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It sure beats mowing! Backyard Water Gardensanswers your questions about designing, building, maintaining, planting, and even stocking fish. This is the place to get your feet wet on the road to successful water gardening.

Author: Veronica Fowler

Publisher: Strange Chemistry

ISBN: 9781591865537

Category: Gardening

Page: 178

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Backyard Water Gardens is a complete overview of everything you need to know in order to create a backyard water feature, from ideas, to installation, to maintaining, to stocking with plants and fish.
2013-04-08 By Veronica Fowler

Ortho's All About Garden Pools and Fountains, by Veronica Larson Fowler. Ortho Books, 1999. Quick and Easy Container Water Gardens, by Philip Swindells. Storey Books, 1998. SOMA Basics Water Features, by David Stevens.

Author: Lee Anne White

Publisher: Taunton Press

ISBN: 9781561588770

Category: House & Home

Page: 179

View: 825

Lavishly illustrated with inspirational full-color photographs, a detailed manual presents a wide array of ponds, streams, pools, stairs, fountains, urns, and other water features for the outdoor landscape, along with practical tips on design, placement, siting, installation, construction, and maintenance. Original. 25,000 first printing.
2008 By Lee Anne White

Much more than simply a book on water gardens, this is the book for do-it-yourselfers who want to make beautiful outdoor water projects. * Sixteen unique projects for both novice and more experienced do-it-yourselfers * Complete, easy-to ...

Author: Alan Bridgewater

Publisher: Storey Kids

ISBN: 1580173349

Category: Gardening

Page: 128

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It's never been easier for gardeners to add the spark and serenity of water to their own landscapes. Garden centers and flower shows provide both the tools and inspiration, and this book will give readers the know-how. Includes 16 projects, from simple to more advanced: a classic wall-mounted fountain spout, cascades, garden ponds, witty water sculptures, and more. Full-color photos & illustrations.
2001-01 By Alan Bridgewater

Introducing water gardens Water will transform a garden, bringing it magically to life. It has many assets, but perhaps its greatest is its versatility. Whatever the size of your outdoor space, there are water features to suit the ...

Author: Alan Titchmarsh

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781448141579

Category: Gardening

Page: 96

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Water will bring a garden miraculously to life, drawing the eye more than any other feature. When still, its shimmering reflections create a peaceful mood, while moving water animates the garden scene and delights with its mesmerizing sounds. In this definitive guide, Alan shows you how to design and make a water feature to suit any size and style of garden, from a large wildlife pond, stream or rill to the tiniest pebble or wall fountain. * Easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step diagrams * A–Z directory of Alan’s recommended pond and waterside plants * Guide to choosing and caring for fish * Key tips on encouraging wildlife to your pond * Season-by-season guide to pond maintenance
2013-12-16 By Alan Titchmarsh

I was talking about gardening with a friend, who is an avid gardener, when we got onto the topic of water Gardens. Her immediate reaction was “how do you make a water garden in a limited space, especially in congested cities.

Author: Dueep J. Singh

Publisher: Mendon Cottage Books

ISBN: 9781310118432

Category: Gardening

Page: 42

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A Beginner’s Guide to Water Gardens Table of Contents Introduction Growing Plants in Your Water Garden Siting Your Pool Formal and Informal Water Gardens Shallow Pools or Deep Pools? Different Types of Pools Concrete Pools How to Make Your Own Pond Prefabricated Pools Miscellaneous Containers Polythene Sheeting Stream Gardens Bog Gardens Using a Tub as a Water Garden Planting in Containers Winter Care of Pools Planting Your Pools No Organic Materials! Growing Water Lilies Maintenance and Care Cleaning Your Pond Planting Aquatic Plants Planting Oxygenators Best Planting Time Livestock in Your Pool Discolored Water Suggested Plants for Your Pool Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction I was talking about gardening with a friend, who is an avid gardener, when we got onto the topic of water Gardens. Her immediate reaction was “how do you make a water garden in a limited space, especially in congested cities. Water gardens are only for those houses built in really wide-open spaces, and plenty of land where you can go high, wide and free, making a water garden.” Unfortunately, that is the mindset of a number of people out there, who are under the impression that you need plenty of land in which to make a water garden. That is because the moment you say this word water garden, you visualize a huge pool, in which a number of exotic plant species float. You may also find some Koi goldfish moving leisurely to and fro, and people appreciating that garden while walking around it leisurely of an evening. Well, that may be all right for a hotel lobby, where no expenses are spared. However, ordinary water gardens can be made right in your back yard, in the limited space, and with a little bit of creative gardening. I told my friend that a water garden could be made in the amount of space, in which she wanted to erect a water fountain, and she blinked. What is the fun of a small water garden was her immediate response. I replied, “Just think about it. After all, you are planting some attractive plant species which are growing in water. This is a contrast to the plants growing on land. You do not have any kids, and you do not have any pets which may find them taking a ducking in that water garden. So think about it. ” She did. And now she has a small water garden in her backyard. It has water lilies and lotuses goldfish and even tadpoles in it. Also a Walt Disney statue of Snow white’s pal Dopey looking at his reflection in his typical dopey fashion. The idea of water gardening is definitely not a modern concept. Since millenniums, water gardens have been a part of garden layouts. Be they the palaces of Caesar, in Greece, or a castle in Spain, or a manor in Britain or perhaps the palace of Kublai Khan, you could be certain that there would be a water garden built there, and tended carefully and lovingly by all the gardeners.
2015-01-08 By Dueep J. Singh

