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The story of the British Army has many sides to it, being a tale of heroic successes and tragic failures, of dogged determination and drunken disorder.

Author: John Lewis-Stempel

Publisher: Robinson

ISBN: 9781472136190

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The story of the British Army has many sides to it, being a tale of heroic successes and tragic failures, of dogged determination and drunken disorder. It involves many of the most vital preoccupations in the history of the island - the struggle against Continental domination by a single power, the battle for Empire - and a cast pf remarkable characters - Marlborough, Wellington and Montgomery among them. Yet the British, relying on their navy, have always neglected their army; from the time of Alfred the Great to the reign of Charles II wars were fought with hired forces disbanded as soon as conflict ended. Even after the stuggles with Louis XIV impelled the formation of a reulgar army, impecunious governments neglected the armed forces except in times of national emergency. In this wide-ranging account, Major Haswell sketches the medieval background before concentrating on the three hundred years of the regular army, leading up to its role in our own time. He presents an informed and probing picture of the organization of the army, the development of weaponry and strategy - and the everyday life of the British soldier through the centuries. John Lewis-Stempel has brought Major Haswell's classic work right up to date by expanding the section on the dissolution of empire to include a full account of Northern Ireland and the Falklands War. He has added a new chapter to cover the Gulf War, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq; also the increasing role of special forces and the amalgamation of regiments.
2016-05-26 By John Lewis-Stempel



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1893 By

A Brief History of the Royal Tank Corps. By F. G. Woolnough, Army Educational
Corps. Aldershot: Gale & Polden Ltd., 1925, 2nd edition. V., 41 pp., plates, maps.
7}" A Short History of the Royal Tank Corps. Aldershot: Gale & Polden Ltd., 1930.

Author: Arthur S. White

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 9781781505397

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This is one of the most valuable books in the armoury of the serious student of British Military history. It is a new and revised edition of Arthur White’s much sought-after bibliography of regimental, battalion and other histories of all regiments and Corps that have ever existed in the British Army. This new edition includes an enlarged addendum to that given in the 1988 reprint. It is, quite simply, indispensible.
2013-02-04 By Arthur S. White

A History of Transport and Supply in the British Army (Cambridge, 1930), 2 vols, I;
J. W. Fortescue, A History of the British Army. First Part – to the close of the Seven
Years War (London, 1910), 13 vols, I; J. W. Fortescue, A History of the British ...

Author: Victoria Henshaw

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472505224

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The wholesale assimilation of Scots into the British Army is largely associated with the recruitment of Highlanders during and after the Seven Years War. This important new study demonstrates that the assimilation of Lowland and Highland Scots into the British Army was a salient feature of its history in the first half of the 18th century and was already well advanced by the outbreak of the Seven Years War. Scotland and the British Army, 1700-1750 analyses the wider policing functions of the British Army, the role of Scotland's militia and the development of Scotland's military roads and institutions to provide a fuller understanding of the purpose and complexity of Scotland's military organisation and presence in Scotland in the turbulent decades between the Glorious Revolution and the defeat of Bonnie Prince Charlie, which has been too often simplified as an army of occupation for the suppression of Jacobitism. Instead, Victoria Henshaw reveals the complexities and difficulties experienced by Scottish soldiers of all ranks in the British Army as nationality, loyalty and prejudice clouded Scottish desires to use military service to defend the Glorious Revolution and the Union of 1707.
2014-06-05 By Victoria Henshaw

Wayne M. Dzwonchyk, Center of Military History ... Fire - Power : British Army
Weapons and Theories of War , 1904–1945 ( 1982 ) , by Shelford Bidwell and
Dominick Graham , is a seminal and important book , tracing changes in military ...

Author: Wayne M. Dzwonchyk

Publisher: Army

ISBN: UIUC:30112058786317

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World War II was the largest and most violent armed conflict in the history of mankind. However, the half century that now separates us from that conflict has exacted its toll on our collective knowledge. While World War II continues to absorb the interest of military scholars and historians, as well as its veterans, a generation of Americans has grown to maturity largely unaware of the political, social, and military implications of a war that, more than any other, united us as people with a common purpose.

