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She still feels the fire. Later, as she's packing up to leave, she notices a light on in Max's office. She steps inside, intending to turn it off and leave, but she pauses to look at one of his photos for a moment.

Author: Carmen Schober

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9781493433698

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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She's always had that fire in her. She just needs to find it again. Strong-willed Adri Rivera nearly achieved her goal of being a professional mixed martial artist, but then she fell in love with a man who knocked all the fight out of her. When their abusive, tumultuous relationship finally comes to a head, Adri flees with their young daughter to her small hometown in the mountains of Pennsylvania. There, she must face the people she left behind and put her broken life back together again. A hardened Max Lyons can't believe Adri is back in town after abruptly cutting him and everyone else off years ago. Despite the distance that grew between them, he feels compelled to help her regain her independence and offers her a job at his gym. But regaining each other's trust is another matter, made even more complicated by the lingering spark between them. As Adri dares to pursue her dream again, she trains for a big tournament with Max's help, but they'll both have to confront their own doubts in order to rise victorious. "Anyone who has watched a sports movie knows that the underdog will prevail, romance readers know that love wins, and Christian fiction readers know that God is bigger than any problem; Schober's debut novel is unique for being blend of the three."--LIBRARY JOURNAL
2021-11-02 By Carmen Schober

“ Sweetie , ” she said , rubbing the streak of flour off her cheek , " we never get to know the whole truth . That's not the way it works . But I can put you and Joe in touch . ” That night , I flipped on the light in the office after ...

Author: Allison Buccola

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9780593231302

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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In this “propulsive” (Kimberly McCreight) debut thriller, a young woman questions everything she thought she knew about the shocking murder that changed her life when she was in high school. “A riveting game of cat and mouse with a startling conclusion.”­—Liv Constantine, bestselling author of The Last Mrs. Parrish ONE OF THE MOST ANTICIPATED BOOKS OF 2022—She Reads Ten years ago, my boyfriend killed my best friend. When Micah Wilkes was a senior in high school, her boyfriend was convicted of murdering her best friend, Emily, a star ballerina with a bright future. A decade later, Micah has finally moved on from the unforgivable betrayal and loss. Now the owner of a bustling coffee shop in her small hometown in Pennsylvania, she’s happily coupled up with another old high school friend, the two having bonded over their shared sorrow. But when reminders of her past begin appearing at her work and home, Micah begins to doubt what she knows about Emily’s death. Questions raised on a true crime blog and in an online web sleuthing forum force her to reexamine her memories of that fateful night. She told the truth to the investigators on the case, but was there another explanation for Emily’s murder? A stranger in the woods. An obsessive former classmate. A domineering ballet instructor. Or the internet’s favorite suspect: Joshua, Emily’s outcast younger brother who hasn’t been seen since his sister’s death. As Micah delves deeper into the case, she feels her grip on reality loosening, her behavior growing more and more secretive and unhinged. As she races to piece together the truth about that night ten years ago, Micah grapples with how things could have gone so wrong and wonders whether she, too, might be next to disappear.
2022-02-01 By Allison Buccola

“Thank you,” she said, but it came out a mere whisper, and she had to swallow. “Thank you,” she said louder this time and with some startling sincerity. ... He could not have this control over her after five years.

Author: Jessie Clever

Publisher: Someday Lady Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 9780990702467

Category: Fiction


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Lydia Baxter needs a husband. The problem: she already has one. With the opportunity to land the account of a lifetime for her family’s exclusive bridal shop, Lydia finally has the chance to prove to her father that the shop is not a hobby to be minded by the little women of the family. The only thing is the new account wants to do business with a morally upright shop owner, namely one with a good, solid marriage and home life. Something Lydia kicked out four years ago. Cam McCray will do anything to help his estranged wife, including hop on a plane to fly across an ocean at a single plea for help. But in exchange for playing his role as husband, Cam demands something in return. Desperate to finally reach her goal, Lydia will agree to anything. But in the end, will she remember why she got rid of her husband in the first place? When She Falls is the second book in the contemporary romantic comedy Franconia Notch Series. If you love toe-curling romance, laugh out loud moments, and sweet passion, don’t miss this funny, feel good contemporary romance series from bestselling author Jessie Clever. Discover romance and humor when you download your copy of When She Falls today.
2015-11-14 By Jessie Clever

“Usually sleep after eating,” Pete observed tentatively, when the last gulp of food had ceased to distend his throat. ... Mrs. Clark gave the appearance of a woman who did as well as she could for herself and for anyone else who ...

