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The first book written specifically on clinical applications of sleep and sleep disorder theory for occupational therapists, this book bridges the research to practice gap.

Author: Andrew Green

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781784500887

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 368

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The first book written specifically on clinical applications of sleep and sleep disorder theory for occupational therapists, this book bridges the research to practice gap. Contributors share their expertise, exploring topics such as the relationship between mental health and sleep; how sleep is affected by age, or by specific conditions such as dementia or autism; and how occupational therapists can use their skills and training to improve sleep quality in patients who are suffering from pain, or trauma. This timely book is essential reading for occupational therapists and students of occupational therapy, covering all of the aspects of sleep and sleep disorders that they will find useful for practice.
2015-02-21 By Andrew Green

To support the occupational therapist's role in working with children and families experiencing sleep disturbance, the Model of Human Occupation (MOHO) will be used as the underlying framework to guide therapy intervention.

Author: Jennifer A. Accardo

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319984148

Category: Medical

Page: 391

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This practical guide presents approaches to working with children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental disabilities who have sleep problems. Divided into four sections, the book begins with the impact of sleep problems in children with disabilities and the evaluation of sleep complaints. The next two sections cover the major categories of sleep disorders as they apply in children with disabilities, and specific neurodevelopmental disabilities with their characteristic sleep manifestations. The last section details options for treatment, which include behavioral and environmental strategies, occupational therapy, exercise, and medications. Chapters feature case studies that introduce and reinforce diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. Those engaged in the care of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities and sleep problems will find this text to be an invaluable guide when assessing and treating sleep disorders.
2018-12-13 By Jennifer A. Accardo

Edinger JD, Means MK: Overview of insomnia: definitions, epidemiology, differential diagnosis, and assessment. ... Green A, Brown C, editors: An occupational therapist's guide to sleep and sleep problems, London, 2015, Jessica Kingsley ...

Author: Heidi McHugh Pendleton

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323339285

Category: Medical

Page: 1264

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Pedretti’s Occupational Therapy: Practice Skills for Physical Dysfunction, 8th Edition prepares you for occupational therapy practice with adults who have physical disabilities. This cornerstone text provides a foundation for the development of clinical reasoning skills in a comprehensive, case-based learning approach to physical dysfunction. New full color photos and helpful pedagogy, including threaded case studies, OT Practice Notes, ethical considerations, and end-of-chapter review questions, reinforce learning, enhance retention, and prompt you to apply principles in a clinical setting. UNIQUE! Threaded case studies, woven throughout each chapter, help you apply concepts to real-life clinical practice. UNIQUE! Ethical Considerations boxes highlight the key ethical concerns of treatment options so you can practice ethically. UNIQUE! OT Practice Notes convey important considerations for professional practice. Focuses on the occupational therapist’s role in health and wellness, which the OTA has identified as a key practice area in the 21st century. Information on prevention, rather than simply intervention or treatment, shows how OTs can take a proactive role in patient care. Evidence-based content included throughout, especially in regards to evaluation and intervention. Content on occupational therapy’s commitment to considering cultural and ethnic diversity in every chapter. Key terms, chapter outlines, chapter objectives lay out the information you can expect to learn from each chapter.
2017-03-10 By Heidi McHugh Pendleton

... Sensory Integration, Toilet Training, and More Cara Koscinski ISBN 978 178592 705 8 eISBN 978 178450 258 4 An Occupational Therapist's Guide to Sleep and Sleep Problems Edited by Andrew Green and Cary Brown ISBN 978 184905 618 2 ...

Author: Eileen Parker

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781784502027

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 112

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Providing everything you need to know about the use of weighted blankets to help with sensory integration, improve sleep, ease chronic pain and more, this book includes: · What a weighted blanket is and how it works · An exploration of deep pressure and how weight on the body affects the mind · Guidelines for using weighted blankets at home and in professional environments · Studies into the effectiveness of weighted blankets · Advice on how to select an appropriate weighted blanket or sew your own. Based on the latest research, this book dispels the online myths surrounding weighted blankets. It delivers clear information for occupational therapists and anyone considering using a weighted blanket to help with sensory processing disorder, autism, sleep disorders, fibromyalgia, post-traumatic stress disorder, and more.
2016-05-19 By Eileen Parker

Bethesda, MD: American Occupational Therapy Association Press. Liu, X., et al. (2006). Sleep disturbances and correlates of children with autism spectrum disorders. Child Psychiatry and Human Development, 37, 179–191.

Author: Jane Clifford O'Brien

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323512626

Category: Medical

Page: 915

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The number one book in pediatric OT is back! Focusing on children from infancy to adolescence, Case-Smith's Occupational Therapy for Children and Adolescents, 8th Edition provides comprehensive, full-color coverage of pediatric conditions and treatment techniques in all settings. Its emphasis on application of evidence-based practice includes: eight new chapters, a focus on clinical reasoning, updated references, research notes, and explanations of the evidentiary basis for specific interventions. Coverage of new research and theories, new techniques, and current trends, with additional case studies, keeps you in-step with the latest advances in the field. Developmental milestone tables serve as a quick reference throughout the book! NEW! Eight completely new chapters cover Theory and Practice Models for Occupational Therapy With Children, Development of Occupations and Skills From Infancy Through Adolescence, Therapeutic Use of Self, Observational Assessment and Activity Analysis, Evaluation Interpretation, and Goal Writing, Documenting Outcomes, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and Vision Impairment. NEW! A focus on theory and principles Practice Models promote clinical reasoning. NEW! Emphasis on application of theory and frames of reference in practice appear throughout chapters in book. NEW! Developmental milestone tables serve as quick reference guides. NEW! Online materials included to help facilitate your understanding of what’s covered in the text. NEW! Textbook is organized into six sections to fully describe the occupational therapy process and follow OTPF.
2019-09-26 By Jane Clifford O'Brien

Irregular sleep habits of parents are associated with increased sleep problems and daytime sleepiness of children. Tohoku Journal of Experimental ... What is occupational therapy's role in addressing sleep problems among older adults?