Center of Military History (U S Army) ... Fire-Power: British Army Weapons and
Theories of War, 1904-1945 (1982), by Shelford Bidwell and Dominick Graham,
is a seminal and important book, tracing changes in military doctrine from the ...

Author: Center of Military History (U S Army)

Publisher: Government Printing Office

ISBN: 0160899567

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World War II was the largest and most violent armed conflicts in the history of mankind. Highly relevant today, World War II has much to teach us, not only about the profession of arms, but also about military preparedness, global strategy, and combined operations in the coalition war against fascism. A Brief History of the U.S. Army in World War II highlights the major ground force campaigns during the six years of the war, and provides Americans an opportunity to learn about the Army's role in World War II.

He referred to what was called the “British lifeline,” i.e., the northern convoy route
between Great Britain and the ... 10 days later, following relief by a Canadian
army brigade, which later handed over the responsibility to British army units.
Soon ...

Author: William Kenefick Jones


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Brief. History. of. the. Royal. Regiment. of. Artillery. There have been gunners
ever since the invention of guns in the 13th century, and the first official gunners
were appointed in 1485, as part of what became the Board of Ordnance.
Throughout ...

Author: Ken Anderson


ISBN: 9780955675362

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The story of the first British Army battlefield digital computer
2007-12-01 By Ken Anderson

The British after eighteen months of war , following upon a brief truce which had
been preceded by ten years of another war , did not yet possess an Army .
Addington was chiefly responsible for this , but Pitt also must bear some part of
the ...

Author: Sir John William Fortescue


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TWO WORLD WARS 1918-1939 BRIAN BOND A graph of the British army's
fortunes between 1918 and 1939 , as indicated by annual budgets and strategic
priorities , would suggest a story of political neglect after the unprecedented
national ...

Author: David G. Chandler

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0192803115

Category: History

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From the Napoleonic Wars to the battle of the Falklands, from the pike and musket to the Challenger tank, The Oxford History of the British Army brings to life the far-reaching history of this long-lived institution. This definitive one-volume reference provides a wealth of historical detail as it takes readers on a lively journey through the annals of the British Army. Here are vivid descriptions of all the famous military campaigns and battles--from Agincourt and Crecy, to Trafalgar, Waterloo, and Yorktown Heights, to Dunkirk and D-Day--as well as insightful portraits of the great commanders, including Edward I, the Duke of Marlborough, Cromwell, the Duke of Wellington, and Field Marshall Montgomery. Military experts and military history buffs will be particularly interested in the special sections that highlight vital aspects of the Army, including tactics, weaponry, and major figures. Finally, the volume boasts a distinguished roster of contributors, including not only prominent military historians, but also former servicemen, who provide expert technical insight and vivid, eyewitness accounts of modern soldiering and warfare. Comprehensive and authoritative, The Oxford History of the British Army will fascinate military history buffs as well as anyone seeking a broader understanding of British or modern world history.

The chief command of the British army now devolved upon lord Cornwallis ,
seconded by general Abercromby , who was powerfully aided by the warlike
Mahrattas ; and their united efforts were attended with signal success , The
Mahrattas ...

Author: Francis William Blagdon


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With the civil authorities unable to cope and local law and order forces
overwhelmed, the British government and the British army stepped in to govern
and police the province. guerrilla war settled in with paramilitaries launching
sporadic, ...

Author: Paul F. State

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 9780816075164

Category: History

Page: 408

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Follows the political, economic, and social development of Ireland from the pagan past to the contemporary religious strife and hope for reconciliation.
2009 By Paul F. State

Hodder, William R British regiments at the front. London, 1914. Belloe, Hilaire.
Six British battles. Bristol, 1931. Sheppard, E.W. A short history of the British army
to 1914. London, 1926. Gardiner, C.H. Centurions of a century. Brighton, 1911.

Author: Harvard University. Library

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: WISC:89057443046

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... victorious army into Fort Malden , recaptured Detroit and the ' Territory
surrendered by the unfortunate Hull , and pursuing the enemy to the Thames ,
subdued the united forces of Proctor and Tecumseh , and captured the entire
British army !

Author: Jacob BURNET


ISBN: BL:A0018645666


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1839 By Jacob BURNET

Brief description of history behind it and its significance –As above, but this type
was issued from 1936 onwards. Order of the British Empire Military 1stType #
awarded since its inception –Unknown Brief description of history behind it and
its ...

