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Because adults need to have fun too! Challenge yourself and your friends to complete as many bucket lists as you can while creating a colorful book to remember your efforts. From good wine to hot peppers, this book has it all.

Author: B LeRoux


ISBN: 1034687425


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Because adults need to have fun too! Challenge yourself and your friends to complete as many bucket lists as you can while creating a colorful book to remember your efforts. From good wine to hot peppers, this book has it all. Enjoy responsibly!
2021-04 By B LeRoux

Because Life's too Short to Drink Bad Wine Helen McGinn ... Red wine doesn't usually work that well with chocolate, unless it is a big, rich, almost chocolatey New World red (try a smart Australian Shiraz or South African Pinotage), ...

Author: Helen McGinn

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9780230771628

Category: Cooking

Page: 272

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'Love love love this book. It doesn't just simplify wine, it simplifies life. Essential reading.' – India Knight Do you frequently panic in the wine aisle and end up reaching for the same old thing. Every. Single. Time? Have you found yourself picking the bottle with the nicest-looking label? Do you automatically pick the second-cheapest wine on the list? Are you looking to extend your wine horizons beyond Pinot Grigio? You need The Knackered Mother’s Wine Guide. Come and explore the wonderful world of wine with drinks expert Helen McGinn. With tips on how to make the right wine choices for every occasion, from children’s parties (because adults need something fizzy too) to planning a wedding or matching wine with food, this book will help you to choose with confidence. Learn what to look for in the discount deals and discover the can’t-go-wrong crowd-pleasers, perfect reds to go with your Sunday roast, the best wine to drink with chocolate, plus some unexpected suggestions for your next night in. Wine is about far more than just what's in the glass (although that's important too); it brings us together and helps us to find a moment to stop, connect and share stories. This crash-course guide will help you know what to look for in fridge-door whites, store cupboard reds so that you can make the most of time spent together to raise a glass for a special occasion, or wind-down when the kids have finally gone to bed. Because life's too short to drink bad wine.
2013-02-14 By Helen McGinn

2 Prop yourself up to form a bridge using your toes and forearms. 3 Maintain a flat back and do not allow your hips to drop towards the ground. The first time you try this, hold for fifteen seconds, then increase to thirty, ...

Author: Grace Saunders

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780755361847

Category: Self-Help

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Bills, boyfriends, Bikram yoga... nobody said life was easy. But you can make it a whole lot less stressful with this ingenious guide to modern life. In LIFE'S TOO SHORT, Grace Saunders shares her shortcuts to success at work, at home and at play, along with terrific tips from those in the know. Whether you're a single lady, a committed career woman or a mega-busy mum, this book should be your bible. Need a quick fix for... How to plan a wedding without becoming Bridezilla. How to find jeans that don't give you a massive muffin-top. How to move house without having a nervous breakdown. How to ease that agonising shoe spending guilt? Sit back and relax. LIFE'S TOO SHORT is just what you've been looking for.
2011-09-29 By Grace Saunders

All alone, trying to raise four kids, one with severe physical and mental limitations, few of us would have given her much hope for surviving, much less flourishing in this life...and yet, she did. Can you imagine that occasionally, ...

Author: Dave Smith

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595374236

Category: Humor

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Life's too Short to Be an Underdog is the story of a boy and his dog and another dog and yet another one well, several more after that.Author Dave Smith boldly reveals the sometimes confusing, occasionally tragic, but always amusing history of the "Smith Family Dog Curse". For so many years the family was denied in their attempts to cultivate a lasting bond with any dogs because of a series of mysterious events.In the midst of the family's pain and heartache, one dog managed to beat the curse and became the inspiration of many spiritual insights for his beloved master. Dave opens up the family history book and invites you to laugh along, secretly hoping it doesn't cost him the vast family inheritance.Life's too Short to Be an Underdog is a book to share with friends, family, pet lovers, the criminally insane, and anyone else who knows how to read. It will bring smiles to faces of those who remember their own favorite doggie memories and challenge them to look for God's leading in the little things of life even in the sometimes bizarre antics of a little dog named Ballpark.
2005-12 By Dave Smith

At age 39 I decided to quit my lucrative job and try to become a publisher. Life seemed too short to live and die just to make money. The whole experience was like a dream; one successful medical newspaper followed another; ...

Author: Judy Warner

Publisher: Weiser Books

ISBN: 1609257561

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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This wonderful book is a collection of stories by people whose lives have been transformed by Sathya Sai Baba. Written with warmth and compassion, these stories provide a unique and personal glimpse of Sai Baba, one of the most impressive men of miracles to appear for centuries. These personal narratives, written by people who share our normal, everyday lives, show how true spiritual awakening occurred for each of them. A musthave introduction to the basic teaching of Sathya Sai Baba.
1990-07-01 By Judy Warner

They also serve meaty pork spareribs by weight, so you can try just one rib if you want. (Mike Mills, barbecue legend and owner of 17th Street Bar and Grill in southern Illinois, says: “Life is too short for a half rack.

