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such an ideal presence can possess within itself creative or , at least , resuscitative power over something that does not really then and there exist for it , that indeed is wholly incommensurable with anything conscious .



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1882 By

Kames gave a dialectical account of ideal presence. 'In contradistinction to real presence, ideal presence may be termed awaking dream ,104 but ideal presence has also to be distinguished from reflective remembrance.

Author: Stephen Prickett

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First published in 1981. This book aims to show Romanticism as a response to certain questions – in literature, art, religion, philosophy and politics – that were being asked increasingly towards the end of the eighteenth century. The essays focus on growth and change (in society and the individual), nature, feeling and reason, and subjectivism – examining how these questions arose, why they were felt to be important and the kinds of answers that, consciously or unconsciously, the Romantics provided. This title will be of interest to students of literature, history and philosophy.
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7 sence , to distinguish it from the real presence of things . ... We find unquestionable evidence of the vividness of the representative faculty , or the ideal presence , vying with that of reality . Evelyn has described one of this ...

Author: Isaac Disraeli


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1840 By Isaac Disraeli

When worship loses the ideal presence and power behind its forms , it deteriorates , and the worshiper himself is degraded . The reason why paganism is incapable of the best religious culture , is that men cease to walk by faith and are ...

Author: Edward Royall Tyler


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On the other hand , a slight or superficial narrative produces but a faint and incomplete idea , of which ideal presence makes no part . Past tiine is a circumstance that enters into this idea , as it does into an incomplete idea of ...

Author: Charles William Bardeen


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We find unquestionable evidence of the vividness of the representative faculty , or the ideal presence , vying with that of reality . EVELYN has described one of this cast of mind , in the librarian of the Vatican , who haunted one of ...

Author: Isaac Disraeli


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1867 By Isaac Disraeli

The idea will become more and more real ; reality will become more and more ideal . In other words : the absolute ... Knowledge is the ideal presence , art the real presence of the Deity : 3 2. Schelling's “ positive ” philosophy ...

Author: Alfred Weber



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1896 By Alfred Weber

He was also open to the running together of fiction and actuality that so frequently characterized sentimentalism: 'if, in reading, ideal presence be the means by which our passions are moved, it makes no difference whether the subject ...

Author: M. Bell

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Sentimentalism, Ethics and the Culture of Feeling defends feeling against customary distrust or condescension by showing that the affective turn of the eighteenth-century cult of sentiment, despite its sometimes surreal manifestations, has led to a positive culture of feeling. The very reaction against sentimentalism has taught us to identity sentimentality. Fiction, moreover, remains a principal means not just of discriminating quality of feeling but of appreciating its essentially imaginative nature.
2000-09-25 By M. Bell

What is ideal presence , and what are its causes ? The conviction of ideal presence momentary . The conviction persistent when the senses are off their guard . Example of the effect of ideal presence as produced by thinking of the death ...

Author: Adonijah Strong Welch


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Now it is this very defect of power to create an ideal presence of our Lord , which guides us to the conviction that the presence he promised was not ideal , but real ; not that which is in our power , but that which is in his power .

Author: James Morris Whiton



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