Author: Toby Carrington-Woods

Publisher: Shahid Khan

ISBN: 9781465875860

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Military Buffs, History Students, Historical Trivia Lovers and Even Students of Politics...You Must Have This eBook For Your Collection!Nowhere else in just one edition will you find such complete information!British Army Medals and Awards - The Complete List.Military buffs and collectors will appreciate this complete book of medal and award descriptions from the earliest days up to the present. This book really rounds out your library of military knowledge!Gaze at the medals and awards – understand the history and significance of each – even compare it to medals your family members may have been awarded!
2011-10-11 By Toby Carrington-Woods

Everyday Experiences of the Geopolitical in the Armed Forces Victoria Basham ...
A brief history of sexuality in the British military We had two boys caught in a, two
young men caught – one was buggering the other ... [it got on to the] front page ...

Author: Victoria Basham

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135016821

Category: Political Science

Page: 208

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This book critically examines the significance of gender, race and sexuality to wars waged by liberal states. Drawing on original field-research with British soldiers, it offers insights into how their everyday experiences are shaped by, and shape, a politics of gender, race and sexuality that not only underpins power relations in the military, but the geopolitics of wars waged by liberal states. Linking the politics of daily life to the international is an intervention into international relations (IR) and security studies because instead of overlooking the politics of the everyday, this book insists that it is vital to explore how geopolitical events and practices are co-constituted, reinforced and contested by it. By utilising insights from Michel Foucault, the book explores how shared and collectively mediated knowledge on gender, race and sexuality facilitates certain claims about the nature of governing in liberal states and about why and how such states wage war against ‘illiberal’ ones in pursuit of global peace and security. The book also develops post-structural work in international relations by urging scholars interested in the linguistic construction of geopolitics to consider the ways in which bodies, objects and architectures also reinforce particular ideas about war, identity and statehood.
2013-07-24 By Victoria Basham

Fortescue, W. A History of the British Army, 1; vols, 1399—1930 Fortescue, W. A
Short Account of Canteens in the British Army, 1928 Fortescue, W. A History of
the 17th Lancers, r89; Gimlette, Lieut-Col G. H. D. A Postscript to the Records of
the ...

Author: Lord Anglesey

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781473814998

Category: History

Page: 520

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In-depth coverage of the Charge of the Light Brigade, and the numerous colonial campaigns of the period.
1993-09-14 By Lord Anglesey

... his hereditary religious sentiments into an active detestation of France that led
to William's acceptance of the crown of England, and, when crowned, to his
interest in the efi'iciency of the British army. In personal appearance King William
was ...

Author: Clifford Walton

Publisher: Рипол Классик

ISBN: 9785879426748

Category: History

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1894 By Clifford Walton

Let but a hand be laid upon anEnglish subjectand the great British lion begins to
utter menacing growls. ... source of derision for Europeans with mass armies at
their disposal (Bismarck once sneered that, ifthe BritishArmy invaded Germany, ...

Author: Michael Paterson

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472107671

Category: History

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The Victorian era has dominated the popular imagination like no other period, but these myths and stories also give a very distorted view of the 19th century. The early Victorians were much stranger that we usually imagine, and their world would have felt very different from our own and it was only during the long reign of the Queen that a modern society emerged in unexpected ways. Using character portraits, events, and key moments Paterson brings the real life of Victorian Britain alive - from the lifestyles of the aristocrats to the lowest ranks of the London slums. This includes the right way to use a fan, why morning visits were conducted in the afternoon, what the Victorian family ate and how they enjoyed their free time, as well as the Victorian legacy today - convenience food, coffee bars, window shopping, mass media, and celebrity culture. Praise for Dicken's London: Out of the babble of voices, Michael Paterson has been able to extract the essence of London itself. Read this book and re-enter the labyrinth of a now-ancient city.' Peter Ackroyd
2013-02-07 By Michael Paterson

Resigning his commission in the British army , he received the appointment of
Major - General in the Continental service . He was made a prisoner , and
afterwards exchanged for General Prescott . He had all the Tories of Rhode
Island ...




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1894 By

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