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3) Cette indifférence à la terminologie retenue par l'État ou par l'organisation internationale qui formule la ... du Traité de Tlatelolco par la Chine et la France», Annuaire français de droit international, vol. 19 (1973), p.

Author: International Law Commission

Publisher: United Nations

ISBN: 9789210581547

Category: Political Science

Page: 390

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La Commission du droit international est un organe d’experts, composé de « personnes possédant une compétence notoire en matière de droit international », qui œuvre au développement progressif et à la codification du droit international. Annuaire de la Commission du droit international: Volume I : Comptes rendus de séance; Volume II : Texte des principaux rapports établis au cours de l’année, y compris le rapport annuel à l’Assemblée générale.

19See Resolution of the 6th Committee of the GA, A/C.6/56/L.22, 19 November 2001, para 16. ... 392 ff; P Juillard, “Les enlèvements de diplomates”, (1971) 17 Annuaire Français de Droit International, 223 ff; F Przetacznik, ...

Author: Andrea Bianchi

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781847310194

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The scale and horror of recent terror attacks and the panic which ensued throughout the world has forced policy-makers and international lawyers to re-examine international legal tools available to enforce norms against terrorism. The magnitude of the attacks, the modalities of the operations, the profiles of the terrorists and the transnational structure of some terrorist organisations all cast doubt on the adequacy of the existing political and legal framework to fight terrorism. Due to this perception, governments have increased the intensity of measures to combat terrorist activities such as using military force against States sponsoring terrorism, freezing assets of terrorist organizations, and promulgating national security measures designed to protect the State against would be terrorists. This book comprehensively analyses the suitability of existing international legal tools to enforce rules prohibiting terrorism. Contributions from leading experts in international law examine, among others, questions relating to the proper role of international law in combating terrorism, the legality of covert operations against terrorism, whether the law of armed conflict can be applied to the "war against terror", domestic anti-terror laws and their compatibility with human rights standards, and how to regulate the internet to prevent terrorist usage. In addition, the ways in which States can co-operate together to more effectively investigate terrorist infrastructures and apprehend suspects is focused upon. The interplay between different layers of legal authority at international, regional and domestic levels is also subject to review. This thorough examination of the array of legal means at the international community's disposal to enforce norms against terrorism will allow readers to appreciate the real challenges that terrorism and the responses to it pose to the international legal system.
2004-07-21 By Andrea Bianchi

(2012) 34 Contemporary Southeast: A Journal of International and Strategic Affairs 1 Davies, M'An agreement to ... accords de Coopération Franco-Africains et FrancoMalgaches' (1973) 19 Annuaire Français De Droit International 720 Foot, ...

Author: Carol C Ngang

Publisher: Pretoria University Law Press

ISBN: 9781920538842

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The last couple of decades has not only witnessed an increased convergence between human rights and development but also a significant shift towards rights-based approaches to development, including especially responsiveness to the fact that development in itself is a human right guaranteed to be enjoyed by all peoples. This edited volume of peer-reviewed papers constitutes the first product resulting from the annual international conference series on the right to development, organised by the Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria, and the Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute at the University of South Africa. It explores the complex nature of the right to development from a diversified perspective, including from a conceptual, thematic, country and regional points of view. Conceived with the purpose to overshadow dominant economic growth approaches to development, the perspectives on the right to development articulated in this publication seek to locate the developmentalist discourse within the framework of accountability and people-centred development programming, necessitating appropriate policy formulation to ensure the constant improvement in human well-being. The book is written with the aim to reach out to researchers, academics, practitioners and policy makers who desire an in-depth understanding of the right to development as it applies universally.
2018-01-01 By Carol C Ngang

Annuaire français de Droit international 1976. pp . 1028 , 1033 . 18 Duy - Tan , J. N .: La représentation du Viet - Nam dans les institutions spécialisées . ... 19 L'Accord de Paris sur le Vietnam : Etudes et analyses . Hanoi , 1973 ...

Author: Hanna Bokor-Szegö

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 902473293X

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632 à 645 . C CRISTINI ( René ) , La jurisprudence sur l'égalité des sexes dans la fonction publique internationale . Annuaire français de droit international . Paris , Centre national de la recherche scientifique , v . 19 , 1973 , p .

Author: United Nations. Administrative Tribunal


ISBN: MINN:31951D01939455O

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Cot, JP 1973, 'Affaire des Essais nucléaires (Australie c. France et NouvelleZélande c. France). Demandes en indication de mesures conservatoires. Ordonnances du 22 juin 1973', Annuaire français de droit international, vol. 19, pp.

