015028933375

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orders of Jewish mystics until reaching the Essenes , who knew him as Belial . The Essenes , whose texts have been compiled into the Dead Sea Scrolls , referred to Archangel Michael as the “ Lord of Light ” and to his eternal polarity ...

Author: Mark Amaru Pinkham

Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press

ISBN: 1931882029

Category: Philosophy

Page: 100

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Return of the Serpents of Wisdom and Conversations With the Goddess author Pinkham tells us the Truth Behind the Christ Myth and presents radically new information regarding Jesus Christ and his ancient legend, includes: The legend of Jesus Christ is based on a much earlier Son of God myth from India, the legend of Murrugan, the Peacock Angel; The symbol of the Catholic Church is Murrugan's symbol, the peacock, a bird native to south-east Asia; Murrugan evolved into the Persian Mithras, and Mithras evolved into Jesus Christ Saint Paul came from Tarsus, the centre of Mithras worship in Asia Minor. He amalgamated the legend of the Persian Son of God onto Jesus' life story; The Three Wise Men were Magi priests from Persia who believed that Jesus was an incarnation of Mithras; While in India, Saint Thomas became a peacock before he died and merged with Murrugan, the Peacock Angel; The Emperor Constantine, the first 'Christian' Emperor of the Roman Empire, was a lifelong devotee of Mithras. He was baptised Christian on his deathbed; The myth of the One and Only Son of God originated with Murrugan and Mithras.
2002-04 By Mark Amaru Pinkham

Comment by Stuart: The process of dispersing the scrolls seems to have been carried out with typical Essene ... Dead Sea Scrolls is not the totality of Essene knowledge, but only the fragments which the Essenes chose to leave behind, ...

Author: Stuart Wilson

Publisher: Ozark Mountain Publishing

ISBN: 9781886940871

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Eyewitness accounts of the secrets of the mystery school of the Essenes at Qumran; and Jesus' and Joseph of Arimathea's connection with the Essenes. The information was gained through regressive hypnosis.
2005 By Stuart Wilson

Behind your eye, you will find your consciousness awake. Behind the consciousness, you can meet a new soul sensitivity. Behind the soul, you will discover the virgin earth, the fertile earth, the land promised ...

Author: Olivier Manitara

Publisher: Éditions Essénia


Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Throughout the ages, the Essenes have been a people across all peoples, a family of souls that has kept alive the religion of Light on earth. Religion is the bond of life that unites man to the divine world, that allows him to know himself, to weave good relations with his family and with all the kingdoms of nature. The religion of the Light, or Essene religion, does not belong to any people; it is only divine. It is the superior intelligence that guides men in wisdom and true royalty.
2019-09-19 By Olivier Manitara

And not only the Essenes: first century Christians of Jewish background had reverted, Graves says, to worshipping these universal letter-powers, which entailed slavish observance of the calendar. The series of 'I have been' and 'I was' ...

Author: Greg O'Shea

Publisher: Australian Self Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781925477115

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John’s Gospel and the Formula behind the Myth of Jesus is about a set of ideas that largely dictated the form and content of John’s Gospel, and profoundly influenced the three Synoptic Gospels. Far from the simple narrative it seems to be, John’s Gospel is a highly complex work geared to the depiction of Jesus as a type of cosmic figure. To this end its author draws on astrology, the annual cycle of Jewish festivals, symbolism taken from the Qabalah, and a section of Genesis. The book examines clues that Qabalah and Hellenestic astrology were already in existence at the time of writing of Genesis. John’s Gospel and the Formula behind the Myth of Jesus also looks at evidence that the true nature of John's Gospel has been known for some time.
2016-01-01 By Greg O'Shea

Josephus, who claimed to have lived with the Essenes for a period, describes the tradition in some detail: “These men are despisers of riches, and so very communicative as raises our admiration. Nor is there any one to be found among ...

