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The process of releasing images from my body and moving a pen across a page opens mental barriers, allowing dams to break and dreams to flow. My latest pieces of abstract art contain images and writing about various dreams.

Author: Vanessa Chakour

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780241471937

Category: Religion

Page: 400

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We all come from different cultures and practice different spiritual traditions, but we have one thing in common: we are all of the earth. Vanessa Chakour, founder of the rewilding programme Sacred Warrior, takes us on a journey to deepen our relationship with ourselves and the environment. Awakening Artemis is her love letter to the earth. Sharing her personal journey of rewilding, her stories act as tools, both practical and inspirational, to encourage growth, healing and reconnection to the regenerative power of the natural world. Vanessa will help you embrace the strength and beauty in the wild, the weeds, and the unsavoury parts of yourself in order to grow and heal. By allowing yourself and the earth to flourish and awakening your inner Artemis, Chakour promises that you will find joy, peace, compassion for yourself, others, and the planet.
2022-02-10 By Vanessa Chakour

Artemidorus' The Interpretation of Dreams Peter Thonemann. It was a peculiarity of the Ephesian cult of Artemis that married women were permitted to enter the temple-precinct (unlike prostitutes, who were completely excluded), ...

Author: Peter Thonemann

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780192582027

Category: History

Page: 264

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Artemidorus' Oneirocritica ('The Interpretation of Dreams') is the only dream-book which has been preserved from Graeco-Roman antiquity. Composed around AD 200, it comprises a treatise and manual on dreams, their classification, and the various analytical tools which should be applied to their interpretation, making Artemidorus both one of the earliest documented and arguably the single most important predecessor and precursor of Freud. Artemidorus travelled widely through Greece, Asia, and Italy to collect people's dreams and record their outcomes, in the process casting a vivid light on social mores and religious beliefs in the Severan age: this volume, published as a companion to the new translation of The Interpretation of Dreams by Martin Hammond in the Oxford World's Classics series, aims to provide the non-specialist reader with a readable and engaging road-map to this vast and complex text. It offers a detailed analysis of Artemidorus' theory of dreams and the social function of ancient dream-interpretation, while also aiming to foster an understanding of the ways in which Artemidorus might be of interest to the cultural or social historian of the Graeco-Roman world. Alongside chapters on Artemidorus' life, career, and world-view, it also provides valuable insights into his conceptions of the human body, sexuality, the natural world, and the gods; his attitudes towards Rome, the contemporary Greek polis, and the social order; and his knowledge of Greek literature, myth, and history. In addition, its accessible exploration of the differences and similarities between ancient traditions of dream-analysis and modern psychoanalytic approaches will make this volume of interest to anybody with an interest in the history of dreams and dream interpretation.
2020-01-16 By Peter Thonemann

A good dream interpreter has to take into account local customs: "a married woman dreamt for instance of having entered Artemis' temple in Efes and eating; she died in a short while as the punishment for any married woman's entering the ...

Author: J Jones

Publisher: AROPA


Category: Self-Help

Page: 48

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The interpretation of dreams has fascinated mankind ever since its inception. Why? Because dreams were believed to be messages of divinity or prophecies about future events. In the modern age, dreams help us to discover the causes of neurosis (the repressed unconscious wishes) or, in Carl Jung's opinion, they describe the process of individuation, that is, the realization of our Self. This book introduces you to the ideas about the function of dreams and the methods of interpretation from the earliest times until today. In the end, you can even try to interpret one of your dreams with our help (should you take the course version). This is the ebook (PDF) version of the course with the same title. It comprises all of the lessons minus the online support, the home assignments, bonuses and final quiz. If you need the features too, please order the course version.
2018-07-05 By J Jones

the importance of local knowledge for accurate dream—interpretation, it is an Ephesian example that springs to mind (4.4.1): A married woman dreamt that she entered the temple and house of Ephesian Artemis and dined there, ...

Author: Artemidorus

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780198797951

Category: Dream interpretation

Page: 416

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'Dreams are products of the mind, and do not come from any external source' Artemidorus' The Interpretation of Dreams (Oneirocritica) is the richest and most vivid pre-Freudian account of dream interpretation, and the only dream-book to have survived complete from Greco-Roman times. Written in Greek around AD 200, when dreams were believed by many to offer insight into future events, the work is a compendium of interpretations of dreams on a wide range of subjects relating to the natural, human, and divine worlds. It includes the meanings of dreams about the body, sex, eating and drinking, dress, the weather, animals, the gods, and much else. Artemidorus' technique of dream interpretation stresses the need to know the background of the dreamer, such as occupation, health, status, habits, and age, and the work is a fascinating social history, revealing much about ancient life, culture, and beliefs, and attitudes to the dominant power of Imperial Rome. Martin Hammond's fine translation is accompanied by a lucid introduction and explanatory notes by Peter Thonemann, which assist the reader in understanding this important work, which was an influence on both Sigmund Freud and Michel Foucault.
2020-01-16 By Artemidorus

His dream-book reveals intimate local knowledge of the temple of Ephesian Artemis: he tells us that a prostitute of slave status was freed and became able to give up the sex trade after she dreamt that she had entered Artemis' temple ...

Author: Edith Hall

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195392890

Category: Drama

Page: 378

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Adventures with Iphigenia in Tauris provides a rich narrative of the cultural history and influence of an oft-overlooked Euripidean tragedy
2013-01-10 By Edith Hall

Artemis's words were childlike, like when they were young and about to set off on an adventure across grassy fields, ... She dreamt of the Deep, the open meadows lush with wild grass and rivers, the enormous trunked trees that were the ...

