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In this erotically charged sequel to A Million Dirty Secrets, demanding entrepreneur Noah Crawford, once he discovers the secret reason Lanie Talbot entered into their agreement in the first place, tries to end their relationship, but his ...

Author: C. L. Parker

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 9780345548788

Category: Fiction

Page: 260

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In this erotically charged sequel to A Million Dirty Secrets, demanding entrepreneur Noah Crawford, once he discovers the secret reason Lanie Talbot entered into their agreement in the first place, tries to end their relationship, but his feelings for her are too strong to let her go. Original.
2014 By C. L. Parker

Alphabetical listing of things like TV programmes you don't admit to watching, convenience foods, music etc.

Author: Sam Stall

Publisher: Quirk Books

ISBN: 1931686548

Category: Humor

Page: 320

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Alphabetical listing of things like TV programmes you don't admit to watching, convenience foods, music etc.
2004 By Sam Stall

One arose from a suit to collect a reward offered for the return of a missing laptop and the other arose from a defense lawyer's “million-dollar challenge” extended to anyone who might offer evidence supporting an alibi in a homicide ...

Author: Laura Little

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190625771

Category: Law

Page: 272

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Few people associate law books with humor. Yet the legal world--in particular the American legal system--is itself frequently funny. Indeed, jokes about the profession are staples of American comedy. And there is actually humor within the world of law too: both lawyers and judges occasionally strive to be funny to deal with the drudgery of their duties. Just as importantly, though, our legal system is a strong regulator of humor. It encourages some types of humor while muzzling or punishing others. In a sense, law and humor engage a two-way feedback loop: humor provides the raw material for legal regulation and legal regulation inspires humor. In Guilty Pleasures, legal scholar Laura Little provides a multi-faceted account of American law and humor, looking at constraints on humor (and humor's effect on law), humor about law, and humor in law. In addition to interspersing amusing episodes from the legal world throughout the book, the book contains 75 New Yorker cartoons about lawyers and a preface by Bob Mankoff, the cartoon editor for the New Yorker.
2018-11-12 By Laura Little

Dragons was loaded with clips, many repeated again and again, as One Million's Neanderthals stood in for the inhabitants of Jules ... To me, a guilty pleasure is a movie you have admired over many years, usually one seen as a child, ...

Author: Gary J. Svehla

Publisher: Midnight Marquee & BearManor Media


Category: Performing Arts


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Writers defend horror films that have been trashed by film critics and horror film fans. Titles covered include Maniac (1934), Sh! The Octopus, Voodoo Man, Unknown Island, Scared Stiff, Indestructible Man, Rodan, The Tingler, Flesh Eaters, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, King Kong (1976) and Dune.
2018-03-12 By Gary J. Svehla

“About a million to one. They must have gotten word and been heading back to the compound.” “Yeah, and they caught us just as we were pulling out onto the road.” “That means the Blazer's been made.” He shut off the lights and hung a ...

Author: Tori Carrington

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781459234727

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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He wants her caught. She just wants him. Ex-army ranger Jonathon Reece needs to prove himself with his new job at Lazarus Security. And his first big assignment is to hunt down a fugitive wanted for murder. But his cut-and-dried case suddenly gets a lot juicier—and way more complicated—when the fugitive in question is a scorchin'-hot gal who won't take "you're under arrest" for an answer! Normally, Mara Findlay would be delighted to have a nice piece of man like Jon hot on her tail—on the road and in bed! But having been framed for murder and eluding authorities (even sexy ones!) is taking its toll. Worse still, it looks like the only way out of this mess is by teaming up with the one man determined to haul her in. Unless she can exploit his one weakness…her!
2012-08-01 By Tori Carrington

It's not just Robin's health I'm interested in – it's what he can tell me about the other people who may be involved in the attempted theft of the original snuffbox, current estimated value in excess of a million.

Author: Judith Cutler

Publisher: Severn House/ORIM

ISBN: 9781780100784

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

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A church party turns deadly for antiques dealer Lina Townend when she thwarts a thief in this British mystery. Helping out at a church fête is about the last thing Lina Townend wants to do on a beautiful summer’s afternoon. But since the vicar is an old friend, Lina finds herself agreeing to sell a bunch of bric-a-brac. Nothing too exciting happens at the harmless event—until someone tries to steal a tatty old snuff box. While the piece doesn’t look like much, it seems the box is valuable enough for the would-be thief to attack Lina’s business partner Griff, frame Lina for a crime—and kill an old friend. Lina never imagined a little old snuff box could cause so much trouble. Now, she has to clear her name by catching the real culprit, before anyone else gets snuffed out.
2011-12-23 By Judith Cutler

Augusta Jane Wilson's St. Elmo ( 1866 ) was read by an estimated one million people in the first four months after its publication . And the best - selling author of the nineteenth century overall was a woman named E.D.E.N. Southworth ...

