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Next to each of the recipe titles in this book, you will find the newly created Baby Cakes NYC Piece of Cake rating system. It is the answer to everything you're wondering. In this system you will find miniature pieces of cake lined up ...

Author: Erin McKenna

Publisher: Clarkson Potter

ISBN: 9780307952622

Category: Cooking

Page: 144

View: 201

For those with food sensitivities, these desserts have remained a distant dream—until now. Following her widely adored debut cookbook with this delectable and extensive new collection, Erin McKenna, celebrated baker and proprietress of BabyCakes NYC in New York and Los Angeles, satisfies all your food fantasies with fifty recipes for perennial favorites—all created without gluten, dairy, eggs, or refined sugar. In addition to its important primer on key ingredients and easy substitutions, BabyCakes Covers the Classics includes a section filled with Erin’s insightful solutions to frequently asked questions, which will lead you to newfound baking glory. As for the goods themselves, prepare for untold hours of refreshingly simple and undeniably delicious recipes adapted from the ones that sprinkled our collective childhoods. They include: Thin Mints Madeleines Chocolate Chip Waffles Snickerdoodles S’mores Hamentaschen Square-Pan Tomato Pizza Six-Layer Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Preserves Banana Royale Five variations of BabyCakes NYC’s famous donuts & many more . . . BabyCakes Covers the Classics is filled with timeless sweet and savory temptations that vegans, celiacs, and the health-minded can safely indulge in. Erin shows people of all stripes how to take control of a vegan, gluten-free pantry, and she proves that once you do, there are no limitations to what you can bake.
2011-04-12 By Erin McKenna

From BabyCakes Covers the Classics (Clarkson Potter, 2011), by Erin McKenna BabyCakes NYC founder Erin McKenna suggested her Black- and-White Cookie recipe for The Unofficial Girls Guide to New York. Although the cookie, she says, ...

Author: Judy Gelman

Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.

ISBN: 9781939529343

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 288

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Visit Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna's favorite haunts in The Unofficial Girls Guide to New York. More than just a travel guide, The Unofficial Girls Guide to New York delivers an in-depth look at Girls' physical and cultural landscape. Stop in at Café Grumpy and learn how to make a French press coffee the way Ray and Hannah would Go behind the scenes at Greenhouse, where Hannah and Elijah spend a night out, and meet “iPad DJs" AndrewAndrew Recreate Jessa and Thomas-John's Foundry wedding cake, with buttercream icing made from local NYC rooftop honey Tour the Salmagundi Club, site of Hannah's cringeworthy reading and one of the city's oldest and most prestigious art and literary associations Shop Girls-style in the West Village, Nolita, and beyond Plus a lot more, from Greenpoint to Greenwich Village, and Bushwick warehouse parties to the Lower East Side gallery scene It's the best way to visit Girls' New York without paying for a plane ticket—or the perfect complement to your next trip. Featuring 18 maps, 21 recipes, and more than 100 full-color photos
2013-11-19 By Judy Gelman

From BabyCakes Covers the Classics (Clarkson Potter, 2011), by Erin McKenna BabyCakes NYC founder Erin McKenna suggested her Blackand-White Cookie recipe for The Unofficial Girls Guide to New York. Although the cookie, she says, ...

Author: Judy Gelman

Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.

ISBN: 9781942952381

Category: Cooking

Page: 164

View: 470

Eat and drink your way through New York with Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna in The Unofficial HBO's Girls Cookbook. This e-book contains nearly two-dozen recipes connected to the HBO hit show Girls: Stop in at Café Grumpy and learn how to make a French press coffee the way Ray and Hannah would Recreate Jessa and Thomas-John's Foundry wedding cake, with buttercream icing made from local NYC rooftop honey Bake up the Salmagundi Club's chocolate chip cookies, like the one Hannah nibbles on after her cringeworthy reading at the prestigious art and literary association Try your hand at authentic pierogies from Christina's Polish Restaurant, a short walk from Hannah's Greenpoint apartment And more—from Brooklyn Pad Thai and Jessa's White Russian to BabyCakes Black-and-White Cookies and Baked Eggs Warwick Style It's the best way to get a taste of Girls' New York without paying for a plane ticket.
2015-10-06 By Judy Gelman

—ERIN MCKENNA, CHEF AND FOUNDER OF BABYCAKES NYC, AUTHOR OF BABYCAKES AND BABYCAKES COVERS THE CLASSICS “In this fun book, John Schlimm makes vegan cuisine the life of the party. Easy to make, the recipes are healthy—with a kick!