Author: Thorne Smith

Publisher: eNet Press

ISBN: 9781618866158

Category: Detective and mystery stories

Page: 286

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It's one for all and all for one at the Crewe house where a not-so-friendly group of would-be murderers are conniving to end the life of beautiful, blond Emily-Jane. Who will get to her first?
1930 By Thorne Smith

Matthew 5:4 After my grandmother died,Istill continuedto gotoScottsboro to visit my cousin Jodi. ... Aunt Mamie allowed her husband todrink, because she knew he was trying to drown his pain. After work, he would comehome and ...

Author: Shannon Grace Kelly

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781450032490

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 161

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“God places the heaviest burden on those who can carry its weight.” This fictional memoir reveals Shannon’s struggle with childhood poverty, family tragedy, and ultimately, God’s role in helping her overcome these. Her journey reminds us that in our darkest moments, we should never give up because God has a plan for all of us. Filled with moments of joy and despair, sadness and hope, this memoir will inspire you to live each moment to its fullest and to be grateful for what has been given to you. For those who have undergone similar trials, know that you are not alone. Shannon’s journey speaks for all of us. No matter your fears or suffering, all can be overcome if you keep the message of the scripture in your heart.
2010-02-17 By Shannon Grace Kelly

She falls to her knees and embraces her child at the very feet of her former lover . ... I wanted a man to fall in love with my heroine after she was a married woman , and I chose a French count for that purpose .

Author: Edmund Clarence Stedman

Publisher: New York : C.L. Webster

ISBN: UCAL:B3335146

Category: American literature

Page: 518

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A guitar lies on the table , she seizes it as by a sudden emotion , and after she has played a while an irregular and melancholy symphony , she falls gradually into the music and sings . THEKLA ( plays and sings ) .

Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge





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If after getting head to the wind she comes to a stand and begins to fall off before you have hauled your mainyard , flatten in your jibsheets , board foretack , and haul aft foresheet ; also ease off spankersheet , or brail up the ...

Author: Richard Henry Dana


ISBN: OXFORD:600018051


Page: 365

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Though Dido has firmly vowed, as we later learn, never to take a second husband (4.15–18), Cupid knows how to make ... And just after she falls on her sword, the impact ofher suicide on Carthage itselfis explicitly compared to a fiery ...

Author: James A. W. Heffernan

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300195583

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 426

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In works of Western literature ranging from Homer’s Odyssey to Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? the giving and taking of hospitality is sometimes pleasurable, but more often perilous. Heffernan traces this leitmotiv through the history of our greatest writings, including Christ’s Last Supper, Macbeth’s murder of his royal guest, and Camus’s short story on French colonialism in Arab Algeria. By means of such examples and many more, this book considers what literary hosts, hostesses, and guests do to as well as for each other. In doing so, it shows how often treachery rends the fabric of trust that hospitality weaves.
2014-05-27 By James A. W. Heffernan

She worked at the Wellness Centre, which was headed up by a chiropractor. The acupuncture person I went to used to work in the same Wellness Centre, but had moved out so she could work out of her house, after she had a few children.

Author: Martin Avery


ISBN: 9781312333000

Category: Science

Page: 528

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"You're going to die," the doctor said. But Canadian author Martin Avery laughed and walked away. Fall Down Nine Times, Get Up Ten tells the story of a man who was told he would never work or walk again, in Canada, but lived to get a better diagnosis of "jing-chi-shen" in China.
2014-07-06 By Martin Avery