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Family melodrama offered reassuring commentary on the very conditions that made its existence pos— sible. ... The satanic “fever” preyed on shopkeepers and retailers with particular venom: “Christmas meant only business, business, ...

Author: Joe Perry

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 9780807833643

Category: History

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"Perry's work is original, comprehensively researched, and a major contribution to understanding the central importance of the evolution of a consumer culture in modern Germany. The scholarship is sound, impressive, and provocative."ùRudy Koshar, University of Wisconsin-Madison --
2010 By Joe Perry

Three days later, we arrived back in Australia just in time for Christmas. ... This had huge implications, since the Pakistanspecific antivenom was in very short supply and the Indian antivenom was currently supplied as a cure.

Author: Bryan Grieg Fry

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780733634239

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 352

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Meet venomologist Bryan Grieg Fry, the man with one of the most dangerous job in Australia - working with the world's most deadly creatures. Welcome to the strange and dangerous world of Doctor Venom. Imagine a first date involving three weeks in Siberia catching venomous water shrews, and later a wedding attended by Eastern European prime ministers and their bodyguards wielding machine guns. Then a life of living and working with snakes. Lots of very, very poisonous snakes and other venomous creatures ... everything from the Malaysian king cobra to deadly scorpions. In this action-packed ride through Bryan Grieg Fry's life you'll meet the man who's worked with the world's most venomous creatures in over 50 countries. He's been bitten by 26 poisonous snakes and three stingrays - and, while deep in the Amazon jungle, survived a near-fatal scorpion sting. He's also broken 23 bones, including breaking his back in three places, and had to learn how to walk again. He only works on venom that he has collected himself - so the adventures, and danger, will just keep coming... Bryan now divides his time between scientific research and teaching at the University of Queensland, and TV filming and collecting expeditions around the world.
2015-08-25 By Bryan Grieg Fry

Christians are coming to retake their place in the public square and the most natural battleground in this war is Christmas . . . The war on Christmas is joined.' His colleague, the polemicist Bill O'Reilly, immediately spotted a ...

Author: Stephen Bates

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781444703535

Category: Religion

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Right-wing evangelical Christianity has come to dominate American political and social life in recent years, dividing the country and sparking cultural and moral battles. High politics and low tactics frame a fierce debate which goes much further back in the country's history than the accession of George W. Bush in 2001. It's a battle that sears America's soul and affects the world. In this book Stephen Bates explains why what happens in the Bible Belt matters to us and how there are those who hope to export the battle to Britain. American fundamentalist religion has the potential to impact on crucial and acutely dangerous areas of the world. Its priorities are often arcane and sometimes weird. But it is already affecting American government policy at home and abroad: not least in Israel and the Middle East. How is religion affecting the current presidential elections and where will America's battle for its soul take the world next?
2011-11-24 By Stephen Bates

I'm Decker "Venom" Pruitt-President for the Ankeny RBMC.

Author: Kristine Allen


ISBN: 1953318053


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I'm Decker "Venom" Pruitt-President for the Ankeny RBMC. I'm a fair man, but those who've crossed me know my retaliation is swift and lethal. Venom runs through my veins.After the Army, all I needed was my club. Emotionally bankrupt, I had nothing to offer a woman. She wanted me to show her who I really was, but that was impossible. I was her worst nightmare.Two pink lines changed everything.Too late, I found out she'd gotten tied up with the wrong crowd. Trouble was falling all over us like the winter snow-steady and determined to bury us. That wasn't happening on my watch.Sometimes it doesn't take an army, just one man full of venom and nightmares.
2020-11-20 By Kristine Allen

... Calexico: Carried To Dust - vinyl - for Wendy Williams Venom: From The Very Depths - translucent red double vinyl ... of gold marble vinyl - for Wendy Williams Mitch Ryder: Christmas (Take A Ride) - vinyl Flying Lotus: You're Dead!

Author: J.H. Williams III

Publisher: Image Comics


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THE MAJOR IMAGE COMICS EVENT OF 2021 CONTINUES… As Teros Demond searches for his daughter—the magical assassin Iris—Hope Redhood and her crew plan their next move with the help of the mysterious Oracle. But their brief respite is about to be interrupted by unexpected arrivals… Meanwhile, Rabbit’s fate rests in the hands of the robots of Metamaru Mountain.
2021-12-29 By J.H. Williams III

I'm really an awful correspondent this Christmas, I've felt so blue with these repeated sinus colds. ... that our Christmasses are spent at home where my children imbibe Christmas spirit and not the venom that I had to suffer this year.

Author: Sylvia Plath

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 9780571339228

Category: Literary Collections

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Sylvia Plath (1932-1963) was one of the writers that defined the course of twentieth-century poetry. Her vivid, daring and complex poetry continues to captivate new generations of readers and writers. In the Letters, we discover the art of Plath's correspondence. Most has never before been published, and it is here presented unabridged, without revision, so that she speaks directly in her own words. Refreshingly candid and offering intimate details of her personal life, Plath is playful, too, entertaining a wide range of addressees, including family, friends and professional contacts, with inimitable wit and verve. The letters document Plath's extraordinary literary development: the genesis of many poems, short and long fiction, and journalism. Her endeavour to publish in a variety of genres had mixed receptions, but she was never dissuaded. Through acceptance of her work, and rejection, Plath strove to stay true to her creative vision. Well-read and curious, she simultaneously offers a fascinating commentary on contemporary culture. Leading Plath scholar Peter K. Steinberg and Karen V. Kukil, editor of The Journals of Sylvia Plath 1950-1962, provide comprehensive footnotes and an extensive index informed by their meticulous research. Alongside a selection of photographs and Plath's own drawings, they masterfully contextualise what the pages disclose. This selection of later correspondence witnesses Plath and Hughes becoming major, influential contemporary writers, as it happened. Experiences recorded include first books and other publications; teaching; committing to writing full-time; travels; making professional acquaintances; settling in England; building a family; and buying a house. Throughout, Plath's voice is completely, uniquely her own.
2018-09-04 By Sylvia Plath

When they came back I went to a doctor and he said they were really due to MS . So you were really treating MS ... According to Georgetown Hospital's Richert , the most intriguing aspect of bee venom is a compound in it called apimin .

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies


ISBN: LOC:00039233617

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A bully good book and one any sportsman benumbs the faculties , reducing the sys- hunter going into a district where venom- would appreciate Christmas gift . tem to a condition most susceptible to ous snakes abound , should be prepared ...



ISBN: CORNELL:31924069291783

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1918 By

This ant inflicts a very dangerous venom that , thus far no one has shown any immunity for . ... is not really known outside of Australia , but it has been blamed for the death of 20 million red crabs on Christmas Island since 1989 ...

Author: Ken Hudnall

Publisher: Omega Press

ISBN: 0975492373

Category: History

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For the most part, mainstream science dismisses stories about early civilizations such as Atlantis as myth. Kendall discusses the very real possibility that descendants of the survivors of the mother civilizations work in the shadows to rule mankind.
2004-10 By Ken Hudnall

The stonefish is a bottom dweller and has a series of thick bodyspines containing a very potent venom . ... in the open Indian Ocean ; a “ milky sea " that resembled a snow landscape has been observed near Christmas Island in August .



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1988 By