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This practical handbook empowers the reader to carry out a survey on their own boat, or one they are thinking of buying, before calling in the expensive professionals.

Author: Dag Pike

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781472903679

Category: Sports & Recreation

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This practical handbook empowers the reader to carry out a survey on their own boat, or one they are thinking of buying, before calling in the expensive professionals.
2014-12-16 By Dag Pike

sure if this arrogance is due to your perceived collective wrong done to the public
by marine surveyors (which you feel uniquely ... SUSAN ALLEN Daytona Beach,
Florida To make your own day, get your Joe 1 Q, ; Alarinc Equipment § Tackle ...





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Chapman School Learn At The Helm * Professional Mariner Training — 12
weeks * Yacht and Small Boat Surveying — 6 weeks * Recreational Boating — 2
weeks * Boat ... Or become an expert sailor on your own boat — we sail with you.





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HV K Circumstances prevent my taking you out . HVL I cannot quit my station to
take you out . V M My Crew are too fatigued to take you out . HVN If you wish to
be taken out you will have to come in your own boat . HV . P Too much sea to
take ...



ISBN: BL:A0019033058

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"--SAIL "Thoroughly studying this book will enable you to inspect your own boat, identify problems and formulate an effective maintenance program.

Author: Henry C. Mustin

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0070442487

Category: Sports & Recreation

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Since the late 1950s, when the first "plastic" sailboat shocked the New York Boat Show, fiberglass boatbuilding has gone through classic growing pains. Longtime yacht broker and marine surveyor Henry Mustin has seen it all: the slow acceptance of those early, heavy boats; the market boom of the lighter boats of the 1970s; the "boat pox" scare of the 1980s; and the continued lack of industry standards that makes buying and owning a fiberglass boat an adventure. In Surveying Fiberglass Sailboats Mustin explains what to watch for in a used sailboat from each era, and how to ferret out the hidden defects in any boat. He shows how to estimate the cost of repairs and the value of a boat. And he addresses the question: When is a fiberglass boat too used up to save? Mustin's part-by-part look at hull, deck, rig, and machinery is both a minicourse for transforming used-boat shopping from a game of craps to a science, and the first step in a holistic boat maintenance program. His discussion of the significance of cracks found in aging hulls and decks is the most thorough in print. He is not shy in assessing the lack of regulation of professional surveyors, nor does he shrink from pointing a finger at shoddy building practices. Having a used boat surveyed is a critical prelude to buying it. Yet a professional survey is expensive--several hundred dollars. Surveying Fiberglass Sailboats will enable you to conduct your own surveys while narrowing the field, then monitor a professional surveyor's performance when selecting your target boat. The inside story on surveying fiberglass boats. No sailor should be without it. Praise for Surveying Fiberglass Sailboats: "A concisely written primer for sailors considering purchasing a used boat, preparing for extended cruising, or seeking guidelines for an ongoing maintenance program. . . . Mustin is adept at distilling often highly involved subjects, so you should be able to learn the fundamentals of evaluating a vessel's major structures, systems, and equipment."--SAIL "Thoroughly studying this book will enable you to inspect your own boat, identify problems and formulate an effective maintenance program. Plus, if you plan to buy either a used or new fiberglass sailboat, this book should help you reduce your cost."--Ensign ". . . long-time professional boat surveyor Mustin shares his experience in a compact, easy-to-reference handbook . . . This slender volume provides the foundation for a holistic boat maintenance program, making it as valuable for owners as it is for buyers."--Rhode Island Boating I would like to have had Surveying Fiberglass Sailboats . . . when I was in the market for a boat . . . Mustin takes prospective buyers on a detailed tour of boat materials, structures, rigging systems and construction techniques, illustrating . . . the potential weaknesses to watch out for--anything from blisters and stress cracks to corrosion."--Grand Rapids Press
1994-01-22 By Henry C. Mustin

One boat ( my own ) has a cosswain and four men ; the next , Mr. Collier's , has a
coxswain and three men ; and the other boat , for the use of the Collector and the
Landing Surveyor , has two men - making eleven men in all . 23.

Author: New South Wales. Parliament. Legislative Council


ISBN: STANFORD:36105119245863

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Construction Supervised Operations Not Confined to Vicinity of Philadelphia
Shoal Draft Vessels a Specialty Rooms 305-307 Insurance ... JOHN B.
MATTHEWS A. C. RIMMER Consulting Engineer Marine Surveyor Consulting
Engineer , Naval Architect Marine Surveyor Designer of Turbines , Diesel Oil ...
We use your own bearings and guarantee you a saving over 80 % in



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In respect to the quality of the boat , sufficiency of crew , and outfit , and the safety
of the lading , our reliance is jointly upon your personal inspection , and the
certificate of the Flat Boat Surveyor . ... the Agent shall also be satisfied from his
own knowledge , and from other reliable sources within his reach , that the pilot is
a man of integrity and skill in the business ; that the boat is to have a sufficient
number ...