Author: Catana Brown

Publisher: F.A. Davis

ISBN: 9780803659292

Category: Medical

Page: 1040

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This revision of a well-loved text continues to embrace the confluence of person, environment, and occupation in mental health as its organizing theoretical model, emphasizing the lived experience of mental illness and recovery. Rely on this groundbreaking text to guide you through an evidence-based approach to helping clients with mental health disorders on their recovery journey by participating in meaningful occupations. Understand the recovery process for all areas of their lives—physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental—and know how to manage co-occurring conditions.
2019-02-05 By Catana Brown

Bethesda, MD: American Occupational Therapy Association. 169. ... Toilet training for individuals with autism and related disorders. ... Sleep better: A guide to improving sleep for children with special needs.

Author: Jane Case-Smith

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323290999

Category: Medical

Page: 904

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Focusing on children from infancy to adolescence, Occupational Therapy for Children and Adolescents, 7th Edition provides comprehensive, full-color coverage of pediatric conditions and treatment techniques in all settings. Its emphasis on evidence-based practice includes updated references, research notes, and explanations of the evidentiary basis for specific interventions. And coverage of new research and theories, new techniques, and current trends, with additional case studies, keeps you in step with the latest advances in pediatric OT practice. Written by educators Jane Case-Smith and Jane Clifford O’Brien, this text is the Number One book in pediatric OT! Case studies help you apply concepts to actual situations you may encounter in practice. Research Notes boxes and evidence-based summary tables help you interpret evidence and strengthen your clinical decision-making skills. Learning resources on Evolve include video clips, review activities, and additional case studies. Learning objectives indicate what you will be learning in each chapter and serve as checkpoints in studying for examinations. A glossary makes it easy to look up key terms. NEW video clips and case studies on the Evolve website demonstrate important concepts and rehabilitation techniques. NEW Autism Spectrum Disorder chapter contains important information for OTs not addressed in other texts. NEW Neuromotor: Cerebral Palsy chapter addresses the most prevalent cause of motor dysfunction in children. NEW Adolescent Development chapter helps you manage the special needs of teenagers and young adults. NEW contemporary design includes full-color photos and illustrations. UPDATED content and references ensure you have access to the comprehensive, research-based information that will guide you in making optimal decisions in practice.
2014-10-27 By Jane Case-Smith

Amy identified she had used group work skills, problemsolving, collaboration, assessment skills and drawn on her ... Amy also recognised Jenny's sleep difficulties impacted on her occupational identity: 'I'm just not a sleeper.

Author: Cathy Long

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118990469

Category: Medical

Page: 256

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Occupational Therapy Evidence in Practice for Mental Health is an accessible and informative guide to the application of theory and the evidence-base to contemporary clinical practice. Fully updated throughout, chapters cover a range of mental health issues, approaches and settings, including service user and carer involvement, group work, services for older people, interventions, forensic mental health, and managing depression. Key Features Written by an expert author team, drawing on a wide range of evidence, service contexts, national policy and legislation. Focus on person-centred practice in mental health services. Each chapter also contains a variety of learning features, including task boxes, reflective questions and further readings, to aid understanding and demonstrate the use of evidence to inform clinical decision-making. The second edition of this easy-to-read and practical textbook is an ideal resource for occupational therapy students, clinical practitioners, and anyone looking for a concise, accessible guide to evidence-based practice and how it informs occupational therapy in mental health.
2017-05-01 By Cathy Long

Journal of Sleep Research, 25, 131–143. doi:10.1111/jsr.12371 Bordere, ... Boswell, J., Thai, J., & Brown, C. (2015). Older adults' sleep. In A. Green & C. Brown (Eds.), An occupational therapist's guide to sleep and sleep problems (pp.

Author: John C. Cavanaugh

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781337670128

Category: Education

Page: 496

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ADULT DEVELOPMENT AND AGING makes it easier to study and learn. This best-selling development text helps you connect what you're learning with real life while providing you with the tools you need to be successful in your course. Learning objectives, concept checks, review questions (organized by topic heading for quick review), and key terms (with definitions) help you focus on what's important in each chapter. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
2018-01-01 By John C. Cavanaugh

A Childhood Occupations Approach Shelly J Lane, Anita C Bundy ... The educator's guide to feeding children with disabilities. ... Take charge ofyour child's sleep:The allineone resource for solving sleep problems in kids and teens.

Author: Shelly J Lane

Publisher: F.A. Davis

ISBN: 9780803629677

Category: Medical

Page: 704

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This groundbreaking text by two noted educators and practitioners, with contributions by specialists in their fields, presents a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to pediatric therapy. Their work reflects the focus of practice today—facilitating the participation of children and their families in everyday activities in the content of the physical and cultural environments in which they live, go to school, and play. The authors describe the occupational roles of children in an ecocultural context and examine the influence of that context on the participation of a child with physical, emotional, or cognitive limitations.
2011-11-11 By Shelly J Lane