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This book describes the feasibility and status of the use of alternative fuels in marine engineering, as well as the application of liquefied natural gas, biodiesel and their blends as marine fuels, and the combustion of synthetic coal ...

Author: Xinglin Yang

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789813348509

Category: Technology & Engineering

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This book describes the feasibility and status of the use of alternative fuels in marine engineering, as well as the application of liquefied natural gas, biodiesel and their blends as marine fuels, and the combustion of synthetic coal-based fuels. Each chapter in the book ends with a summary, which gives the reader a quick and clear understanding of the main contents of the chapter. The book gives a lot of advice on the selection of equipment and parameters, fuel reserves and preparation for scholars related to alternative fuels in ships, and points them in the way. It contains lots of illustrations and tables and explains it in the form of chart comparison. The authors have developed mathematical models and methods for calculating the parameters of fuel systems for biodiesel fuels and liquefied natural gas. Recommendations for choosing the rational parameters of these systems are given, as are schematic solutions of the fuel systems, recommendations for selecting equipment, storing, and preparing the fuels. Application of the materials described in the book provides the SPP designers with a reliable tool for choosing rational characteristics of the fuel systems operating on alternative fuels and improving the efficiency of their application on ships.
2021-03-18 By Xinglin Yang

The fuels of the K380 and K700 groups are used exclusively in the plants equipped with special separators designed to ... Alternative. Fuels. The use of traditional oil fuels for the marine power equipment leads to a number of issues, ...

Author: Zongming Yang

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789813349353

Category: Technology & Engineering

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This book describes the history and development of marine power plant. Problems of arrangement, general construction and parameters of marine power plants of all types are considered. It also introduces different characteristics of each type of marine power plant, matching characteristic for diesel propulsion. The book gives a clear idea about different marine power engines, including working principle, structure and application. Readers will understand easily the power system for ships since there are a lot of illustrations and instructions for each of the equipment. This book is useful for students majoring in “marine engineering”, “energy and power engineering” and other related majors. It is also useful for operators of marine institution for learning main design and operation of ship plants.
2021-02-12 By Zongming Yang

2 the schemes of alternative SPP applying thermochemical regenerators for cruise ships are developed, in Sect. 3 the energy efficiency design index for modern cruise vessels with basic and alternative power plants including ones with ...

Author: Mykola Nechyporuk

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030667177

Category: Technology & Engineering

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This book addresses conference topics such as information technology in the design and manufacture of engines; information technology in the creation of rocket space systems; aerospace engineering; transport systems and logistics; big data and data science; nano-modeling; artificial intelligence and smart systems; networks and communication; cyber-physical systems and IoE; and software engineering and IT infrastructure. The International Scientific and Technical Conference “Integrated Computer Technologies in Mechanical Engineering” – Synergetic Engineering (ICTM) was formed to bring together outstanding researchers and practitioners in the field of information technology, and whose work involves the design and manufacture of engines, creation of rocket space systems, and aerospace engineering, from all over the world to share their experiences and expertise. It was established by the National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute.” The ICTM’2020 conference was held in Kharkiv, Ukraine on October 28–30, 2020.
2021-01-18 By Mykola Nechyporuk

10004 TI TIP : Heat balance slide rule for propulsion plant performance monitoring PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR ( S ) : Bover ... of ship hulls , power plants and propellers , improved navigation aids , and a search for alternative fuels ...

Author: Oak Ridge National Laboratory


ISBN: UCAL:B4348501

Category: Energy conservation

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Ship Speed Reduction Increased Efficiency of Existing Power Plants and Hulls Fuel Savings in New Designs Alternative Fuels Net Energy Benefit Benefit / Cost Analysis of Marine Fuel Conservation Measures ... Benefits and Costs of Power ...

Author: Edward V. Lewis


ISBN: UOM:39015091134653

Category: Cargo ships

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1977 By Edward V. Lewis

These systems reduce fossil fuel consumption of a ship and increase the use of zero-carbon energy. Carbon capture systems (CCSs) are mostly used in power plants, steel, and cement industries, but there are some studies to apply CCS on ...

Author: Pravesh Chandra Shukla

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789811609312

Category: Technology & Engineering

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div="" This book covers different aspects related to utilization of alcohol fuels in internal combustion (IC) engines with a focus on combustion, performance and emission investigations. The focal point of this book is to present engine combustion, performance and emission characteristics of IC engines fueled by alcohol blended fuels such as methanol, ethanol and butanol. The contents also highlight the importance of alcohol fuel for reducing emission levels. Possibility of alcohol fuels for marine applications has also been discussed. This book is a useful guide for researchers, academics and scientists. ^
2021-05-15 By Pravesh Chandra Shukla

ElGohary, M.M.; Seddiek, I.S. Utilization of alternative marine fuels for gas turbine power plant onboard ships. Int. J. Naval Archit. Ocean Eng. 2013, 5, 21–32. [CrossRef] Lamas, M.I.; Rodríguez, C.G.; Telmo, J.; Rodríguez, ...

Author: María Isabel Lamas Galdo

Publisher: MDPI

ISBN: 9783036509648

Category: Technology & Engineering

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This book contains a collection of peer-review scientific papers about marine engines’ performance and emissions. These papers were carefully selected for the “Marine Engines Performance and Emissions” Special Issue of the Journal of Marine Science and Engineering. Recent advancements in engine technology have allowed designers to reduce emissions and improve performance. Nevertheless, further efforts are needed to comply with the ever increased emission legislations. This book was conceived for people interested in marine engines. This information concerning recent developments may be helpful to academics, researchers, and professionals engaged in the field of marine engineering.

But with existing powerplants , designers are already approaching the upper limits of mechanical and theoretical ... Although residual oil and diesel fuel will likely remain the basic power sources for shipboard use , other fuels such ...

Author: United States. Maritime Administration. Office of Policy and Plans


ISBN: UCSD:31822027491794

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The latter is achieved by means of the increasing of the ship energy efficiency . ... II 2 PROPULSION ALTERNATIVES gas Alternatively to the steam power plant there are basically the gas turbine and the diesel engine power plants .

Author: Carlos Guedes Soares

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781315643496

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 946

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Towards Green Marine Technology and Transport covers recent developments in marine technology and transport. The book brings together a selection of papers reflecting fundamental areas of recent research and development in the fields of ship hydrodynamics, marine structures, ship design, shipyard technology, ship machinery, maritime transportation,
2015-09-04 By Carlos Guedes Soares

From Technology assessment of energy alternatives ; Troy , New York , United States of America ( USA ) ( i7 May 1976 ) . ... Slurry pipelines to supply coal for direct burning in electric generating and other plants are planned .

Author: United States. Energy Research and Development Administration


ISBN: UOM:39015048721230

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