Author: John Pickard

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781481783637

Category: Religion

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There has never been a more important time for a study of the social, economic, and political origins of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the three important world religions that share a common root. This book adopts a Marxist, that is a materialist, view of human development, so it takes as its starting point the idea that gods, angels, miracles, and other supernatural phenomena do not exist in the real world and therefore cannot be taken as explanations for the origin and rise of these faiths. It looks instead at the material conditions at appropriate periods in antiquity and the social and economic forces that were at work, to outline the real foundations of these three doctrines. In doing so, it challenges the historicity of key figures like Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed. This is a unique book that draws on the research, knowledge, and expertise of hundreds of historians, archaeologists, and scholars to create a new synthesis that is both coherent and completely based on a materialist world outlook. It is a book written by an unbeliever for other unbelievers as a contribution to a discussion among atheists and secularists as to the real origins of the so-called Abramic faiths. It will be a revelatory read, even to those already firmly of an atheist or secularist persuasion, underpinning their nonreligious views, and it will provide a valuable resource for all those who might be coming to question the hold that organized religion has had on human society.
2013-02-26 By John Pickard

As we saw, Philo appears to indicate that marriage is something for younger men, and the men he considers as exemplary are elderly and beyond the impulses of passion. In the same way that Philo's presentation of Essenes who have moved ...

Author: Joan E. Taylor

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198709749

Category: Religion

Page: 440

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Ever since the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in caves near the site of Qumran in 1947, this mysterious cache of manuscripts has been associated with the Essenes, a "sect" configured as marginal and isolated. Scholarly consensus has held that an Essene library was hidden ahead of the Roman advance in 68 CE, when Qumran was partly destroyed. With much doubt now expressed about aspects of this view, The Essenes, the Scrolls and the Dead Sea systematically reviews the surviving historical sources, and supports an understanding of the Essenes as an influential legal society, at the centre of Judaean religious life, held in much esteem by many and protected by the Herodian dynasty, thus appearing as "Herodians" in the Gospels. Opposed to the Hasmoneans, the Essenes combined sophisticated legal expertise and autonomy with an austere regimen of practical work, including a specialisation in medicine and pharmacology. Their presence along the north-western Dead Sea is strongly indicated by two independent sources, Dio Chrysostom and Pliny the Elder, and coheres with the archaeology. The Dead Sea Scrolls represent not an isolated library, quickly hidden, but burials of manuscripts from numerous Essene collections, placed in jars in caves for long-term preservation. The historical context of the Dead Sea area itself, and its extraordinary natural resources, as well as the archaeology of Qumran, confirm the Essenes' patronage by Herod, and indicate that they harnessed the medicinal material the Dead Sea zone provides to this day.
2014-12-14 By Joan E. Taylor

Now, I can tell you that I was informed in the Essene Community that the Essene rabbis in our towns and villages have been authorized to forgive a man and a ... The Lord preached for an hour until the sun began to set behind the hills.

Author: Rev. Ralph F. De Flores

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781480937154

Category: Fiction

Page: 456

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Jesus and the Essenes By: Rev. Ralph F. De Flores Jesus and the Essenes: The Untold Story is the second part of a trilogy relative to the life of Jesus and his loved ones. It provides the reader with some idea of what Jesus’ relations with the Essenes might have been like. Also, this historic novel may give you an insight as to why the Essenes were left out of the New Testament. After reading about the Essenes in the December 1958 issue of National Geographic, Rev. Ralph F. De Flores turned his attention to the New Testament to see what the writers of the New Testament had to say about that important Jewish sect during Jesus’ era. He was surprised to discover the Essenes were “left out” of the New Testament. That discovery resulted in him spending countless hours researching whatever he could discover about that interesting Jewish sect whose monastery wise men wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls. Let the story begin. This historic novel may prove interesting to people who like to read novels that deal with Jesus’ era.
2017-09-12 By Rev. Ralph F. De Flores

... degree of agreement between the scrolls and Josephus ' testimony concerning the Essenes , nothing further will be ... disappeared without leaving building remains or even potsherds behind ; the other , systematically ignored by the ...

Author: Todd S. Beall

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521609410

Category: Religion

Page: 212

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This study provides an analysis and commentary on Josephus' description of the Essenes in the light of the new material from Qumran. A fresh translation is provided alongside the Greek text of the passages in Josephus, as well as a full commentary on the major passages in which he describes this group.
2004-12-23 By Todd S. Beall