ISBN: NYPL:33433075946941

Category: Marine insurance

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The finest instructors available and a beautiful location on the coast of Maine
make Wooden Boat School an exciting learning ... of Boatbuilding Finishing out
the Haven 12 % Building the Core Marine Diesel Repair Building Your Own
Willow Sea Kayak Building Your Own ... Practical Boat Joinery Glued - Lapstrake
Plywood Construction Finishing Out Small Boats Surveying of Wooden Boats
Surveying of ...



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Category: Boatbuilding


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6 28 6 8 ALLINGHAM ( W. ) , Navigation and Meteorology , 19 ANGLIN ( S. ) ,
Design of Structures , BARKER ( D. WILSON- ) ... C. ) , Assaying , BLACKMORE (
E. ) , British Mercantile Marine , 19 BLOUNT ( B. ) and BLOXAM ( A.G. ) ;
Chemistry for ... Iron , 46 WALTON ( T. ) , Know Your Own Ship , 19 , 47

Author: Bennett Hooper Brough


ISBN: UCAL:$B315489

Category: Mine surveying

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survey and your honest assessment of your own abilities to ferret out and
recognize problems ( and potential solutions to ... For new boats over 40 feet ,
particularly custom - built boats , a surveyor may inspect the hull not once but
several ...

Author: Steve Henkel

Publisher: International Marine Publishing Company

ISBN: 0877423156

Category: Boats and boating

Page: 307

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1991-09 By Steve Henkel

... listen between the lines of what you tell them , and by studying your reaction to
boats that they show you , will help you refine your own criteria and standards .
SURVEYS The best way to save grief on the purchase of any used boat more
complicated than a Sunfish or a Windsurfer is ... There are professional
organizations of marine surveyors , but the profession is not regulated or even
self - regulated .

Author: Ronald Florence

Publisher: Harpercollins

ISBN: PSU:000060363145

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 374

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Gives advice on selecting gear, sails, tackle, and instruments, and discusses boating safety, hydraulics, plumbing, wiring, and storage
1986 By Ronald Florence

... either by your own boat ' s crew , or those under your command . No grog is
allowed . Your meals will be taken in time to get to your surveying duties by
seven o ' clock in the morning , and you will continue them until 5 P . M . , when
you will ...

Author: Charles Wilkes


ISBN: OXFORD:N10627329

Category: Antarctica


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1856 By Charles Wilkes

Inspections and Surveys As it obviously costs a great deal of money to have a full
scale survey carried out on a boat it is as well to make as close an examination
as possible of a likely secondhand ( or new ) boat for yourself before calling in ...

Author: Colin Jarman

Publisher: Adlard Coles

ISBN: 0229117198

Category: Boats and boating

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1985 By Colin Jarman

CALL TOLL FREE: (800)237-4086 VISA - COD - MASTERCARD, ruc Transport
Your Boat Inexpensively by Air-Ride ... Points South" Wort of Caff ' Yacht
Transport Inc. Hanover Park, Illinois 1-800-922-8332 RICHARD J. FACHINI
Marine Surveyor ... AshLwwJ Wl 54801 1-800-243-WITC JL0C J ****** BE YOUR
OWN BOSS Custom Fabricate Boat Canvas, Training Workshop and Video
Library available.



ISBN: UOM:39015048090776

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This financial profile is actually better than that of the full - time yacht captain ,
because you will make that in six to eight ... with deliveries , because you must be
able to be your own surveyor anyway , each time you get on a boat to deliver .

Author: John Rains


ISBN: 0915160994

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 296

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Explains how to prepare a boat for a long voyage, discusses practical aspects of the yacht delivery business, and covers navigation, weather, safety, and morale
1989 By John Rains

MARINE SURVEYING MAS - 1 Fiberglass boat survey manual / Arthur Edmunds .
Clinton Corners , N . Y ... Order from : 46002 Useful for owners making their own
surveys , owners hiring a surveyor and professional surveyors . MAS - 2 Marine ...



ISBN: UVA:35007000488076

Category: Boats and boating

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1992 By

When you ' ve found the boat you want , be prepared to plunk down a small (
usually 10 per cent ) downpayment as " earnest ” money - subject always to an “
okay ” from your own surveyor . Go to a neighboring town to get your surveyor ,
even ...

Author: David Kendall

Publisher: Doubleday Books

ISBN: UOM:39015002070905

Category: Boats and boating

Page: 212

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1975 By David Kendall

The broker will arrange all details of the transfer of title , including custom - house
routine , and at the same time will make the ... THE MARINE SURVEYOR
Whether or not you utilize a broker's services in locating your boat , remember
that you ...

Author: Morley Cooper


ISBN: UOM:39015023166351

Category: Yachting

Page: 206

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How to select, outfit and handle small sail and power craft for inshore or offshore cruising.
1945 By Morley Cooper

Telltale signs of seaworthiness If you know your way around boats and want to
do your own shopping , you know that the age of a ... Note : Never buy a used
boat over five years old until it has been examined by a professional boat
surveyor .



ISBN: UOM:39015013485670

Category: Business


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