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A Day Without Sun is a Collection of poetry, prose, by Michael Tavon. All pieces are original and were written by the author. The illustration created by Woe89s may not be reused without the artist's consent.

Author: Michael Tavon

Publisher: Amazon Publishing


Category: Poetry

Page: 200

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Michael Tavon follows his most successful poetry collection "Nirvana: Pieces of Self- Healing" with "A Day Without Sun". This collection is broken down into four sections: Late Night Yearning, My Darker Thoughts, How I Feel, and For My Broken Heart. Through each section Tavon eloquently expresses his feelings towards, anxiety, coming of age, unrequited love, and hopefulness.Tavon bares his soul, leaving his heart naked on each page for his readers; in hopes they can join the journey of healing and self-love along with him.
2018-05-14 By Michael Tavon

There was not one day that my eyes let me see clear without having to cover them with a blanket to block off the sunlight. I was never able to see anything except at night. Every time we went somewhere my eyes would be shut tight, ...

Author: Nich In

Publisher: Writers Republic LLC

ISBN: 9781637282106

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 60

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Life with no ups and downs has no purpose. Sometimes you have to fall down to know how it feels to stand up. You have to lose someone to know how important that person is to you. All of those mistakes and hard times are what make life interesting. This book will take you through the eyes of a girl with a disability from birth as she goes through life with both hands tied behind her back.
2021-03-04 By Nich In

The atmospheric temperature for January should be 65 ° at night , and 70 ° by day without sun ; with sun , 80 ° will be sufficient , and air should be given when it exceeds that . The moisture in the air must also be proportionately ...

Author: David Thomson


ISBN: UCAL:$B307502

Category: Fruit-culture

Page: 357

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1881 By David Thomson

Day , with sun and shade , 60 ° to 65 ° ; without sun , 55 ° to 60 ° ; night , 550 ; morning , 50 ° to 55 ° . INTERMEDIATE HOUSES . — Day , with sun , 70 ° to 75 ° ; without sun , 65 ° to 70 ° ; night , 60 ° to 65 ° ; morning 58 ° to 60 ...



ISBN: CHI:103262212



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1895 By

A day without communion is a day without sun ; and you need it at this time . If I were not sure that all things were for the best , I could wish to be in Rome when you come . But it is plain that your being and acting all alone is of ...

Author: Edmund Sheridan Purcell


ISBN: UCAL:B3329842



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and a shining sun . ... it not to shine by the cloud that cometh betwixt , " although the sun continues to shine with all his usual splendor . To understand how there may be a day without sunshine , we need only * Cosmos , Vol . I. p .

Author: Robert Patterson


ISBN: UCAL:$B51914

Category: Apologetics

Page: 528

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[from a notebook dated August 23, 1953] like a man in a day without sun that glows alive almost outside the air . . . what I write bothers me as much as my body it is a white lamp always lit even when its light is useless and day has ...

Author: André Du Bouchet

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300197631

Category: Poetry

Page: 320

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A career retrospective of poetry and prose works by one of the under-recognized giants of French literature André du Bouchet, a great innovator of twentieth-century letters, has yet to be fully recognized by a wide circle of international readers. This inviting volume sets out to remedy the oversight, introducing a selection of du Bouchet's poetry and prose to English-language readers through the brilliant translations of Paul Auster and Hoyt Rogers. Openwork showcases pieces from the author's entire trajectory, beginning with little-known pieces from the 1950s, followed by major poems from the 1960s, and concluding with works written or rewritten in the poet's later decades. Throughout his life, du Bouchet devoted himself to long walks in his beloved French countryside, jotting down entries in notebooks as he rambled. These notebooks--more than one hundred all together--have emerged as signal works in their own right, and their musings are well represented in this anthology.
2014-01-01 By André Du Bouchet

At that time the sun streams in at certain small windows and fills the cave - like church with light enough to make the frescoes visible . In a day without sunshine , of course , nothing can be seen . The vast cloisters or galleries of ...



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1884 By

Love without alarm or fear is like a fire without flame or heat, day without sun, comb without honey, summer without flowers, winter without frost, sky without moon, and a book without letters. Such is my argument in refutation, ...

Author: Troyes Cretien de

Publisher: Xist Publishing

ISBN: 9781681952574

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 329

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The Birth of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table“’My good sir, is she your daughter then?’ ‘Yes, but don't pay any attention to what she says,’ said the lord. ‘She's a child - a silly, foolish thing.’ ‘Indeed,’ said my lord Gawain, ‘then I'd be very ill-mannered not to do what she wants.’” - Chrétien de Troyes, Arthurian Romances Arthurian Romances by Chrétien de Troyes is a collection of short stories set in the Early Middle Ages, in England. They follow the path of several knights – including Lancelot’s dad – through adulthood focusing on their romantic affairs. What tests will the knights encounter in order to prove themselves worthy of a woman’s love?
2016-03-17 By Troyes Cretien de

It was nine o'clock of the long evening, but as light still as day, a day perfected, but subdued, without sun, without shadow, like, if any thing human can be like, the country where there is neither sun nor moon, but the Lamb is the ...

Author: Margaret Oliphant

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783732689569

Category: Fiction

Page: 408

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Reproduction of the original: Sir Robert ́s Fortune by Margaret Oliphant
2018-05-23 By Margaret Oliphant