Our thanks to Kibbe and Simone Turner and to Craig Tufts for contributions to the section on attracting wildlife to a backyard water garden . We wish to express our great appreciation for the invaluable suggestions offered by Ray ...

Author: Jacqueline Heriteau

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0395709350

Category: Gardening

Page: 250

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Water plants and accessories are the fastest-growing segment of the nursery business. This book, coauthored by the president of the International Water Lily Society (and owner of the country's largest aquatic nursery) is the definitive resource for North American gardeners. Full-color illustrations.
1996-02 By Jacqueline Heriteau

GARDENING: BEYOND. THE. BIRDBATH. T. Picture a serene backyard pond filled with blooming water lilies and lotuses. ... Following is the good, the bad, and the ugly about water gardens, at least as far as backyard birding is concerned.

Author: Deborah L. Martin

Publisher: Rodale

ISBN: 9781605299259

Category: Nature

Page: 386

View: 118

A guide to backyard birding that covers seeds, feeders, plants, landscape features, big-eating birds, hosting hummingbirds, bird behavior, and other related topics.
2008-01-01 By Deborah L. Martin

... the blood was part inspired by the examination of sluices and other garden water features in Italy and elsewhere (Boyle , ). In terms of a more general structural and indeed symbolic approach to creating a thinking space the gardens ...

Author: Stephen Wass

Publisher: Windgather Press

ISBN: 9781914427183

Category: Social Science

Page: 212

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Based on a decade of archaeological investigation and historical research, this book tells the story of the Copes of Hanwell Castle in north Oxfordshire and the creation of a garden with links to the development of scientific thinking in Oxford in the late seventeenth century. New research using Robert Plot’s Natural History of Oxfordshire as a starting point has uncovered details of a remarkable family and their rise and tragic downfall, their social circle, that included some great names in the development of early scientific thinking, and their garden that in effect became a place dedicated to the wonders of technology. The complex tale weaves together the activities of a royalist agent, Richard Allestree, a prodigious musician, Thomas Baltzar, John Claridge, a Hanwell Shepherd with a penchant for weather forecasting, and Sir Anthony Cope who in an atmosphere of secrecy and distrust began to gather together a community that eventually was named by Plot as The New Atlantis, a reference to a book published earlier in the century by Sir Francis Bacon in which he suggests a model for a Utopian science-focused society. The book also chronicles the program of archaeological excavation that has uncovered several unusual garden features and, most significantly of all, describes in detail the unique collection of seventeenth-century terracotta garden urns, an assemblage that is unparalleled in post-medieval archaeology. This collection was destroyed in a single episode of vandalism around 1675 and has been preserved in deeply buried deposits of mud and silt. Their analysis and reconstruction is opening new insights into the decorative schemes of seventeenth-century gardens. There is coverage of other gardens of the period and their surviving features as well as an examination of early science and how gardens impacted on its development in many ways.
2022-11-30 By Stephen Wass

From ponds and water features to the best aquatic plants, Alan Titchmarsh presents the complete practical guide to making the most of water in your garden.

Author: Alan Titchmarsh

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781849902236

Category: Gardening

Page: 98

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From ponds and water features to the best aquatic plants, Alan Titchmarsh presents the complete practical guide to making the most of water in your garden.
2013-03-14 By Alan Titchmarsh

Herons and Water Gardens Any size and shape of water garden may attract herons . If your backyard pool is full of prize koi or your children's pet frogs , you may not want herons to visit . To discourage herons from coming near your ...

Author: Sally Roth

Publisher: Rodale

ISBN: 0875967906

Category: Nature

Page: 330

View: 410

Describes how to create an asthetically-pleasing natural setting that will not only attract birds, but will also provide them with food and shelter
1998-10-15 By Sally Roth