Author: Paul Soyez

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783030134495

Category: Political Science

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How did France and Australia develop a deep strategic partnership, when only about two decades ago, a group of Australians bombed the French consulate in Perth to protest against French nuclear testing in the Pacific? Which interests, which personalities, which elements of the global context have led France and Australia to engage in a regional and global rapprochement, and what have been the human, economic and political prerequisites which enabled it? This book aims to investigate the dynamics behind this historically ambiguous relationship. More precisely, this study explains why and how France and Australia are currently engaged in a process of strategic and economic mutual empowerment and how this rapprochement has been possible, owing to thirty years of diplomatic efforts to overcome ongoing culturally and historically constructed misunderstandings and conflicts. This book demonstrates how French and Australian foreign policy-makers have understood that, in regard to their numerous common interests, both countries had to mutually empower each other in order to strengthen their own power, regionally and globally. This book argues that these inclusive dynamics of empowerment constitute the response of two diverse middle powers to current global threats and represent a tool suitable for modernising the strategies and practices of both countries’ diplomacies. Soyez’ research is the first to propose an answer to these questions through the development of the French-Australian strategic partnership.
2019-03-25 By Paul Soyez

Author: Harvard Law School. Library


ISBN: STANFORD:36105063317437

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Kiss A.-C. (1973). “La protection de l'environnement et les organisations européennes”. Annuaire français de droit international, 19(19), 895–921. Kow J. K. (2001). ... Kurz T., Donaghue N., Rapley M. and Walker I. (2005).

Author: Celine Herve-Bazin

Publisher: IWA Publishing

ISBN: 9781780405216

Category: Science

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Water Communication aims at setting a first general outlook at what communication on water means, who communicates and on what topics. Through different examples and based on different research and contributions, this book presents an original first overview of “water communication”. It sets its academic value as one distinct scientific domain and provides tips and practical tools to professionals. The book contributes to avoid mixing messages, targets and discourses when setting communication related to water issues. The book facilitates coordination within the water sector and its organizations as water is a wide field of applications where inadequate words and language understanding between its stakeholders is one of the main obstacles today. Water Communication provides and describes: a general outlook and retrospective of the history of the water sector in terms of communication the landscape of organizations communicating on water and classification of topics the differences between communication, information, mediation, raising awareness examples of communication campaigns on water Water Communication is a vital resource for communication managers, utility managers, policy makers involved in water management and students in water sciences and environment. Colour figures from the book are available to view on the WaterWiki at: Editor: Celine Herve-Bazin, Celsa - Sorbonne University, Paris, France
2014-04-14 By Celine Herve-Bazin

International Legal Aspects of the Co-Operation of States Cees Flinterman, Barbara Kwiatkowska, Johan G. Lammers ... A.C. Kiss , La Convention Nordique sur l'Environnement , 20 ANNUAIRE FRANÇAIS DE DROIT INTERNATIONAL 808 ( 1974 ) ...

Author: Cees Flinterman

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9024732859

Category: Law

Page: 372

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This book is the first collection of international legal documents related to the new, highly controversial & politically sensitive issue of transboundary movements of hazardous wastes & their disposal. It will be of invaluable assistance to practicing lawyers & other experts, academics as well as students, concerned with the rapid developments in international environmental law. The global instruments cover the basic system of the UNEP Basel Convention/IAEA Code & the documents of various United Nations organizations, whose interest with hazardous waste movements has increased considerably due to the preparations for the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment & Development (UNCED). Numerous regional instruments included are: those of the UN ECE, OECD, EEC & other organizations of the industrialized states; instruments related to Antarctica; & to the major developing state regions (Africa, Latin America & the Caribbean, South Atlantic Zone, Asia & the Pacific), including the 1998 ACP-EEC Lome IV Convention & the 1991 OAU Bamako Convention. Two US treaties on hazardous waste export controls with Mexico & Canada form notable instances of bilateral measures. Some documents of Greenpeace & other non-governmental organizations are also added. An incisive Editors' Introduction & a comprehensive general index provide the reader with easy access to these vital instruments. This timely work aims to clarify & aid the increasingly intricate international debate on hazardous waste production & disposal, & reduce the conflict between North & South on the export of such waste to Third World countries. In addition, the prospects of South-South traffic, as developing states push towards industrialization, underline the urgent need for prompt & tough action. The Editors Barbara Kwiatkowska & Alfred Soons, both experienced authors on international law issues have been guided in the preparation of this unique collection by several outstanding experts, members of the Volume's Advisory Board, including Francis Njenga, S ecretary-General, Asian-African Legal Consultative Committee , New Delhi, Peter Sand, Principal Legal Officer, UNCED-Geneva, Henri Smets, Environment Directorate, OECD, Paris, Lee A. Kimball, Senior Associate, World Resources Institute, Washington, D.C. , Hans Lammers, Deputy Legal Adviser, Netherlands Foreign Office, The Hague & Iwona Rummel-Bulska, Chief, Environmental Law & Institutions Unit & Coordinator of the Basel Convention, UNEP-Nairobi/Geneva. The leading role of UNEP in seeking satisfactory solutions to the new environmental problems raised by hazardous wastes is accentuated in the Preface to the book by the honourable Dr Mostafa K. Tolba, E xecutive-Director of UNEP. The 'collective approach is' as he rightly put it 'our only option to care & share the only one Earth'.
1986-01-01 By Cees Flinterman

Rambaud , Patrick , “ Deux arbitrages CIRDI ” , 30 Annuaire Français de Droit International 391 ( 1984 ) . ... Robert N. and Friedland , Paul , “ ICSID's Emerging Jurisprudence : The Scope of ICSID's Jurisdiction ” , 19 N.Y.U.J. Int'l ...

Author: Rosemary Rayfuse

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521463394

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Reports of the World Bank Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes are presented for the first time in consolidated form covering the period of 1981-1983.