Author: John Schlimm

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780738215839

Category: Cooking

Page: 256

View: 765

Nothing says summer more than a feast hot off the barbecue. Grilling Vegan Style serves up backyard cooking and entertaining like never before. Running the gamut from plant-based appetizers, salads, sides, kabobs, and burgers to main dishes, desserts, and, of course, cocktails, John Schlimm also demonstrates the art of grilling faux meats, with key info on everything you need for proper heat and the best taste. With color photographs throughout, this cookbook ensures that the magic of a summer barbecue or a night around the campfire can ignite your taste buds all year long.
2012-05-08 By John Schlimm

... York bakery BabyCakes, a gluten-free bakery, creates favorite recipes that are gluten-free in BabyCakes Covers the Classics: Gluten—Free Vegan Recipes from Donuts to Snickerdoodles. Karen Morgan, owner of.

Author: Melissa Brackney Stoeger

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781610693769

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 350

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An essential tool for assisting leisure readers interested in topics surrounding food, this unique book contains annotations and read-alikes for hundreds of nonfiction titles about the joys of comestibles and cooking.
2013-01-08 By Melissa Brackney Stoeger

R E SOURCES PrinT All Cakes Considered by Melissa Gray Amy's Bread and The Sweeter Side of Amy's Bread by Amy Scherber and Toy Kim Dupree BabyCakes, BabyCakes Covers the Classics, and Bread & Butter by Erin McKenna Baked, ...

Author: Jessica Reed

Publisher: Clarkson Potter

ISBN: 9780451495754

Category: Cooking

Page: 112

View: 187

The ultimate quick, yet thorough, reference for bakers, with every metric conversion and ingredient substitution you could want, plus 18 recipes for basic, fail-proof cakes, frostings, and cookies—with variations that combine to make dozens of desserts. Bakers will wonder how they ever lived without this indispensable resource, featuring: • Cups-to-grams conversions for ingredients • Basic recipes for cakes, quick breads, cookies, frostings, and more, with dozens of variations • Ingredient substitutions • DIY extracts, natural food colorings, sprinkles, and more • Decorating tips for cakes and cookies • Conversions for oven temperatures • Adjustments for baking at high altitudes • Volume charts for baking pans of all sizes
2017-03-21 By Jessica Reed

... Experiment). BabyCakes: Vegan, (Mostly) Gluten-Free, and (Mostly) Sugar-Free Recipes from New York's Most Talked-About Bakery by Erin McKenna (Clarkson Potter) and BabyCakes Covers the Classics: ...

Author: Jax Peters Lowell

Publisher: Holt Paperbacks

ISBN: 9780805099546

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 656

View: 749

An expanded, revised, and exhaustively updated 20th anniversary edition of the book that fired the first shot—a comprehensive and entertaining guide to living gluten-free Way ahead of its time, the original edition of this book, Against the Grain, was the first book of its kind: a funny, supportive, and absolutely essential handbook for gluten-free living. With two successful editions and countless devoted fans, this book has helped thousands of gluten-free readers follow their diets with creativity, resourcefulness, and, always, good humor. The Gluten-Free Revolution is fully revised and updated with the newest resources and information, and is packed with authoritative, practical advice for every aspect of living without gluten. With her signature wit and style, Lowell guides readers through the intricacies of shopping; understanding labels, from cosmetics to prescription drugs; strategies for eating out happily and preparing food safely at home; advice about combining gluten-free eating with any other diet, like gluten-free-paleo and gluten-free-dairy-free; negotiating complicated emotional and interpersonal reactions to your new diet; and includes fabulous gluten-free recipes from the best chefs in the world, including Thomas Keller, Rick Bayless, Alice Waters, Bobby Flay, and Nigella Lawson, among many others. The Gluten-Free Revolution remains the ultimate and indispensable resource for navigating your gluten-free life.
2015-02-03 By Jax Peters Lowell

Babycakes, 26 Babycakes Covers the Classics (McKenna), 26, 138 Bacon, Quentin, 79, 80 Baggett, Nancy, 135–36 The 2 Day a Week Diet Cookbook, 135–36 The Baking Bible (Beranbaum), 83 Baking Chez Moi (Greenspan), 113–14 Baking ...