Author: Wes Berry

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 9780813141800

Category: Cooking

Page: 384

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Kentucky's culinary fame may have been built on bourbon and fried chicken, but the Commonwealth has much to offer the barbecue thrill-seeker. The Kentucky Barbecue Book is a feast for readers who are eager to sample the finest fare in the state. From the banks of the Mississippi to the hidden hollows of the Appalachian Mountains, author and barbecue enthusiast Wes Berry hit the trail in search of the best smoke, the best flavor, and the best pitmasters he could find. This handy guide presents the most succulent menus and colorful personalities in Kentucky. While other states are better known for their 'cue, the Kentucky style is distinct because of its use of mutton and traditional cooking methods. Many of the establishments featured in this book are dedicated to the time-honored craft of cooking over hot hardwood coals inside cinderblock pits. Time intensive and dangerous, these traditions are disappearing as methods requiring less manpower, less wood, and less skill gain ground. Pick up a copy of this book and hit the road before these great places are gone.
2013-03-01 By Wes Berry

Eight attempts meant that after trying them on for the first time, Robert might say the glove was too tight on the right thumb, and then the glove had to be made again with the thumb a millimetre wider. Then he might notice that with ...

Author: Ronald Reng

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781446499023

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 400

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WINNER OF THE WILLIAM HILL SPORTS BOOK OF THE YEAR WINNER OF THE BRITISH SPORTS BOOK AWARDS FOOTBALL BOOK OF THE YEAR Why does an international footballer with the world at his feet decide to take his own life? On 10 November 2009 the German national goalkeeper, Robert Enke, stepped in front of a passing train. He was thirty-two years old and a devoted husband and father. Enke had played for a string of Europe's top clubs, including Barcelona and Jose Mourinho's Benfica and was destined to become his country's first choice in goal for years to come. But beneath the veneer of success, Enke battled with crippling depression. Award-winning writer Ronald Reng pieces together the puzzle of his friend's life, shedding valuable light on the crushing pressures endured by professional sportsmen and on life at the top clubs. At its heart, Enke's tragedy is a universal story of a man struggling against his demons. ‘It should be on every British football fan's reading list’ Metro
2011-09-29 By Ronald Reng

Life Is What We Make It David W. Dorris. be rewarded through our actions, even ifwe don't do everything as God expects, because we are not perfect and he forgives us of our sins. Only God can play God, and he is the only one who knows ...

Author: David W. Dorris

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 9781617774126

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 181

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Learn how to approach life's problem and how making the right choices is easier than you may think.
2011-07 By David W. Dorris

'Go ahead,' said Jorrocks,'but this time try using a little bit more top rudder and concentrate on keeping the nose level with the ... My apprehension was well founded for, as we zoomed into a loop, the queasy feeling engulfed me again; ...

Author: Tim Vigors

Publisher: Grub Street Publishers

ISBN: 9781908117830

Category: History

Page: 192

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A newly discovered “exhilarating and moving memoir” of an RAF fighter pilot in World War II (Daily Mail). It is not often that a long-hidden gem of a manuscript is published, bringing a moment in WWII history to vivid life for today’s readers. Geoffrey Wellum’s First Light was one example. The memoir of Timothy Vigors is another. Born in Hatfield but raised in Ireland and educated at Eton and Cranwell, Vigors found himself in France in 1940 flying Fairey Battle bombers. After the Fall he joined the fighters of 222 Squadron, with whom he saw frantic and distinguished service over Dunkirk and persevered through the dangerous days of the Battle of Britain, when he became an ace. Vigors transferred to the Far East in January 1941 as a flight commander with 243, then to 453 Squadron RAAF, and on December 10 of that year he led a flight of Buffaloes to cover the sinking Prince of Wales and Repulse. Dramatically shot down, burnt and attacked on his parachute, he was evacuated to Java, and from there, to India. As he describes these experiences in his handwritten account, the author provides a fascinating and valuable record, a newly discovered personal narrative of air combat destined to be seen as a classic.
2007-01-31 By Tim Vigors

Lessons from an Epic Friendship That Went the Distance Susan Lacke ... I tried—and failed—to contain the fit of giggles that bubbled up from my belly. It was all so ridiculous. ... “Hey, babe,” he said as he leaned in for a quick kiss.

Author: Susan Lacke

Publisher: VeloPress

ISBN: 9781937716936

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 184

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Susan and Carlos were unlikely friends. She was a young, overweight college professor and a bit of a trainwreck—juggling a divorce, a pack-a-day habit, and hiding empty boxes of wine under her bed. He was her boss, an Ironman triathlete, with life figured out. She was a whiner, he was a hard-ass. He had his shit together, she most assuredly did not. Trash-talking workouts, breakdowns, a devastating diagnosis—this heartwarming story of training buddies reveals a deep and abiding friendship that traversed life, sport, and everything in between. Their journey reveals the inspiring power of sports and friendship to change lives forever. Amusing and poignant, Life’s Too Short To Go So F*cking Slow is about running and triathlon, growth and heartbreak, and an epic friendship that went the distance.
2017-11-06 By Susan Lacke