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The book drips with the horrors of war, and contains, perhaps the most vivid and unflinchingly graphic depictions of war's bloody effects written during the Napoleonic Wars.

Author: Stephen McGarry


ISBN: 1946409626

Category: Fiction

Page: 342

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{date} By Stephen McGarry

Appropriately, on the anniversary of Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo, the White
Stockings went down to an ignominious 38–1 pasting, the worst defeat ever
sustained by a professional club.28 The Clipper reported spiritless and inept play
, ...

Author: William J. Ryczek

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786499458

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 272

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{date} By William J. Ryczek

Lady Kinnaird told us that she was first who told Madame Talleyrand480 of
Napoleon's landing. ... Sunday May 14th 1815: I went at two to the Tuileries
palings. and saw the blackguards of St Antoine and St Marceau, who have
fédérated to the ...

Author: Peter Cochran

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443882385

Category: Poets, English

Page: 330

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{date} By Peter Cochran

The front line , as far as I could see , was chiefly occupied by blackguards and
boys — professional persons , no doubt , who saluted the policemen on their
appearance with a volley of jokes and ribaldry . As far as I could judge from faces

Author: William Makepeace Thackeray




Page: 457

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A Corsican blackguard.” “Ah,” Nwent, “you have to be a Corsican blackguardto
appreciate thegorgeous Corsican blackguard sun going down over the mystical
Corsican blackguard Jewish hills, madam.” “I donothave to stayto listen toyour ...

Author: Anthony Burgess

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393350166

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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{date} By Anthony Burgess

He may have privately considered many members of the Commons to be little
more than upstarts and blackguards , but Wellesley knew well that they saw
themselves as the defenders of England's ancient liberties . Exploiting these
sentiments ...

Author: Mark Urban

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062035037

Category: History

Page: 384

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{date} By Mark Urban

... Napoleon's wrong in attempting the impossible . thorough - going admirers )
excuses him Yet since Napoleon wanted ... Wild the Great can become greater
master of war than ever came supreme of blackguards if he is a born in
Napoleon's ...



ISBN: UCAL:B3017202



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{date} By

Another time , conversing with one Bonnard , he had said , " Is there not an arm to
be found in France to send to “ the shades this blackguard Wellington , " ( f . ... à l'
ombre - cette canaille de Wellington . ) After the news of the pistol shot ...

Author: Sir William Stirling Maxwell


ISBN: SRLF:AA0001686914

Category: Cantillon

Page: 186

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Another time , conversing with one Bonnard , he had said , Is there not an arm to
be found in France to send to “ the shades this blackguard Wellington , ” ( f . ... à l'
ombre cette canaille de Wellington . ) After the news of the pistol shot , Marinet ...

Author: Sir afterwards STIRLING MAXWELL STIRLING (William)


ISBN: BL:A0018235313



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... where Napoleon was contemplating an attack upon that perfidious Albion
whose white cliffs looked so invitingly close. ... You are the first person who has
ever made me seem in the wrong—and in the presence of thirty or forty
blackguards, ...

Author: Violette M. Montagu

Publisher: Рипол Классик

ISBN: 9785518594043

Category: History


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This man was Louis Napoleon Bonaparte , nephew of the Emperor , the future
President and future Emperor ) . ... says he , Tarnation quick , says he , From that
devil's breeze , says he , At the Tuileries , says he ; For the blackguards made ...

Author: David MACRAE (of Glasgow.)


ISBN: BL:A0018111331



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Marching past the Grand Palais they saluted the 'unfortunate King Louis XVIII,
who stood at the window between the Dukes of Feltre and Marmont, two great
blackguards.' Next stage was to Oudenaarde and Woodberry was finding
Flemish ...

Author: Eric Hunt

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781473813090

Category: History

Page: 224

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{date} By Eric Hunt

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