Author: Arielle Zibrak

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9781479807079

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 176

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"Avidly Reads Guilty Pleasures reclaims the femme fictions dismissed as "trash" to celebrate the surprisingly cathartic pleasures of domination, privilege, and the material trappings of patriarchal culture"--
2021-05-04 By Arielle Zibrak

... “I have this morning finished reading 'Ben-Hur,' and I must thank you for the pleasure it has given me. ... when Sears, Roebuck and Company placed what was then the largest print order in American history, commissioning one million ...

Author: Hugh McIntosh

Publisher: University of Virginia Press

ISBN: 9780813941660

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 184

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Guilty pleasures in one’s reading habits are nothing new. Late-nineteenth-century American literary culture even championed the idea that popular novels need not be great. Best-selling novels arrived in the public sphere as at once beloved and contested objects, an ambivalence that reflected and informed America’s cultural insecurity. This became a matter of nationhood as well as aesthetics: the amateurism of popular narratives resonated with the discourse of new nationhood. In Guilty Pleasures, Hugh McIntosh examines reactions to best-selling fiction in the United States from 1850 to 1920, including reader response to such best-sellers as Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Ben Hur, and Trilby as well as fictional representations—from Trollope to Baldwin—of American culture’s lack of artistic greatness. Drawing on a transatlantic archive of contemporary criticism, urban display, parody, and advertising, Guilty Pleasures thoroughly documents how the conflicted attitude toward popular novels shaped these ephemeral modes of response. Paying close attention to this material history of novel reading, McIntosh reveals how popular fiction’s unique status as socially saturating and aesthetically questionable inspired public reflection on what it meant to belong to a flawed national community.
2018-09-24 By Hugh McIntosh

First published in 1947 it was by the 1950s the most widely read women's magazine in France, and it reached a peak in the 1960s, selling 1.7 million copies a week. Its popularity has since significantly declined, though by 2012 it was ...

Author: Alice Guilluy

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350163041

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 304

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In Guilty Pleasures, Alice Guilluy examines the reception of contemporary Hollywood romantic comedy by European audiences. She offers a new look at the romantic comedy genre through a qualitative study of its consumption by actual audiences. In doing so, she attempts to challenge traditional critiques of the genre as trite “escapism” at best, and dangerous “guilty pleasure” at worst. Despite this cultural anxiety, little work has been done on the genre's real audiences. Guilluy addresses this gap by presenting the results of a major qualitative study of the genre's reception, based on interview research with rom-com viewers in Britain, France and Germany, focusing on Sweet Home Alabama (2002, dir. Andy Tennant). Throughout the interviews, participants attempted to distance themselves from what they described as the “typical” rom-com viewer: the uneducated, gullible, overly emotional (American) woman. Guilluy calls this fantasy figure the “phantom spectatrix”. Guilluy complements this with a critical examination of the press reviews of the 20 biggest-grossing rom-coms at the worldwide box-office in order to contextualise the findings of her audience research.
2021-11-04 By Alice Guilluy

BY C. L. PARKER Million Dollar Duet A Million Dirty Secrets A Million Guilty Pleasures Monkey Business Trio Playing Dirty Getting Rough Coming Clean COMING CLEAN CONMING Can Monkey Business Trio C. L. PARKER.

Author: C. L. Parker

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 9781101882993

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 267

The steamy conclusion of C. L. Parker’s Monkey Business Trio They have been rivals who fought until the bitter end and lovers who know every sensual inch of each other’s bodies. Now sports agents Cassidy Whalen and Shaw Matthews are about to become the one thing they never expected to be: parents. But this new dynamic to their relationship threatens to fizzle the sizzling desire that once held them in thrall to each other. If salvation is only a forbidden fantasy away, then Shaw and the woman he loves must embark on the adventure of their lives. Cassidy is aching to reignite their connection. In steamy assignations in strange places, she and Shaw live out their most intimate desires—and reveal their deepest secrets. But as Shaw works overtime to sign a superstar athlete, a corporate reshuffling could be a game-changer. Can Cassidy and Shaw save their relationship and have it all—a career, family, and passion that never quits? Coming Clean is intended for mature audiences. Praise for Coming Clean “Parker’s witty, insightful, and inventive Monkey Business Trio finale (after Getting Rough) packs an emotional punch as a couple in present-day San Diego grapple with being true to themselves and demystifying family legacies. . . . Spunky and charismatic characters and riveting banter make this hard-fought-for romance irresistible.”—Publishers Weekly “[In] the final installment of the Monkey Business trio . . . Parker puts obstacles in [the couple’s] way that propel the story into a compelling read.”—RT Book Reviews “Coming Clean provides a realistic, sometimes heartbreaking glimpse at the simultaneous frailty and strength in a relationship.”—Heroes and Heartbreakers “I cried, laughed, was hot and bothered, and I loved every bit of this installment. I couldn’t ask for a better ending to this trilogy.”—Under the Covers Book Blog “The ending was perfect!”—Fiction Fan Girls
2016-09-20 By C. L. Parker