Author: Carmen Kern

Publisher: Carmen Kern

ISBN: PKEY:6610000295029

Category: Fiction

Page: 340

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HE CAME FOR HER FROM THE UNDERWORLD. HE TOOK HER FREEDOM. NOW SHE'S TAKING IT BACK. After a millennium of searching, Persephone discovers a way to break out of her Underworld prison...for good. No going back. No Hades. No regrets. But on her annual trip to the Overworld, she finds a world on the brink of chaos. After the decay of Olympus, the gods came to live among the humans and forage for power. Now, immortals are dying in the streets and mortals live past their expiry date. The gods lay blame at the gates of the Underworld. Persephone's forced to clear her name. But first, she needs to make a deal with a trickster Djinn, stay one step ahead of Hades, and fight her way past the guardian angel of a mythical garden before it's too late. She risks everything to get the life she has always wanted. But will the cost be too great? Persephone unleashes hell to win her freedom, and no one is ready for the fallout, least of all her. Persephone: Fall of the Gods is an urban/dark fantasy loaded with fallen gods, mythical beasts, and dark tribes of the Djinn. Persephone is the first novel in the Fall of the Gods series. PICK UP YOUR COPY TODAY.
2021-06-01 By Carmen Kern

No dreams of quail or owls or wild boars—only good dreams I had last night. I dreamt that the statue of Artemis over in Ephesus moved to the other side of the theater there. So it looks like the trip will go on being a good one.

Author: Frances Webb

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 9781609113407

Category: Fiction

Page: 466

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After Eutropius' mother dies while giving birth to him, the newborn is raised by a shepherd and his wife. The shepherd castrates the baby to increase his worth and sells him into slavery, where Eutropius eventually becomes part of a young woman's dowry. He develops a close relationship with his new mistress, Sophie, until he is caught pandering and is released from service without financial support. Eutropius' struggle with his lack of social and sexual power translates into lust for political power and wealth. He is determined to overcome his outcast status and concocts devious schemes (switching brides on the Emperor and kidnapping a bishop) to reach a powerful position in society. However, as he works his way up, public outrage over such a high standing for a eunuch threatens to knock him back down again. With physical violence and verbal insults raging against him, is it possible for him to keep everything he has earned? After 18 years of teaching, author Frances Webb lives near Philadelphia and is enjoying retirement. Webb's research took her to Turkey, as well as reading the ancient poets, writers, and historians. Innocence and Gold Dust is alive with real history. Many scenes of historical events surround crazy emperors, greedy politicos, well-meaning bishops, and womanizing generals. It all happens in the latter half of the fourth century in a place and at time not often frequented in fiction.
2010-08 By Frances Webb

Artemis felt that her comments were camouflage for whatever anxiety she was feeling. ... She knows, realized Artemis, but what Holly knew he could not say exactly. ... Foaly cleared his throat, puncturing Artemis's dream bubble. 'Hello?

Author: Eoin Colfer

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780141356402

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 1216

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Artemis Fowl is the teenage child genius and most powerful criminal mastermind in history! He continues his devastating international crime spree, pursued all the time by Captain Holly Short of the Lower Elements Police Force. This eBook bundle includes the final four titles in the compelling Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer: The Lost Colony, The Time Paradox, The Atlantis Complex, and The Last Guardian. As the series comes to its conclusion, the entire human race is in grave danger. Who will lead the fight to save the world from total destruction?
2014-06-26 By Eoin Colfer

Foaly cleared his throat, puncturing Artemis's dream bubble. 'Hello? Mud Boy? Important people waiting, get a move on.' And from Holly. 'Are you OK, Artemis? Do you need to take a break?' Artemis almost laughed.

Author: Eoin Colfer

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780141930701

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 336

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ARTEMIS FOWL'S CRIMINAL WAYS HAVE FINALLY GOT THE BETTER OF HIM . . . Young Artemis has frequently used high-tech fairy magic to mastermind the most devious criminal activity of the new century. Now, at a conference in Iceland, Artemis has gathered the fairies to present his latest idea to save the world from global warming. But Artemis is behaving strangely - he seems different. Something terrible has happened to him . . . Artemis Fowl has become nice. The fairies diagnose Atlantis Complex (that's obsessive compulsive disorder to you and I) - it seems dabbling in magic has damaged Artemis' main weapon: his mind. Fairy ally Captain Holly Short doesn't know what to do. The subterranean volcanoes are under attack from vicious robots and Artemis cannot fight them. Can Holly get the real Artemis back before the robot probes destroy every human and life form? This eagerly-awaited adventure is now out in paberback with a fabulous new cover-look to celebrate ten years of Artemis action.
2010-07-20 By Eoin Colfer

Troy: his excuse was that Hector had come to him in a dream and told him to leave.171 Almost all ancient epiphany dreams ... Achilles Tatius, who purports to take predictive dreams seriously, shows us Artemis instructing the heroine to ...

Author: William V Harris

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674053977


Page: 352

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From the Iliad to Aristophanes, from the gospel of Matthew to Augustine, Greek and Latin texts are constellated with descriptive images of dreams. This cultural history of dreams in antiquity draws on both contemporary post-Freudian science and careful critiques of the ancient texts. Harris takes an elusive subject and writes about it with rigor and precision, reminding us of specificities, contexts, and changing attitudes through history.
2009-10-15 By William V Harris