Author: Kim Yorio

Publisher: Page Street Publishing

ISBN: 9781624140662

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 160

View: 549

With more than 20 years in publicity under her belt, Kim Yorio has worked with the biggest names in the food world, including Julia Child, Jamie Oliver, Ina Garten and Rachael Ray, as well as esteemed brands like Calphalon, Sur La Table, Nudo Italia and Taste #5. Now, with this must-have guide to success, you can get the secrets on how to make your cookbook stick out from the pack from a culinary marketing master. Whether you're a restaurateur looking for promotions or a great home chef hoping to share your exceptional recipes, with Kim's years of knowledge printed on the page you'll be able to create the bestselling cookbook of your dreams. Kim instructs on everything from what cookbook concept is right for you, how to select the perfect recipes, how to have a captivating voice on paper and of course, how to market your book once its published. With The Joy of Writing a Great Cookbook, Kim Yorio leaves no stone left unturned, putting you on the straight path to a bestseller.
2015-05-12 By Kim Yorio

FIELD NOTES Applesauce lends moisture to these doughnuts, which are based on a recipe from BabyCakes Covers the Classics (Clarkson Potter, 2011). I have tweaked both the ingredients and the technique. If you are ever in New York and are ...

Author: Dede Wilson

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9781558327887

Category: Cooking

Page: 176

View: 519

"The American addiction to doughnuts is longstanding and deep-rooted. First there were the lightly sweetened fried doughs of immigrants and pioneers. In the twentieth century, there were waves of doughnut-chain outlets, from Dunkin' Donuts to Krispy Kreme, that made "coffee and a doughnut" practically a prerequisite for making it through a day at work. In recent years, hip, upscale doughnut boutiques have sprung up from Portland and Seattle to Austin and Brooklyn. Just when you think the doughnut habit might be broken, under the influence of this or that anti-carb or anti-sugar diet, it rises up instead and spreads deeper and wider. Alongside cake pops and cupcakes, doughnuts are here with a vengeance, at once retro and cutting-edge, comforting and new. Doughnuts have the reputation of being hard to make by hand in a home kitchen. To be sure, they can be tricky. But with guidance from an expert baker and a gifted teacher, they can be surprisingly simple and straightforward. Dede Wilson is just thatkind of reliable and gentle guide. A contributing editor at Bon Appetit and the author of two celebrated books that are the bibles for make-it-yourself wedding cakes (talk about tricky!), the forthcoming Cake Balls, and four previous books in this best-selling Baker's Field Guide series, Wilson here demystifies the doughnut-making process, breaking it down into simple, easy-to-follow steps. Along the way she serves up perfectly tested recipes for traditional doughnut favorites and imaginative new creations. A BAKER'S FIELD GUIDE TO DOUGHNUTS includes 22 building-block-style "Master Recipes"; 2 are for baked doughnuts, 8 are for fried doughnuts, and the remainder are for glazes and other toppings. For people with different taste and texture preferences, there are both yeast-risen and cake-style doughs. The Master Recipes get put to splendid use in the "Field Guide" section that follows, 69 recipes for all manner of doughnuts--filled and unfilled, frosted and unfrosted--as well as some doughnut cousins, such as fritters, crullers, churros, and beignets. As with other titles in the series, each recipe in the Field Guide has a Description, a Lifespan note (how to store the doughnut, and for how long), a Field Note (extra tidbits about the doughnut's history and ingredients), and other information presented in a visually engaging field-guide format. The Field Guide recipes range from classics like Cinnamon-Sugar Doughnuts, Cider Doughnuts, Chocolate-Sour Cream Doughnuts, and Apple Fritters to surprisingand delectable ideas like Cappuccino Doughnuts with Espresso Cream Filling and Apricot-Cardamom Doughnuts. Wilson provides lots of ideas for ways readers can mix and match the master recipes to create their own signature doughnuts beyond the ones in the book, and she dishes out easy-to-follow advice on techniques and equipment (you do not need a deep-fryer, for example, to make doughnuts). Altogether it's an expert treatment of an on-trend culinary subject, full of promises for the very best fresh and warm home-cooked doughnuts"--
2012 By Dede Wilson

Adapted from Erin McKenna's German Chocolate Cake recipe from her book 'Babycakes - Covers the Classics' published by Clarkson Potter. 350 g Bob's Red Mill 'All Purpose Baking Flour' 50 g almond meal 1 1⁄2 tbsp baking powder 1⁄2 tsp ...

Author: Felicity Philp

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 9781452584324

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 80

View: 176

Friendship Food is a beautiful story about friends, family, wellness and the joy of great food made with love and authenticity. A generous, beautifully crafted book filled with love. - Tania Hubbard, Author ‘Gluten Free Grain Free - Food We Love’ Friendship Food contains over 70 delicious and super easy recipes all your friends and family can enjoy! These feelgood dishes have enabled Felicity to successfully alleviate symptoms of chronic disease and they have also helped her to fulfill her dreams! Imagine what this feelgood food can do for you!
2014-01-21 By Felicity Philp